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Posted: 4 days ago

Firstly,I have never thought I could write so bitter words to a person with same passion to which I belong. But This was needful.

Thank u for butchering a brilliant  story and character. Covid makes things easy for u.

1.You brutally  killed the essence of The three leads. Vansh 's aura and enigma,Kabir's vendetta,and Riddhima's innoscense.

2.No proper growth of the supporting character.

3.Kabir"s reason of Revenge was lame. It could have been a rivalry itself.

4.A joke in a name of Mafiaso buisness.

pooja and party in name if streching story. 

5.U could have beautifully  woven Riansh and u exploited two beautiful  actors talent.

6.Riddhima 's sudden shift of obsession to love Vansh from Kabir with no proper closure.

7.The visible lack of trust in the couple 

8.Vansh being a mum husband towards his wife's atrocities 

9.Lame,irritating torture on Riddhima in a name of thriller.

10.No proper explanation of The magnum cliff fall.

11.Vihan's sudden entry and abrupt exit 

12.Anupriya's sudden exposing.

13.An imaginary SR. even Tom kisses her gf in cartoon.U Need to grow up man!

14.Vansh 's one sided revenge to Riddhima,Letting Kabir go scot free 

15.Vansh "s two minute noodles apology to Riddhima.

16.Covid mein Bechari kaha jayegi and Mein Hone nhi Doonga had a separate fanbase.

17.Ishani 's ever increasing brutality.

18.A farce with Vansh"s traumatic child and making PTDS a sham

19.Kabir "s True Love and his Psychomania 

20.Vansh 's constant defeat in buisness

21.Riddhima taking help of his enemies. And the famous 6 Hr Raaz.

22.The Sudden negativity of Dadi and Siya 

23.Stunts by a pregnant woman 

And the rant goes on 

With a sad ending for a final blow.

I have never seen a production who deliberately butchered his own creation

Tell Mamta not to make fun of thrillers by quoting English Classics.

Its only Rahel jo samhal lenge according  to you. For your info Unho ne hi samhala.

You lured us with the first 50 episodes.and contemplating for better.Thanks to u for ruining each and every scope.Ruining Rahel /Riansh.

Now go and spoil an other iconic show that had a heart of fans like Immj2 fans had.

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Posted: 4 days ago

Well written dear.. smiley32each n every one who watched this show from start to till end without skippin ll feel the same anger n disappoint like you..smiley38 am one of them toosmiley38

Posted: 4 days ago

After 50 episodes hum wait hi karte reh Gaye ki 

Achhe din aayengesmiley7

Posted: 4 days ago

Sahi mein yaar

Mujhe toh off air ke news digest he nahi ho rahi...

I am feeling so low.

I know there was tough times.

6 days in a week and there was times there was 7 days a week and upar se so many covid restrictions but they were doing so good but writers can stretch the stories.

I mean they can show ridhu taking revenge when he bring ahaana. Or Vansh's regret but they easily finished it..

But I feel bad for actors and writers I mean they work so damn hard and channel even didn't promote them or give extension on tv. That show pinjara is still going on and I don't know kon log dekhte hai?

I feel so numb and I feel so depressed..

I still remember when I watched the first episode I was attracted but voot too play with our feelings by not uploading episode on time..

They should stop promoting this 24hrs before tv bullshit. It was annoying..

And coming to show I was so connected with riansh and now I am checking the forum constantly for any good news but it's all in vain.

Now somebody is saying ending will be not good or there would be suspense..i want the entire cast to take rest for a month and come back to continue the story but that is not possible..

Pls koi rrahel ko saath lao fer dubara.

I have read somewhere that meenu said in the interview that producers think show will go more but I think that voot has problem with our show.

But I get to know so many amazing writers 

Pls guys continue your great work 

Without you guys I will be depresed 

Pls continue writing stories on riansh...

Posted: 4 days ago

70 episodes tak was best but then all that fiasco.

Rumors was there that uma is alive or she will come back. She don't like riddhu. Or ragini coming back and tries to separate riansh.

Where all this??

Or kabir getting close to riddhu and vansh jealousy.?

Ye sab kaha hai bhai....??

Ye bhi dikha sakte the?

Posted: 4 days ago

i dont even know why riddhu suddenly started wearing leather jacket and all during the 6hrs ka raaz. i mean she was just saving vansh na she could hv worn her normal dress also. 

Posted: 4 days ago

All so i want to add chootiya PH, colors, OTT u dont have any sense or mind becoz of ur internal loopholes among urselves, u couldn't utilize golden couple properly, u underestimated the power of riansh, wasted talent immj2 crew especially  helly& Rrahul. My kudos whole cast who performed well despite chootiya writing, chootiya PH ,chootiya colors, chootiya OTT. #Rainsh(#rrahel)  is special couple, FD adores them. Now see the effect on OTT,colors(all FD unsubscribe, nobody interested in seeing other shows)

Edited by immj2ridhbirnsh - 4 days ago
Posted: 4 days ago

Writter ka char kharap hogaya tha seriously acha  kacha show band baja dia l hope is koye kicha ko dokha na last ma especially Riansh  like immj1 

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