Virat contemplation n damage control... Kya hoga? 🤔

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Posted: 5 days ago

I am looking forward to seeing how Virat deals with everything after Sai storms out and he gets to reflect on things. 

Will he really understand what Sai's pov is? 

Looks like Sunny will be the one to give him some well meaning advice- will virat actually take it? Will Sai be able to show Virat why Sai is insecure/upset and also that his wife expects him to take a stand for her. And hopefully we will get good solid beizzati of pp- not that it'll make her change her mind about her despicable behavior but atleast she will be given a good verbal thrashing. That will give us some satisfaction as viewers to see pp get the insults she rightfully deserves. 

In KD, Virat kinda scoffed  away Sunny's advice and was also very pissed at Sai staying in pulkits house. In KD though sunny character is also pulkits son and so its slightly different. 

but in KD eventually when Sai came back from pulkits house to pick up her things and leave to hostel permanently all he tells Sai is that "you are my wife. You are not going anywhere. If you do, I'll bring you back somehow or the other- including getting police help if needed so either you listen to me or take your chances". He says it with such haq and authority, almost as a threat (lol) that Sai says nothing in retaliation n stays back! " And afterwards they just move on to the next scene where they kinda reach a " truce" of sorts but from my limited bengali, in KD this conversation was more of Virat trying to get Sai to introspect on WHY she is affected by him n pp rather than a clarification. And he was trying to get her to confess how she feels about him. And then theres him pranking her by spooking her into hugging him. And thats that. So they dont really "resolve" it or have Virat clarify that he does not care for this stupid vaada to pp in KD. They just kinda skim over it, call a truce and move on!  

So i wonder how it'll pan out in this version. I don't think I'd mind Virat egging Sai on to think about "why" she is so affected but I do want him to clarify his own stance too. I dont want him to only egg Sai on and confuse her more and in return give her no reassurance- that him forcing her to stay is basically him choosing her over pp and that stupid vaada made to pp. He can try to get Sai to reveal her true feelings but he should also give her some reassurance verbally to address her insecurities. She has been very direct in her questions so it'll not be fair if she doesn't get a response to her direct and spasht question about "what value does this promise to pp" hold in his eyes. Because she wants to know if there is any chance of him being emotionally available. Will he ever be able to give her the love/respect of a wife and not treat her just a zimmedari that he cares about. 

In KD unfortunately he never addressed her direct question and so even after samrat came back you can see that Sai's issue was that he never confessed to her what he felt about her. She still felt like a zimmedari. She was only able to see his care/affection as something that was out of habit after living with someone- soneone who he feels responsible for, someone younger in age that he felt protective about but never as his wife,his lover, his soulmate. 

I hope that in ghkpm, they do a better job and dont blindly copy paste KD. 

Posted: 5 days ago

I am guessing he won't be able to contemplate since Kaku and P will arrive to start new drama and by the end of that conversation he might find out Sai is staying back at P's house. Sunny might show up the next morning and drill some sense into him like Aai did last time during lunch fiasco. So tada he will have a new perspective of what Sai might be going through and she might have actually love him.

Wish I am wrong and he contemplates before Sunny arrives atleast that would mean he knows he was wrong in not clearing up the Vaada when Sai brought it up in the room which resulted in the the zillat drama. I hated when he complained to Sai that Sai is not understanding or wants to listen.  If he would have cleared this earlier Vile P would not have had the opportunity to instigate Sai. 

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Posted: 5 days ago

Neerja, I read somewhere and with my limited understanding of Bengali, from KD episode, virat will accept that he did say about the commitment but now doesn’t want to keep it. Sai will again think because of her he had to break his vaada and feels bad. I am sure sunny must have brought some perspective about Sai’s feelings towards him. Because  virat stopping her with the right of a husband tells us that he eventually senses  she has feelings toward him otherwise he would not forcefully stop her.

I wish to lock these highly celibate people in the room and see how long they will be able to hold their vaadas and commitments. 🤬 seriously tired of these circles man! Still there is a lot before confession so yes they will definitely go back to square one! We need to wait and see why they can’t confess :(

Posted: 5 days ago

I'll be glad if he admits that he made a commitment/vaada to pp and that he has BROKEN it to choose her. It'll bring some clarity. It'll not rid Sairat of their insecurities because she given the circumstances of their marriage they will always be afraid that the other will "move on" . But i think Virat needs to stop denying his past feelings for pp. Because denying it makes Sai doubt his integrity and his honesty towards her. Afterall she is not stupid to be making such serious allegations about virat pp if they are "just friends". 

 As his wife she deserves to know the full truth about everything. 

Posted: 5 days ago

I believe Rono did tell Emon in that KD episode after he held her back that he did not keep that promise. It was kind of low key and just one sentence though. No biggie. The conversation was focused on him grilling her as to why she was so bothered about the whole thing anyway. 

Posted: 5 days ago

My question comes back. Why can’t he confess still? Is there any good reason why he should stop from confessing his feelings? I don’t understand 🙄

Posted: 5 days ago
Originally posted by sadiltl

My question comes back. Why can’t he confess still? Is there any good reason why he should stop from confessing his feelings? I don’t understand 🙄

I guess its a cumulative thing of - fear or rejection, waiting to be more sure of his own feelings, wanting to see reciprocation of feelings, being a little cautious, giving each other time, Sai is only 19 and has studies and he has a difficult profession too, and ofcourse also that bl**dy woman called pp wont stop interfering and creating new tamashas everyday, plys maybe Virat feels guilty moving on when pp starts her stupid sobstory. So everything put together leads to hesitation n delay to confess. 

Posted: 5 days ago

Cintemplate kare toh btana but by going the track record of Virat Chavan, I know he will blame Sai not find his faults.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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