The bare back : fatejo os

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Posted: 5 days ago

This is the first time writing fatejo os . 

A forum member requested

So its a romantic with humor os 

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Fatejo os    the bare back 

Shubh muhurat :  11.25 pm malaysian time


Sounds of drums beating outside the window clearly vibrated fateh's ear drums 

Arey kya soney bhi nehin detey then he covered his ears wih a fluffy pink pillow. Pressing hard , 

After a few seconds he sits up on his bed looked around and took slow steady steps towards the window to find out the cause of the beating drums

A  parade of barathis dancing and cheering up. Fateh eyes were searching for the groom anxiously if only he could save him from the coming disaster

There he was. Dressed in a gold kurta pyjama he was dancing with his fellow peers with a wide smile on his face . Fateh said loudly throught the glass 

Tu muskuraley beta baad mey bahut roney wala hai 

The dulha was still smiling didnt hear fatehs warning. Thanks to the loud shor he couldnt be saved

A knock on the door. Khusbeer came in to remind of his practice at 8 am with a new trainer. Fateh nodded and rushed into the shower immediately ,

The cold shower seemed fresh brought back the sweet memories of jasmin sitting with her knees dipped in a pool and waving to him to come and sit with her

A tune starts playing

Tip tip barsa pani 

Pani ney aag legayi 

Fateh was holding  the shower head in his palm and swinging it all around 

Then remembered his practice and searching for his towel 

Oops didnt take it along . The door of the room opened and tejo walked  in .

Irrrk tejo ji towel pas karogi 

Tejo opened his cupboard and took it out

He took it. A slight brush of warm skin of her fingers touched his

The tune started playing 

Bhigey hoth terey paisa dil mera 

but on an edited version

Soft hath terey mujhey achey legey

Then it stopped   kushbeer voice heard instead 

Fateh jaldi ao

Half naked from the showers he rushed out bumping into tejo unexpectedly . His arms around her warm waist pulling her along and onto the floor pressing his weights on her

That dark eyes looked beautiful . He just wanted to explore further and with that potential energy just laid on her 

Utho utho hathi key bachey utho she screamed breathlessly unable to bear that tones of weight overpowering her helpless body

He was looking around for the elephant she mentioned and then realised it was pointed cruelly towards him

He moved away tuney mujhey hathi bola

Tejo was about to answer when fateh jaldi ao, khusbeers voice interrupted

He quickly dressed and smirked at her on his way out

She avoided his sarcasm and pushed open the shower door

About fifteen minutes later she was struggling to tie  the difficult dor of her top , a gift from fatehs dadi ,

She wss reluctant to wear it. The bare back made her feel embarassed but wished to make the lovely lady happy and show her gratitude for her kindness

A red salwar kemez 

Fateh walked in and without hesitating she blurted it out

Aap zera help kardo gey 

He didnt look at her and said kapdey nehin pehen ney atey hain kya

Tejo was silent still struggling with it

He turned to look as to why there was no respond and then he stood still speecless 

The bare back

That light delicate skin that unfolds dowm on her beautiful curves, just beautiful and he was emjoying it fully

The tune started again

Bighey hoth terey paisa dil mera

On an edited version

Bare back tera mechley dil mera

Dekhtey hi rehogey ya help karogey bhi 

Tejos words of fire brings out the flames in him and he just stood still enjoying that glow of that skin

The tune playing on and off

Bare back tera mechley dil mera

Fateh !!

This time her scream was loud piercing through his ear drums and the tune stopped suddenly

Huh! He exclaimed from his sweet slumber

Yeh dor ban do pls

He took slow steps towards her as if his senses were uncontrollable going against his conscious ego that defends him to not move forward yet he refused to obey ,

Just a step close to the bare back . Watching it from a nearer distance was more mesmerizing. His hands moving forward to touch the soft skin . Fingers trying to grab that tiny string.

A tune played

Zamana kehe nokar biwi ka

His hands stopped in its place just few inches away from that wonderful delicacy of that skin

Jaldi karo 

Tejo imterrupted

He moved his hands , fingers coming closer

The tune played again 

Zamana kehe nokar biwi ka 

He stopped yet once agaim

It was his ego in his conscious mind that is pulling him back 

Tejo moved  placed the string in her fingers offering him to hold. 

He held it defeating his helpless male ego finally 

And he slowly grab the other side as well to unite it in the centre of the bare back. Folding it

A tune played

Tum pas aye

 yu muskuraye

 tum ney na jane kya 

sapney dikhaye 

Ab toh mera dil

Jage na sota hai

Kya karun hai 

Kuch kuch hota hai

Kya karun hai

Kuch kuch hota hai

On an edited version

Tum pas aye 

bare back dikhaye

Tum ney na jane kiya

 pressure bedhaye

Bladder full hai 

peth mey dard hai

Kya karun hai 

Kuch kuch hota hai

Kya karun hai

Bahut kuch hota hai

The edited version played repeatedly

He was enjoying his hearing and vision but the touch was pushing trenendous pressure

She was looking down on her top checking for something . He saw her reflection in the mirror and the evil touch conspires him with the tip of his fingers to that delicate skin as she wss not paying attention

Fateh jaldi ao khusber voice interrupted but he didnt move

Thank you she said and walked away ,

He stood helplessly watching the bare back moving away inch after inch and finally disappeared from his sight

Fateh !

Khusbeer standing rite in front of him and took his arm

He was moving forward his biceps and fists but thoughts were still on that soft skin  Throught out the practice he couldnt get away with it

It was time for lunch. Khusbeer planned to have it at a restaurant 

Lets have chinese today

No papa i want indian he said and walked to the car

Khusbeer followed thinking he always liked chinese and craved for it

Little did he know that it was the bare back that was craved instead

His eyes wandering at the dining table munching the wheat bread and yellow lentil dal  She was not there

 Tejo beta bartan baad mey dho lena

Dadis words at the dining table

She came out of the kitchen  , he was watching closely

If only she could walk backwards he was wondering

She was eating silently enjoying her lunch and he was watching her just to get a glimpse of that wonderful sight which was not facing him

It was past midnight and he looked at her sleeping soundly. That dor memories stayed on whole nite

The next morning he woke up early to take his mum for her dentist appoinment . On their way back he asked if she wants to shop for tejo since she doesnt have new clothes

Gurpreet was glad to hear her sons concern for tejo

You are the husband why dont you purchase for her. I am sure she will like your  choice

His eyes were looking at the fabrics as he entered the mall, desperately searching for the desired ones 

He finally purchased twenty salwar kemeez

Her fingers moving through the paper box delighted to see the very first purchases of her unexpectedly married to husband who said from now om you should wear these only

There were twenty salwar kemeez . Beautiful colours 

So unexpected ,

Said thank you  and ran to her room opened the cover

She gasped

They were all backless 

To be continued ,,,,,,



Posted: 4 days ago

Amazing yaar loved it excited to see tejo's reaction 

Posted: 4 days ago
Originally posted by Simraf

Amazing yaar loved it excited to see tejo's reaction 

I just saw all the comments majority pressed funny

Thought to my self

Beta terey bes ki baat nehin tu fun post hi likhley os rehney dey

Posted: 4 days ago

Loved has excitement,humor,sensuality everything..Please do continue..smiley20

Posted: 4 days ago
Originally posted by TinkiGogoi

Loved has excitement,humor,sensuality everything..Please do continue..smiley20

Tq for the motivation 



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