Shaan and Javed!

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Posted: 11 days ago

smiley36 I enjoy their spats so much smiley36 If I look at it from Javed's point, they are sitting there to give points - why are they expected to give 6 all the time, then whats the use of them being there? smiley36 And his point was valid, Aakriti wasnt perfect in Tujhe Dekha. Agreed she hasnt sung in that scale for long, but then why did she have to sing it? Why not someone else from their team? And when marks get cut, Javed has to explain smiley36 

From Shaan's point of view, he was bang on - you cant experiment in such a song, but who asked him to smiley24smiley36 Only thing I say in his favor is, it was a treat to hear such an iconic song in his voice, and probably I would give a 6 just for him. But all in all, their spats are making me laugh so much.

Posted: 10 days ago

I felt so bad for Shaan there, but I couldn't see anything wrong with what Javed was saying either. I'm just miffed at how Bengal Tigers aren't getting their due. Shaan, Akriti, Mismi are some of the best singers on the show IMO. In fact, Bengal has been giving the best group performances too.

Posted: 9 days ago

^ I agree! Bengal is so underrated and I’m shocked at the low scores/votes. I honestly don’t understand how a singer like Shaan and his team (arguably the most popular singer amongst all the captains) isn’t winning and it’s not like they have a weak team. I think that Bengal is the best one because they utilize everyone properly and have great performances 

Posted: 2 days ago

Oh my! Shaan is turning out to be so unlike himself smiley5 When you say Shaan, you think of that sweet, smiling and sober person. But here again, he confronted the scoring of 24 on Kailash's performance. Sure, he had a point, and he was right. But what I mean is, Shaan??


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