Sheeplock {New game idea on page 108}

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Posted: 26 days ago

Being Sheeplock (thanks for the name, hasini)

  1. Amekha
  2. Shooting-Star
  3. Nomadic_Vibe
  4. Zeal17
  5. azaanabbas
  6. wamavasant
  7. Sevenstreaks
  8. RandomWaliLadki
  9. MusicOfTheHeart
  10. opsora2090
  11.  _NINA_
  12. hava_na
  13. SilentEyes7
  14. Ariyatogether
  15. Radiant_Eyes_
  16. tournesol
  17. asmaanixx
  18. ZestyZeniaZetas
  19. Savera84
  20. BlurredLines
  21. Anmol_.
  22. Nephy
  23. SoniRSippu21
  24. TheGladiator
  25. Daphnes
  26. Unique.Sheep
  27. Beautyful_Mess
  28. Armu4eva
  29. hasini009
  30. TeluguChokri
  31. dusk2dawn
  32. ..Peppermint..
  33. Potterhead05
  34. awida
  35. Bacillusbadius
  36. TC_FA

How to play?

Just answer these questions don't think of right answer but think of a popular one... 

Like If I ask Name one popular Indian actress and out of 10 people 4 said Katrina, 1 said Deepika and 5 said Mouni Roy. 

Mouni Roy will be the answer and those who said Mouni will get 1 point and 5 goal. People saying Katrina get 0.5 points and 4 goals and the person who said Deepika wont get anything since she isnt sharing her answer with anyone

People(s) with max points wins... 

Send answer in PM only and don't discuss with anyone till I give you the green signal.

Credits for explaination: Zeal

Suppose two different answers are eligible for 1/0.5 point, they will be given 0.5/0.25 points. Say, 3 people said Deepika, 3 said Kat, they will get 0.5 points and 3 goals each and 2 said Mouni and the rest of the 2 said Sanya, these four will get 0.25 points and 2 goals each. Or if 2 said Mouni and 2 said Sanya and the winning answer was Deepika, these four will get 0.25 points and 2 goals each, while the ones who answered Deepika will get 1 point and the number of goals=number of people who said Deepika.

Deadline for submission of answers: 23 March 2021, 7 PM IST

Send questions via the Google form, no need to pm backsmiley36

Posted: 26 days ago

Blurred Holmes is here smiley16

Posted: 26 days ago

thanks for this threadsmiley27

Posted: 26 days ago

Thanks for the new thread Shibz

Posted: 26 days ago

New thread for a new game!smiley40

Thank you for the new thread Shibani!  Did I get your name right?  If not please correct me.


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