Amdheer & Vashmay OS [Completed Part 2]: Mission Nikaah

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Posted: 4 days ago

Writing this primarily for Madz and for everyone who are crazily adheer for UDheersmiley43smiley42smiley37

Timeline: dates back to the Mehfil day, when Farooq had come for the first time to see Vashma. Uday's plan has backfired, Farooq is here inspite of getting hit on the head and Amrit has accepted Randheer's proposal. Vashma has not sent him the letter so basically Farooq knows someone attacked him and also that something fell out of the attacker's pocket.

Note: I have no clue how would Randheer Uday interact, this is purely my version of the two based on their current characters.

M I S S I O N   N I K A A H

Randheer did not approve of the bees humming around him. In other words, of the people who had encircled him in such a way, as if he were a specimen worth observing.

He tried to look beyond the human veil, to catch a glimpse of his lady but to no avail. And then suddenly, cutting right through the air and those hundreds of people, came a very specific yet dreamy - channchannchann.

Before he could dismiss it as his fantasy, he yet again caught upon that sound. It was undoubtedly his premika from the other side - Amrit's payal beckoning him.

He quietly excused himself and headed in the direction of the sound, straight towards the wash area of the Baigs. If it wasn't for the innumerable times that he had his hands on the million dollar anklet, he would've never achieved this subtle feat.

Out of nowhere, a pair of hands caught hold of his elbow and sharply dragged him into a narrow lane, leading to the backyard of the Baig house. It was Amrit. Before he could recover from the shock, the chatter of Vashma caught his attention. This was the most coveted and secret hiding place of the trio, since childhood. There was hay lying around and Vashma, seated on a bundle, had clutched her head and was about to burst into tears. Uday on the other hand, was flipping his hockey stick, ready for a midnight match showdown.

"Randheer ji, aap ko ek gal dassni hai."

Amrit said.

He nodded, trying to understand the situation.

His hands involuntarily clasped his mouth when he heard about Vashma and Uday having deep feelings for each other. And them wanting to eliminate Farooq from the scenario.

"Aap toh badi chupa rustom nikli," he told Vashma teasingly. And Uday clearly did not like the interaction.

He looked at Uday and with some hesitation, said, "Dekhiye, maamla toh kaafi sanjeeda hai... agar kisi tarah..."

"Oye, aap toh rehne hi do ji. Aapse na maine koi ray manngi hai aur nahi koi salah. Aur aapse toh mera alag hi hisaab hai, samjhe Randheer sahab? Aise kaise meri behen ko churaa liya aapne?"

Uday was obviously pleased with Amrit Randheer's secret alliance, was immensely proud of his sister to take a stance for her love and her decision to go ahead with it. Just that the current tensed atmosphere and his inability to handle it on his own was making him hot headed.

"Oye hoye hoye hoye Uday, ab toh bada sher bana phir raha hai. Randheer ji ko kyun bol raha hai? Tujhmein hai himaat apna pyaar quboolne ki? Hai toh chal phir abhi jaate hain?" Vashma spoke up instantly.

Uday threw the hockey stick away and sat down on the hay stack.

"Hogaya bass? Ab chodd yeh sab aur Randheer ji se poochte hain."

"Arey koshish toh kar raha tha na main. Abhi Abrar bhaijaan aagaye udhar warna maine sarr hi phodd dena tha Farooq ka, mujhe Beeji ki kasam."

"Uday veeerji aapne na sirf koshish karte reh jaana hai aur meri saheli ka nikaah hogaya toh?" Amrit said worriedly.

"Arey bass kijiye aap sab. Hum kuch sochte hain na, koi tension nahi hai sab theek ho jaayega."

Randheer tried to diffuse the situation.

"Haan bass teri saheli hi toh hai, main toh kuch lagta nahi tera." 

Uday was visibly pissed.

"Suno suno suno." 

Randheer had a plan.

"Farooq ne toh Uday ko dekha nahi hai na?"

"Nahi," they chorused. "Aur naahi usne mujhe dekha hai?" 

"Phir toh sab set hai!"

They huddled together to discuss the details. 

Vashma seemed impressed. 

"Randheer sahab, maan gaye ji aapko!"

And Amrit smirked, aakhir choice kiski thi? And Uday just hoped that everything went well the next day, when Farooq would arrive again, for the first ritual of the nikaah.


To be continued.

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Posted: 4 days ago

Mahi, pehle toh dil se aapko shukriya!! Thank you so so much for writing a OS with Udheer, cos show me toh milega nahi.smiley31smiley31

Wow, the piece was fabulous and their arcs, were maintained, Amrit ki chan chan, trio making R a part, wow.

Uday getting tensed, of course, bichare ka pyaar, and he was meeting R pehli baar, and R being shocked but calmly handling. Last parts, trio ki reacion.

Awaiting the next part!

Posted: 4 days ago

Love the start! Please continue soon smiley9smiley20

Posted: 4 days ago

Loved it smiley27

Waiting for the next part 

Posted: 4 days ago


Waiting for the next part

Posted: 4 days ago

That was amazing!!smiley9 Please continue...we all are waiting for the next part smiley27smiley42

Posted: 4 days ago

Amazing startsmiley32

You got the essence of the foursome very well.... Uday the hot head, Randheer the sorted out , vashma the daring and amrit the tensed... Randheer has the best ability to think rationally and make a plan accordingly. 

Eagerly waiting for the next update. 

Posted: 4 days ago

Part 2

The gentle rays of the sun lightened the streets with a strange orange glow. Dust swirled around, as Vashma opened the door. She carefully dropped the letter in front of Baig Manzil and quickly sneaked back into the house.

Abrar, who was returning from an early morning errand, found the letter lying on the threshold of the house. He picked it up and went in, curious.

"Kya hua Bhaijaan?" She asked him, flapping her innocent eyelashes quickly.

"Arey kisi Anwar Miyanjaan ka khat hai. Marhoom Chacha Inayat Ali ke chote ladke, woh Lahore aaye hue hain aur Abba se milna chah rahe hain."

"Acchi baat hai phir, aaj unhe dawat ke liye yahin bula lete hain aaj raat?" 

Mrs. Baig suggested and Vashma sent her some silent flying kisses from her heart. The plan was set and rolling.


The vibrance of the house and the splendour around spoke volumes of the extravagant affair. No stone was left to be unturned in the hope of impressing Farooq and his parents. As children ran helter skelter, completing the chaotic situation, Vashma was pressing her chunni to control the nervousness. Had Amrit handled the situation from her end?

Abrar, after inviting the Sahnis, was about to leave the house when Amrit stopped him. "Abrar Bhai..jaan... aapko Amritsar se kuch chahiye tha?" She asked him nervously. Abrar was confused and taken aback. Why the question out of the blue?

"Woh kya hai na, Uday Veerji kisi kaam se Amritsar gaye hue hain, toh Maine aise hi pooch liya..." she said, smiling forcefully. "Nahi shukriya," he politely said and left.

Amrit heaved a sigh of relief and ran back inside, to get ready for the D Day.


"Yeh Farooq aayega bhi aaj ke nahi?" Uday asked for the tenth time in a row.

"Arey aa jaayenge..." Randheer said calmly. It was funny, yet Uday felt all consumed by nervousness. "Aagaye!" He screeched and sprang in action.

He emptied the box of nails on the road and it was exactly one minute after which the tyres of Farooq's car were flattened and bit the dust.

They got out of the car, and Uday recognized Farooq from the distance. Randheer, seated on his infamous tangaa, pulled on the reigns and kick started the action of the day.

"Arey bhaijaan, yeh toh bohot hi bura hua." He told Farooq's Abba, Dr. Siddiqui. "Aapko kahin pohochne ki jaldi toh nahi?" He asked.

"Kya kahein miyaan, jaldi toh hai." He replied, worried.

"Toh chadh jaayein phir, humaare taange pe. Arey aap nahi toh aapke ladke ko toh bhej dijiye, aap aa jayiyega pahiya banwakar?" 

He turned around and signalled Uday, who was already seated in the horse cart. 

Randheer raised up his chin and prompted him to speak. "Haan ji, ji, bohot bura hua..." he blabbered in nervousness.

Randheer coughed and smiled. "Arey takkaluf ki toh koi baat hi nahi. Yeh jo baithe hain peeche, woh Anwar Khan hai aur Baig Manzil jaa rahe hain, aap bhi aa jayiye, ab iss waqt kahan aapko kahan koi sawari milegi?"

"Accha? Baig Manzil toh humein bhi jaana hai!" He exclaimed in relief.

"Arey kya baat hai kya baat hai, Ram milaaye jodi!" Uday exclaimed in pseudo excitement.

Randheer coughed again and said, "Haan ji haan, Rahim, Rahim ke dua hai sab."

Farooq looked around. It was indeed getting late and he had little option. He climbed atop the tanga and set out for Baig Manzil.

"Haa toh Anwar miyan, aap kya keh rahe the?"

"Keh toh hum yeh rahe the, ki bhalai ka toh zamaana hi nahi raha. Fareb, chori dakaiti, aur ab toh inn aashiqon ka bhi alag hi mijaaz hogaya hai! Maine suna tha, ki abhi yahin par, humaari pichli waali galli mein koi sona munda ek changi kudi se pya... mohabbat, mohabbat karta tha, aur ab uss kudi ka jo hai, nikaah tay hogaya. Phir kya hona tha, uss kudi ke aashiq ne, khoon karva diya uss ladke ka!"

He stressed explicitly on the word khoon.

They noticed farooq shifting in his seat and carried on.

"Batao ab! Seedha khoon?" Randheer asked back.

"Nahi ji nahi, pehle toh gunde bhijwakar, uss ladke ki khoob pitaayi ki" he said, crushing his teeth while uttering. Only if words could kill!

Farooq was rudely reminded of the Saray incident the previous night.

"Phir jab woh besharam aadmi nikaah karne jaa pohocha, toh phir chaara hi kya tha? Maarna pada!"

"Sahi baat hai bhaijaan. Agar mujhe zara sa bhi shaq ho na ki meri hone waali Begum ka koi aashiq ho sakta hai, main toh uske paas bhi na jaun." Randheer added.

"Aur aajkal toh suna hai, yeh aashiq haseenaon ki tasveer bhi lekar ghoomte hain, apni jeb mein."

Farooq had genuine doubts now if the thing Abrar picked up, was Vashma's picture which had slipped out of the attacker's pocket. He removed his handkerchief and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Randheer stopped the cart and allowed them to descend.

"Arey arey aap kahan andar ghuse jaa rahein hain?"

Farooq asked Randheer as they were about to enter the makaan. "Baig sahab ne gareebon mein bhi khairaaat baati hai kya?"

"Oy sunn, tune gareeb kisko bola? Yaar hai mera. Mujhe taange mein bithakar kya laaya, isko taangewaala na samjh. Hum saath thehre hue hain Saray mein."

Uday patted Randheer's back as he looked back at him in surprise.

"Muaaaf karna bhaijaan, galti hogayi!"

Uday adjusted his beard and after a thumbs up from Randheer, they walked in, quite confidently. They had to avoid the Sahnis and especially Lalaji. Randheer too double checked his monkey cap.

They both started finding the ladies to see if Vashma and Amrit were ready with the next part.

Amrit saw Randheer standing at a distance, in the crowd, looking little lost. 

She grabbed a plate of juice and food and walked in his direction.

"Suniye ji," she said coyly. He turned around to find her standing. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and he loved her earrings.

He raised up his eyebrows in awe and she laughed at the act. "Aaj kitanon ko maarne ka plan hai?" He gently whispered in her ear and she couldn't control her smile.

"Aap filhaal aapke plan par zor dijiye," she replied.

"Aap taiyyar?" 

She nodded in response and left.

Meanwhile, Vashma caught Uday's constant gaze on her. She signalled him and appreciated his look by a thumbs up.

Amrit picked up the glass of water, added a few drops of red color in it and with Vashma in tow, they went to greet Farooq.

Vashma handed it over to him and smiled coyly. As he peeped into the bronze glass, his hair stood up on their end. "Khooon!" He yelled out in despair.

Taking advantage of the confusion, they quickly swapped the glass with normal water. Abrar rushed to the spot and needless to say, everything was okay.

Randheer advised Farooq to wash his face, maybe he was tired and was seeing things.

Abrar agreed and was about to escort him, when Uday forcibly hugged him, showing unintended extra pleasure on seeing his brother, aka Anwar's brother after ages. Signaling Randheer to take over Farooq, he kept the Baigs busy for sometime.

It was time for the final blow.

As Farooq washed his face, Uday emerged from behind him. Farooq saw his shadow moving slowly towards him. He dodged at the end moment and Uday ended up hitting the pot. Farooq caught his hands and twirled it behind his back in a quick move. He pushed him and ripped his beard apart.

"Tumhein kya laga tha? Main bewakoof hoon? Baar baar pitata rahoonga? Aur yeh aashiq waali nautanki na kisi aur ke saamne jaakar karna. Meri taqdeer mein jo hai, woh main paakar rahoonga."

He was about to grab Uday's collar when Randheer stepped in between. 

"Farooq sahab, taqdeer toh aapki bohot hi acchi hai, par ek galti hogayi aapse."

Both of them looked at him, surprised.

"Aapne Baig Sahab ko yeh nahi bataya, ki aapki toh ek Begum pehle se hai. Ab sochiye, yeh baat bhari Mehfil mein bahar aagayi, toh aapki kitni badnaami hogi. Toh behtar yahi hoga ki aap yahan se jitni jaldi ho sake utne jaldi waapis chale jaayein."

Farooq wanted to punch him in the face but he felt outnumbered and defeated.

"Aur haan agar yeh kaafi nahi hai, toh aapki begum aapke gharelu zulm se parda uthaane ko taiyyar hai, bulaayein hum unko?"

Farooq left the place without a word.

And now when on one hand, the Baigs were deeply hurt over the sudden cancellation of the alliance with no reason disclosed, the foursome were celebrating the moment of victory in their hideout.

"Woh jo aapne aakhir mein bola, woh kahan se aaya?" Uday asked Randheer.

"Arey aaj jab main uski gaadi ke number ka pata karne gaya tha, tab main mila uski Begum se. Unke haaton mein jo nishaan the, isse asaani se pata chal gaya ki woh bohot hi ghatiya aadmi tha."

Amrit looked at him with eyes full of love while Vashma and Uday felt deeply grateful.

"Shukriya Randheer sahab, aaj jo aapne kiya hai..." Uday said.

Randheer grabbed his folded hands and pulled him into a hug. Vashma and Amrit too joined their palms together and cried.

"Par ek baat bataayiye, aapne taanga chalaana kahan se seekha? Aap pehle chala chuke hain?"

Amrit and Vashma smiled at Randheer who was blushing at their gesture.

"Woh main kisi aur din bataunga." 


Ended up writing so much, and this became an Udheer OS of sorts, hope no one minds smiley37


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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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