Katrina's acting isn't as bad as it is made out to be?

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Posted: 5 days ago

Katrina is an average actress with bad diction and an accent which comes in the way of lucid articulation of dialogue. But is she as bad as she is made out to be?

I think she got caught in a vicious cycle regarding her acting prowess, and this led to her being stereotyped as a bad actress. I quite liked her in New York, Zero, and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Of course, she mores than makes up for her average acting in all other departments, and is rightfully a star.

I'm not saying she's a good actress, but all I'm saying is she's not nearly as bad as she's made out to be. Do you guys agree?

Posted: 5 days ago

Nope she is still a lousy actress with horrible dialogue delivery, zero expressions(the perennial frozen face!) and pathetic voice modulation. I still find her extremely wooden and mechanical onscreen.

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Posted: 5 days ago

Sorry, but she really is as bad she's made out to be. She always looks like a model trying to pull off some weird expressions. smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

Yes🙈 She is very pretty no doubt....but she is not an actress material. Good or bad toh baad ki baat haismiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

Katrina, in my opinion, is the most unfairly bashed and disliked actress of her era. I am not going to claim that Katrina is a great or even good actress. There are tons of actresses far better than her. Katrina is mediocre at best. 

Despite her limitations and narrow range, Katrina has some remarkable strengths. I believe she is one of the rare few thorough professionals in the industry. She's extremely hardworking and has a reputation for being punctual and congenial with everyone on set. She does her best to get along with everyone and avoid drama. Add to that the fact that she's extremely attractive, you can see why people sign her up despite mediocre talent. 

Where Katrina does excel is action and deadpan humor. There is no actress who can come close to Katrina in action. She's the only viable female action star. I also find Katrina to be exceptionally hilarious. I thought she was the best thing in Tees Maar Khan and reminded me of Marilyn Monroe's Lorelei Lee. I enjoy that she laughs at herself and can play exaggerated versions of herself. 

I guess the reason she is despised so much is that she was a terrible actress, couldn't speak Hindi well, and had atrocious diction when she started.  Being persona non grata Salman Khan's girlfriend didn't help either. 

Posted: 4 days ago

First impression is the last impression ... her first few movies created a mental image of an incompetent white girl that's being shoved down our throats by Salman cuz she was sleeping with him. 

What we didn't know back then was that she's also hardworking, and really dedicated, drama free and a whole lot of other positive attributes that most of the other bollywood actresses lack. If there's such a thing called a learning curve in your acting career, Katrina probably comes with the most steep one.

I started off disliking her immensely and slowly warmed up to her as she continued proving herself over time and left her contemporaries far behind not just onscreen but with her class and eloquence offscreen as well.

Posted: 4 days ago

She has certainly improved

Posted: 4 days ago

Katrina is a great dancer and has a figure to literally die over (aka crying while shoving celery down my throat). I will acknowledge that Katrina is a hard worker but when it comes to acting, she is quite frankly - terrible. I’ve never been able to enjoy or finish any of her movies because I can’t take any of her roles seriously, and I see no chemistry with her co-stars. When you can’t act, how are you going to convince/show me that you love the ‘hero?’ 

Also her dictation skills are bad. I can’t stop staring at her mouth when she talks. It reminds me of the way TV actress, Neha Bamb used to talk when she played the role of Kripa in Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai. 🥴

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