Performance Discussion 20 & 21 February

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Posted: 15 days ago

Always knew Anushka was the dark horse! No pretence no over the top expressions, just pure singing. Much deserving of the mausam badal diya today.

Btw didn't Anureeta sing Satyam Shivam Sundaram a while back on the show? Or am I mixing her with someone else?

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Posted: 15 days ago

Originally posted by MommaDarling

Always knew Anushka was the dark horse! No pretence no over the top expressions, just pure singing. Much deserving of the mausam badal diya today.

Btw didn't Anureeta sing Satyam Shivam Sundaram a while back on the show? Or am I mixing her with someone else?

Yes she sang it in her mega audition. This is one of the most watched videos of this season on YouTube

Posted: 15 days ago

Don’t want to be too critical with the performances today due to the theme. Everyone sang well and it was quite an emotional episode! These maa specials always make me emotional 

Posted: 15 days ago

I’m so disappointed that everyone didn’t get to sing in today’s Maa special episode. I’m sure everyone of them would’ve loved to pay a tribute to their moms.

These kind of emotional episodes get a lot of TRP and naturally more votes. Those singing tomorrow are at a loss anyway, since it’s also the Bigg Boss finale. If next week one amongst Sireesha, Pawandeep, Nachiket, Anjali or Ashish leave it really won’t be their fault. 

Coming back to today’s episode, it’s going to be tough to critique like I normally would, considering the emotions today. Each contestant sang with so much feel, it took their singing a notch higher.

Anushka definitely deserved her standing ovation today. I’ve always thought she’s a very good singer, and finally all judges felt the same. Pawandeep was amazing in the bits he sang. He sang so much it was almost a duet, wonder why they didn’t consider it as a duet.

Danish is amazing!! I enjoy almost all his songs. I just wish he went a little easy on the aalap. His aalap was good, but I think contestants overdo it to prove their prowess. Nothing wrong and I understand why, but sometimes I think it’s too much.

SMP - she sang well, I didn’t enjoy the English bit at the end. Her pronunciation was off and it seemed like she’s trying too hard to be a westernized singer. 

Nihal - lovely song. That I don’t think much of him as a singer is known, and I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed someone else sing this. Didn’t understand the mausam badal diya.

Sayli - she’s got such a sweet voice, perfectly suited for today’s song. I would really want to see her versatility. 

Sawai - enjoyed his the least. He has a powerful voice, just not the most melodious. I’ve heard the songs he’s sung, and I’ve heard them in Rajasthan as well. The songs were a lot better when I’ve heard them otherwise. 

Posted: 14 days ago

Today honestly the episode showed us how shows should be done! That 53 piece orchestra gave me serious goosebumps! Seriously awesome! smiley10smiley32smiley27

Enjoyed every performance today, Nihal was surprisingly much better and one upped SMP for sure. Nachiket, Ashish and Pawandeep truly rocked the stage. And I was so so so happy to see Rafi sahab's son in the audience! I knew it was him before Aditya introduced him, they have the same smile smiley9

But the most painful part was seeing Santosh Anand ji. I couldn't stop crying and am still very emotional as I type this. Such a painful sight to see such a legendary artist out of work and in such conditions. Just was very surprised to see Pyareji's reaction...was he cold or shaken up? Because Santosh ji met him so warmly, called him bhai but Pyareji was very very stoic.smiley26

Although I sincerely thank Indian Idol for bringing this bitter truth to light. Music companies really are heartless, otherwise Santosh ji would've had such a better life today.

Seeing him and his granddaughter in that video made me bawl my eyes out. They have no one but each other...

"Zindagi Aur Kuch Bhi Nahi Teri Meri Kahaani Hai..." smiley28smiley19

Posted: 14 days ago

I enjoyed today’s episode. I just have one problem (I know I’m always cribbing), but why did some contestants sing multiple songs while some got just one? There’s no uniformity.

Coming back to today’s performance.

Sireesha - it was a so so performance. Didn’t enjoy the first song, but the second one was better. Still it was not what I expected from her. She’s no doubt a good performer, but today her singing was nothing much.

Ashish - I say this every week, and I will say it again, he’s overhyped. His first song wasn’t as enjoyable, I preferred jumma chumma, mainly because the song is so peppy. Though I must add his performance today was one of his better ones.

Arunita - after having heard her rendition of Satyam Shivam Sundaram earlier I had high hopes. She sang it beautifully, no faults but even then I liked it better when she sang it earlier. I have a very strong feeling that she may win, but I’m not rooting for her for the only reason she hasn’t shown any versatility. I say this all the time but I really want her to sing something different.

Pawandeep - A wonderful performance. I didn’t watch the entire performance because I got a phone call, but whatever I watched was brilliant.

Nachiket - I think he was the best today. That he’s a brilliant performer is undisputed but today he hit it out of the park. His song was flawless. I think this was the first time I saw Neha and Vishal genuinely enjoy his performance. A standing ovation from Pyarelalji was icing on the cake.

Anjali - she sang well, though I think the second song wasn’t for her. She sounds very young almost kiddish in some songs and that’s understandable. The second song would’ve suited someone with a more grown up/ mature voice. That doesn’t take anything away from her singing.

SMP - Nihal : I enjoyed SMP’s solo performance but when they sang Kaante nahin katte Nihal was way better. I actually liked Nihal in that song.

Danish - Sawai - Not bad. Danish sang his parts pretty well. Sawai wasn’t bad either, but not good either. Just ok.

Anushka - Sayli - they were so good together. Their voices suited each other’s very well. Both of them were very good. 

I have a feeling Anjali will be eliminated next week, though in my opinion it should be Sawai, followed by Nihal before Anjali.

Posted: 14 days ago

Feb 21st episode:

Pawandeep is my favourite (since Voice India days). But his past few week's performances (excluding pehla nasha) were not upto his mark. Yup he has a higher standard set by himself, and those were not upto the mark. But today he was brilliant! smiley20  Loved all three songs of his. Great job Pawandeep!

Nachiket was excellent as well! smiley32 I wish he keeps singing like this, he dipped down in few previous episodes but has been doing great since last week. He has great voice and potential. 

My confusion - why they give more songs to few participants, and lesser to others to sing? Also they let the some contestants sing in both episodes while others are not allowed!!! What's the logic for this, shouldn't they all be given equal platform?

Nihal was very good in the duet with SMP. I do not like and enjoy SMP's singing at all, she sings same kind of songs all time and butchers other types (in my opinion) when she attempts them. The only performance of hers I liked was her audition one. 

Ashish - this performance was not Ashish level performance. He has done way better than this, so this performance was a let down especially his first song.  

Sireesha - well she has done better than this performance.

Arunita - same as Sireesha, she has and can do better. She is the best among female contestants in my opinion. Very sweet melodious voice, and good command on singing.

Others, glimpsed through and decided to not watch the performances smiley36

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Indian Idol 12 

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