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Posted: 2 months ago

hello everyone  ,  pardon me if there are any mistakes in this story . i am actually writing a second forum and it is on arjun the pandava . who is the apple of the eye of  his father and his two mothers , the favourite grandson of the kuru pitamah bhishma , the dearest disciple of the great dronachary . the father of the courageous abhimanyu , the grandfather  of the kuru emperor parikshit . the great friend of the krishna vassudev , the son of the king of the devas indra , the guru of the valourus  satyaki  and the reincranation of the devine sage NAR ,  he who has the ansh of vishnu and mahadev ( they say it because , arjun is nar in his previous birth who is incranation of vishnu, and  he is husband of subhadhra and draupadi who is said to be durga herself ) . we heard about his valour , so why dont we have a tour of his life with me .

Posted: 2 months ago

             chapter 1 - Birth of Arjuna 

It was a funny day on shathashrunga mountain . it has been a year after bheem birth , 

and then Pandu grew restless again. He had been having strange dreams, in which he saw himself as the father of more children than two. He saw many Devas in his dreams; but most of all he saw one who was more majestic than all the others, because he was their king. Pandu was certain that greatest Deva spoke to him.

   He called Kunti and said, "I have been dreaming of Indra. He says we must have a son by him, a perfect kshatriya, greater than even Yudhishtira and Bheema."

   She began to protest, but he laid a finger on her lips. With a sigh and an inner quaver at the thought of summoning the king of the Devas, Kunti agreed to do as her husband asked. Now she went deep into a nearby forest and inside a cave invoked the Deva king with Durvasa's mantra. Indra came to her, stern and full of majesty. For all that, he was tender; and when he had calmed her first helpless anxiety, he was the most ardent of her unearthly lovers. Even as she lay delirious in his arms, she swore she would never use the mantra again.

 In time, Kunti delivered her third and finest son. Once more, an asariri spoke to that forest family. "This is the child who will win undying fame for his father. He will become the greatest archer on earth and conquer the world in his brother's name. only narayan can be his equal . Let him be called Arjuna." The heavens opened. They heard gandharvas singing little Arjuna's praises and soft flowers rained down on them, swathing the hermitage in the scent of other worlds.

 The night Arjuna was born, Indra came to Pandu in a dream. Now he spoke clearly to that kshatriya, "Tonight Vishnu's twin incarnations, Nara and Narayana, have been born into the world to cleanse it of evil. Arjuna is Nara, come again as a man. In Mathura tonight, Narayana has also been born. Hearken to the earth, Pandu, she sings the birth of dark Krishna."

( it is said that both arjun and krishna were born on same day )

Pandu awoke. It was past midnight and he heard the wind in the trees like a hymning sea, full of a celebrant rumor that a blue savior had been born into the world, to purify it in blood. From far away, he thought he could hear a storm over a distant city at whose evil heart the newborn Avatara, his Arjuna's cousin, nestled. When Pandu fell asleep again, listening to the wind outside, prophetic dreams visited his sleep. He saw his sons fight a great war for the Blue God who had been born that night. It was an ancient war between good and evil, one that would destroy the race of kings forever. But when he awoke the next morning, he remembered nothing of his dreams.


so this is the birth of greatest  warrior arjun .

i will continue soon 

thank you 

Posted: 11 days ago

It was awesome.

 "he who has the ansh of vishnu and mahadev"

I think that I read somewhere the fact that he also has the ansh of INDRA cause he was his godfather.

Anyways it was nice.

Thank you.

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Posted: 11 days ago

The first chapter :-

It was superb. Especially the descriptions. It was shown clearly the feelings and the thoughts. Waiting for your next update


Mythological Masti 

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