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Posted: 2007-01-16T07:08:47Z
                                                                 & nb sp;                                                                                                        2.JPG   & amp; amp; nbsp; HI guyz here im introducing a FANCLUB of the MOST GORGEOUS TELL BEAUTY NONE OTHER THEN AAMNA SHARIFF Embarrassed                                               Aamna Shariff Profile
My birthday - 16 July

If I had not been an actress - I would have been a fashion designer

My first crush - Amitabh Bachchan

My first date - is yet to happen

I enjoy - eating masala paav at Band Stand

I am scared of - heights

What turns me off - liars

Accessories I can't be seen without - Omega watch, solitaire ring, purse, perfumes

An honest confession - I am extremely fond of diamonds

My most memorable day - when my character "Kashish" appeared on TV in Kahiin To Hoga

Favourite ice cream - Tender Coconut ice cream at "Naturals"

Favourite actor - Aamir Khan

Favourite movies - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, Dil to Pagal Hai

My strengths - my mom, my genuineness and simplicity
My idea of romance - being alone with my man, with nobody to disturb us, and we communicate without speaking a wordEdited by 143786 - 2007-08-24T14:46:20Z
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Posted: 2007-01-16T07:12:58Z
soo that was my feelings 4 now n i'll join u all wid a surprize later ab aap batain what u feel about aamna or whats your way to express your love? Embarrassed its like KON BANE GA AAMNA FAN LOL
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Posted: 2007-01-16T07:17:14Z
lol LOL LOL nice topic Embarrassed Embarrassed
i think aamna is very preety there are many actresses lekin aamna sab se alag ,uniqe aur uski jodi rajeev ke sath toh wow,she is beautiful,a great actor she know how to act very well Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2007-01-16T07:26:03Z
main kya kho aamna ka bar mein.
jab bi woh hoti hai samany tu kuch nahi bhata mujko.
woh ati hai jab .
mera dil or dimag per kaboo nahi rahta yaaroin.
bato na main kya karo.
yaar aamna ki beauti ka barry mein jitna bi kahy kaam hai.jaisa woh mera liya kya kya hai.
woh ek hoor hai.
woh ek masoomn pari hai.
iss ki smile tu bas khayamat hai jab woh smile karti hai aisa lagta hai ka world ki sari chizy iss ka sath smile karti hai.
woh iss universe ki sab sa zayada khobasorat larki hai.
woh heer sa bi zayada beautiful hai.or ash ki tu baat maat karo i thing joo loog aamna ki beauti ko ash ka sath campire karty hai woh mojy mad lagty hai.aamna is more beautiful.and soni kori yaar.
aamna u r my dream girl i love u so much jaan.and love u forever.
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Posted: 2007-01-16T07:30:32Z
oh she is shoooooooooooooooooooo shweet!!!!! Heart Heart Heart I LOVE HER!!!!!!! Heart Hug
she is da most beautiful lady ever seen on earth she is just wowwwwwwww Approve no words 2 explain aamna
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Posted: 2007-01-16T08:35:45Z
u r right.aamna ki beauti explain karnay kaliya word buhat kaam parry gaa. Embarrassed
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Posted: 2007-01-16T08:41:50Z
WOW nice response mein ne aisa hee response socha tha haan sahi kaha aap sab ne wordz kam per tay hain na so some thing specila karo na yaar kuch aisa k bus kamaal ho
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Posted: 2007-01-16T08:47:16Z
i mean to say k koi song jo aapko lagta hai made 4 aamna or ne poetry which u think uspe set hai aisa kuch plzz i want that kind of a thing then i'll choose winner of KON BANEGA AAMNA FAN?LOL
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