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Posted: 1 months ago

I look towards the glistening sky; morose and lost

I have left behind an unfinished story

A streak of sweat crawls down my forehead

I have lost my strength and all my glory

There lies an empty hut, torn down and burned

A few photo frames fallen shattered to bits

A raggedy crow cawing its lungs out persistently

On the broken window sill of my kitchen; sits

I prick my finger to something so familiar

What could it be? I wonder as I tweak in shock

My eyes water at the moments I reminisce 

As I pick my mother’s half-knit sock

The smoke from the explosion is still pervasive

All that remains are the ruins of my identity 

Wars are never a solution to existing problems

And definitely not for the protection of humanity 

I bid farewell to my ashy abode one last time

A heaven, filled with my parents’ sweet affection 

In hopes to repair my damaged, broken existence 

I strive to resurrect its lost glory with all my perfection 

Daddy Marvel / Roshan smiley27


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