IF Development Team Chamber of Secrets #2

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Posted: 2 months ago


Billi: Shello Shello guys 

Sam :  It is hello Shello smiley22

Billi: Chana, 2020 was supposed to be a good year. Nothing works as we want.

Sam: ....

 How is it even related .... smiley22

Billi: You see by the Pythagoras pri..

Sam: How can I escape this torture? 

Billi: Maybe get a new guest on our show and make some money and bribe me? 

Sam: We already have a guest on our show. smiley22

Billi: We do? 


Sam: I am so done with you and all the cats in general.🤦🏽‍♀️ I told you today morning about the guest. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Can I kick you out of this show? Can I do this show alone?

Billi: You wanna k-k-kick me out?


Sam: OH GOD! I am this close to giving up and going to meditate in Himalayas.Give me peace oh god. 


Billi: 🎶The tears of a cat 

flowing in the chat 🎶


Billi: You dont need to call me Lord, you can call me Billi smiley43

Sam: I am going to ignore that line for my own sanity. SOOO our guest is here!! Lets introduce her. 

She joined our development team family recently. 

Billi: Her name starts with T 

Sam: She loves Dr Armaan🥰

Billi: Her name ends with U 

Sam: ...

Billi: Her name has A and N in between. 

Sam: We were supposed to keep the suspense up! Thats how you get TRP!

Billi: No one would know even know. Its a hard to crack code. smiley16

Sam:  I think I need a new co host. Applications open for new co host. Someone take this cat away. 


As the cat ruined the suspense, as you all might have understood from the "hard to crack clues" that our guest is 


or Tanu


Billi: HEY! they could have thought its me. You ruined the suspense. smiley22

Sam: Ignore this cat, Tanu, welcome on our show.  Would you like some Tea or Coffee?

Tanu: Thank you so much guys!  I would like a Tea 

Billi: Then you can order it from zomat...

Sam: I WILL GET IT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Again ignore the cat. 

Billi: .. 

Welcome to the show Tanu! 

Sam: Yes finally the cat is back on track. 


Its like Tanu calling Tanusmiley37

Sam: I talked too soon didnt I?smiley22 Here is your Tea Tanu. 

Tanu: Thank you so much guys. It is amazing being here on this show. 

Sam: Its our pleasure to have you here. Right Billi?



Sam: .. 

So lets move on from these traumatising events 




Sam: SOO How did you land on IF? What's the first forum where you were promoted as coolbie? 

Tanu: Thanks to a thirst search on my all time favorite Aamir Ali and his then new show Bhaskar Bharti, I arrived on IFsmiley16 and thanx to an overactive forum spamming session on Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, became a Coolbiesmiley43

Billi: did someone say spamming? I am here. Lets spam everywhere. 

This is my forte. smiley41

Tanu: I am up for it as long as I dont get banned. smiley14

Sam: I am up for it too. 

Billi: After the show, meet me in the backyard, we will plan it. smiley16smiley15

Sam: So Tanu 

Billi: YES 


Sam: Not you! I told you I will call you Billi while Tanu is here.  😤

So Tanu which is your favourite forum on IF. 


To stalk- Bollywood Forumsmiley15

To participate- Beyhadh 2 & Mahabharatsmiley42

Billi: All the fight zones. Oh god. 


So If you can merge two serial sections together which one they would be and why? 

Tanu: All the Bhagya shows.. coz hello story recyclingsmiley36

Billi: It can be called collection of bhagyasmiley37

Sam: or collection of luckssmiley37

Tanu: Can I leave this show before the PJs kill me? smiley24

Sam: No. You will become a crack head by the end of this show. smiley37


Sam: Tell us something about your experience as a coolbie and then as a Viewbie. 


As a coolbie, felt very cool spamming the forums and ATs.. Err I meant updating!! smiley36

And basically annoying the mods particularly Jyo over the years & later Shreyasmiley41

Now as a viewbie, I need to grow up, be responsible and be a good student to Minakshismiley44(psst: don't tell her about my IF historysmiley3

Billi: Calling Mina di right away. smiley40


Sam: Dont worry Tanu, She is lazy cat, she wont do anything. 

Tanu: IKR!


Sam: Moving on to next question.What are the talents you wish you possessed?

Tanu: Siggy & Gif making. I even started making siggies but got tied up with work and couldn't ace it. smiley38

Billi:  3 ITV characters you'd want to be stuck with in a lift and why? 


Dr. Armaan, coz hello.. Dil ka Doctorsmiley42

Maan Singh Khurana... 4Lions original Angry Young Maan.. smiley43

And it's gonna be a tie for the 3rd spot between Maya ka Rudy boy, Madhubala ka Right Kameena, and Bharti's Armaan ( sowwie but can't choose, won't choose) smiley37

Sam: You can always get stuck with 3-4 people smiley37 We dont mind smiley37

If you had the chance to play one character from any show, who would you play? 

Tanu: Maya JaiSingh but as such any character played by Jennifer Winget.. smiley27

Sam: didnt she murder some people? 


Billi: Are you a serial killer? 


Sam: DT by morning and killer by nightsmiley40smiley37

Tanu: ..


Billi: I think she finally realised the trap smiley37 Tell us what is a compliment which you have received most number of times? 

Tanu: That I am nice and helpfulsmiley1

Sam: Thats so nicesmiley27

Billi: Wanna help Sam host the show so that I can slack away?


Sam: Dont listen to her Tanu. Lets move on. If you wake as Mnx12 what would be first thing you would do and why? 


I would give a day off to Tanu & Kadynsmiley37 

J/k I would congratulate myself for being an extremely kind and patient mentor to these new kidssmiley31

Billi: That is so nice. smiley27 Chana lets move on to rapid fire questions. 

Sam: Yes! Did chicken come first or egg? 

Tanu: The chicken, coz it was egged onsmiley23

Billi : Melody itni chocolatey kyu hai? 

Tanu: Kyunki melody melt hoti hai.. smiley24smiley36

Billi: Toh ice kyu Nahi hai chocolateysmiley22

Anyway next question, Agar daag aache hai toh which daag would you like :  keechad wala or ink wala 

Tanu: .. Ink wala, college ki yaadeinsmiley40

Sam: Aisa kaunsa college hai ...jahan ink phekte rehte hai smiley22 Tell us one thing was "Ki jawani" Sheila's surname or middle name? 

Tanu: Mera sur kehta hai, middle namesmiley44

Billi:  What would you prefer detect lie of everyone or get away with all lies you tell

Tanu: Obviously detect all the lies. Imagine grilling everyone with those secretssmiley15smiley37

Billi: Chana maybe we shouldn't be grilling her too much. She is showing her cruel intentions Dheere dheere


Sam: Okay lets just hold her down till audience asks her questions


Tanu: ... what.. whyyy



We are holding her down while you guys grill her smiley37

Sam : See you guys next week with a new guest.


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Posted: 2 months ago

Kiss, marry, kill ----

__4 button down Rudra

__Double shirts front open dr. Arman

__What the singh raizada in tuxedo


Posted: 2 months ago


It was such a cool Ivsmiley20 

Ok, my questionssmiley37

1. One beyhad 2 scene you would rewrite?

2. One bollywood actor you would go on a date with?

3. If you were in bhaskar bharti, which character would you give a long speech about patriarchy?

4. The most weir?d dream you remember 

5. What was the first reaction you had when you became a viewbie and how did you get to know the news?smiley36

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Posted: 2 months ago

Tanu smiley27smiley31

Here are my questions 

1) Are you excited to see Nia in BB14 or Shivin??

2) You like 2 buttons down Shivin or 4 buttons.??smiley2

3) James Bond or Sherlock Holmes??smiley16

4) Marvel movies or DC??

5) One superhero you wana go on a date with??

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations tanu...

my questions to you...

1) what’s the raaz behind your UN?

2) if you ever change your UN what will it be?

3) what’s your secret obsession?

4) a forum that you always wanted/want to moderate?

Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome interview Tanu and Samsmiley37

Enjoy the entire week Tanusmiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

If you must kill one of the good main characters in Got.....Whom ?

If you must reincarnate one of the dead villains n Got......whom ?

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank You so much Tanu & Sam for this super fun session. You both are a riot together smiley37

I had a great time answeringsmiley31

Thank you to everyone who has posted. Shall reply shortlysmiley9

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