Anyone saw Indian matchmaking on netflix

Posted: 19 days ago

Fair warning ...u could get triggered majorly if u have been through bad experiences in the arranged marriage space 

It’s cringe max at many levels..also lots of casual sexism, colourism on display too

It’s like an oddly entertaining train wreck if ur amused by how such ppl exist 😂

any thoughts 

Posted: 19 days ago

Reality is much worse actually the way people all around us look for rishtaas smiley11

Posted: 19 days ago

The way the matchmaker lady Sima/Seema keeps emphasising on how people need to lower their expectations from their life partner, it feels like she's selling a product on eBay. smiley22 Why should someone lower the expectations from his/her life partner ? Aparna is independent, picky girl, but quite clear on what she wants and whom she can accept and whom not. Problems are with Akshya and his cringeworthy mother. smiley44 And may be Seema's outdated style of match making. 

The show is a cringe binge. smiley37 Unintentionally funny and may be it's time Seema lowers her judgmental nature and keeps an open mind about her job, instead of checking with some Baba to find their starssmiley37

Posted: 19 days ago

I was left fuming after watching it. Seema Taparia is obnoxious 

Posted: 19 days ago

The idea of lowering ones expectations for a SPOUSE will always be wild to me. This show, while entertaining to watch, was a backwards mess. The worst person was that Akshays mother. That woman was so abusive! I kinda feel sorry for him. No wonder he's weird. Also was her wanting a flexible wife for her son a sexual thing? The awkward pause made me think it was! And wtf does he have to get married before his brother and SIL can conceive? This mother is up in every ones' business FFS! And while Aparna seems kinda miserable and totally lacks self awareness, I kinda found myself identifying with her too many times smiley36Apart from the comedy thing of course. I need my spouse to have a sense of humour!

Posted: 19 days ago

Sadly, this is the reality of our community. It's so pathetic. 

Posted: 19 days ago

Sima over uses the word "compromise"..

and it appears like they set Aparna up with obvious dud dates for some TV drama... Aparna said she prefers north indian, she gets set up with a south indian.. she says she doesn't wanna date lawyers, she is set up with one..

stopped watching after episode 3... wish they had more interesting characters

and why is Nadia so dickmatised .. she seems like a nice person and those dudes are below her league but she likes them all.. da fuq

Posted: 19 days ago

Its getting a lot of hate.  Is it a show or a movie or reality show?

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