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Hola peeps!!

After watching BBC's Merlin, I was inspired to write a short fiction on Magic! 

So here's my attempt of writing a fantasy fiction! Hope y'all like it!


I : The Magician

She snapped her fingers and the pigeon vanished in thin air. A rabbit jumped out of her hat. She taught her daughter all these tricks.

"Listen and observe carefully baby! This is one of the greatest vanishing techniques, only a few can accomplish. If you learn it, you will be know as one of the greatest magician in the world!" 

"But mom, I can do magic, real magic, why learn all these tricks?" The 10 year old asked.

"Well, dear you have to learn how to use the real magic, people cannot know about it."

"But why mom?"

"Because if they know you can do real magic, they will have you killed. They will consider you a witch. You are born with magical powers, no one taught you. So you have to use it for the betterment of the society but no one should know about your powers."

"Teach me the invisibility spell mom, I will do magic while being invisible so no one will know!"

"I will teach you the invisibility spell but it cannot be undone. I have not been taught the reversal." 

"It's alright mom. I will be there with you all the time and people would never know!"

" All right my child." She kissed her forehead, 'Les invisiblio mes infinitum'

The little girl chanted after her multiple times but it did not work.

"Why am I still visible?"

"It is a powerful spell, you have to practice."

A month later, the magician was presenting a show. She turned towards the audience and revealed her new trick, "My girl will get into this box and come out of the other!"

The little girl got into the box and for the last time chanted the spell and then came out of the other box. The audience murmured, "where is the girl? we can't see her!"

The magician searched for her everywhere but could not find her daughter. The little girl smiled at her mother and said, "Mom, I'm here! See!" Her mother could not hear her.

She realised that the spell had worked and now she was invisible, even to her mother.


The magician lady, Morgan was presenting her latest show. It had been 10 years since her daughter, Amethys had been invisible. 

Morgan stood on the table, a large crowd had gathered to watch this stunt. She was locked in a large chest with her hands and legs locked with chains. The chest was locked and dropped in the lake. 

5 minutes passed and Morgan was nowhere in sight. Amethys was worried. She jumped into the water and tried to search for her mother. The chest had sunk deep into the lake. She reached it and opened the chest and found her mother unconscious. Amethys quickly mouthed a spell and unchained her. 

Morgan was not breathing. Amethys closed her eyes and gathered all her strength and kissed her mother. She then swam with her on the other side of the lake. After a few minutes, Morgan started breathing slowly and opened her eyes,  "Is it you, my dear Amethys?" 

"Yes mom!" She smiled with tears in her eyes.

"But I can't see you." Morgan looked around.

"Very soon, you will see me mom, I know you can hear me." Amethys hugged her mother.

"Yes my child. I can feel you."

Amethys smiled, "Take care mother, I'll be back."


II : Amethys' Letter

Morgan was back home and the lockdown had just begun. She opened a large chest filled with oldest books of magic. 

She picked one thick book with leather jacket titled "The book of Ancient Magic"

She opened the book and started reading and practicing the spells. Using these spells, she cleaned her house, rearranged the furniture ankd decorated it.

She spent most of her day reading and practicing the spells.

Morgan made herself comfortable at her home and made it her world.

Amethys looked at her mother adjusting her life in lockdown. She picked a paper and started writing,


I have to leave you and go to my master who has been teaching me ancient magic. Very soon I will be a powerful magician and will be able to use my healing magic to cure the deadliest of the diseases. I am sure you will understand that I have to leave you alone at this time but I will return, soon.

Mom, I am thankful to you for everything. Take care of yourself till we meet again.

I love you.



Morgan read the letter with teary eyes and whispered a blessing for her daughter.

- - - - -

Hope you like it! 

Drop your comments!

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Res for index

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III : Amethys and Cassie

Amethys had brought violet flowers, "Ready for the date babe?"

Cassie turned pink as she took the flowers, "Yes, I'm a bit nervous, this is my first date!"

"I'm not an expert either, but I hope you will like this. Close your eyes and hold me tight." Amethys said and chanted a spell which teleported them to a blue door. Amethys opened the door and let Cassie in. As the door closed, an hourglass appeared in its place. It had six crystals, one for an hour each.

Cassie looked at the beautiful blue mountains, the forest, the river which glistened like gold in the bright sunlight. It was an early part of evening and a cool breeze blew from the riverside.

"This way," Amethys guided her through a small opening between the woods covered in flowery creepers. 

After walking for a few minutes, they reached at the top of a cliff. There was a white sheet filled with flowers, food and candles.

"Ames, is this a dream?" 

"No Cas, this is the land of magic." 

"Magic is real?" Cassie looked bewildered.

"Yes!" She closed her eyes, whispered in her fist and produced a yellow flower. "A Cassia for my Cassie!"

Cassie touched the flower and it turned into a hundreds of little yellow butterflies and flew around her. "This is the most beautiful place I've seen! Also I still can't believe this is real! Ames, I'm living a dream."

Amethys smiled at her, "I was really scared of bringing you here, what if you did not like it, what if you-"

Cassie placed a finger on her lips, "No babe! I am loving this place! I never even imagined that my first date would be this amazing! Can we go around in the forest for sometime?"

"Yes dear! We will return here at sunset. The woods aren't much safe at night." Amethys picked a candle and walked into the forest, the candle lit itself and showed the path.

Cassie walked with her, talking about the plants, "Look at this violet flower, it's belladonna, a beautiful but poisonous babe!"

"The plants here aren't really poisonous as such unless someone enchants them to be so."

"Are you telling me that these are magical plants?"

"Yes, they look the same in our world but have different properties. These won't hurt you even if they have thorns, they are soft."

As they walked in the forest, the trees and plants made way for them.

"Can I take that flower and put it in your hair?" Cassie looked at a bunch of pastel pink flowers.

"Ask the plant, it will give you one."

"How do I ask the plant?" Cassie looked surprised.

"Dear plant, will you give me a flower to adorn my lover's hair?" Amethys asked the plant and it moved it's branch a little and a flower fell on her hand.

"Wow! This is awesome! I like how you didn't have to pluck the flower and hurt the plant."

"Yes my love, they will give what you ask for." Amethys pinned the flower in her hair. "It looks so pretty on you!"

"I bet it will look better on you!" Cassie asked for another flower to a different plant and tucked it in her hair. They walked around in the forest talking about different plants and flowers. The candle had burnt about 3 quarters.

"Let's get back to the cliff before the candle burns out and it's almost time for sunset." Amethys lead her back.

The sky was covered in shades of orange and pink, with little violet on the top edges and birds flew from all around back into the forest. 

Amethys held Cassie's hand and kissed it gently, "Shall we dance?"

Cassie nodded and held Amethys by her waist and they danced slowly on the tunes of chirruping birds.

They sat down for the dinner and the candles floated around them. The sky was filled with bright stars. It seemed that the stars and candles were having a competition of who shines brighter.

"Ames.. may I.. kiss you?" Cassie asked hesitantly.

"Yes!" Amethys pulled Cassie closer and gently pecked her lips. 

Cassie kissed her back passionately and both were lost in the moment. 

A few moments later they opened their eyes and found themselves back at Cassie's house.

"How did we come back?"

"The time was up, if we stayed after the last crystal fell, we would have been trapped there forever." Amethys said.

"I'd love to stay there!" 

"No dear, it is the land of faes and witches. Humans cannot be there for long time. They will turn to ashes if they see faes."

"So you are a witch?"

"Kind of! I was born through magic. I am a daughter of a fae and a witch. So I am both."

"Is that a forbidden love?" 

"Technically yes. They are not allowed to mingle. Hence my mother is on earth as a human. She can never return to the land of magic."

"And what about us?"

"You'll know it soon."

"Please tell me now!" Cassie asked softly.

"We are soulmates darling. We have been lovers in all our past lives, we are destined to meet and be together for all other lives as well."

"What were we like in our past life?"

"It is a long story, will share on our next date." 

"I can't wait to see you again."

"Same here babe!" Amethys kissed Cassie on her cheek and left.

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This is amazing Neha, loved it! 💗

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Originally posted by Moodie-Munchkin

This is amazing Neha, loved it! 💗


I'm glad you liked it :)

Stay tuned for more

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chapter 1

Why did she teach her daughter the spell when she didn't know how to reverse it?

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chapter 3

Is Cassie magical too in any way?

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Originally posted by coderlady

chapter 1

Why did she teach her daughter the spell when she didn't know how to reverse it?

Because the daughter is born out of magic itself and hence there was a possibility that she could reverse it on her own. She eventually learns to do it.

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