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Posted: 3 years ago

Hey guys,

Abhishek here again.. 

As have asked you all before to join in the wattpad family of balh...here I am, back with another OS dedicated to Raya ofcoures... Sailing through the journey of 9 years (tried at least)

Here's a sneak into the OS 

Sunday morning, a Sunday in a every family is unique at it's own places, some have outings with their family, some stay home and have quality time but the energy is never less on a Sunday

It was the whole opposite here in this house where there was silence at each corner not the eerie one but a soothing one, but midst the silence one could hear the a tune being played and a hum to it's trail. 

The morning rays have slowly captured and illuminated each area of the 3bhk flat and being on the 10th floor, the flat had ample share of the Sunrays, even earlier in the morning. 

This grace of the sun didn't went well with a man who tries to get his weekend sleep. Finally, after tossing and turning for couple of seconds, he gave up and stretched his arms on his side to feel the same softness sleeping on his side but that went in vain as all he felt was the cold sheet turned by the AC. 

The Man slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them with the back of his forefinger to get off the irritation. Resting his back on the bed rest he pouted verbally to not find his wife besides him, it was not often they have time together and yet she decides to wake up early and not be present here when he had some other plans for the morning. 

Yawning out his remaining sleep, his eyes went towards the wall clock which showed past 8 am and his eyes popped in horror to see he was awake earlier. He was going to give everything up and sleep again but a faint voice from the drawing room had him heed. He turned his attention towards the coming source and when it was clear for him what was voice was that, a smile crept on his lips as he chuckled in delight. 

Shaking his head and giving up on his urge to sleep more, the man got up from the bed and after composing it, went to brush his teeth and wash his face. 

The tune was now clear for one at close, it was not being played to loud or to soft either, nor to good or to bad. Any observer could see and hear the mere lack of practice but feel the dedication and the passion to play it. 

Wiping off his face with the towel he opened the door trying not to break the early morning music riyaz in his house but yet the player was aware of his presence. 

He looked straight from the room corridor towards the drawing hall which was 10 feets from the master bedroom and could see his wife's back at him and her soft voice filling the house. Her hair tied in a messy bun with the towel and she had adorned her favorite pink top to, giving her current mood to him, which was light and calm.

Walking as slow as he could, he was taking in her sweet voice as she always shy away whenever asked to sing, even when they are alone, she rarely sings for him. 

Her hums turned a bit louder sensing him at her back and awake. The song she was playing changed and even the humming with it. His serene calm smile whenever he sees her turned into a blush as soon as she changed the song and hummed with it. 

In between her completing the verse, she sang "ye dharati, ye nadiya, ye raina..." And taking a brief pause, she waited.

"Aur tum..." the man brushed his palm on her head and completed in his not to so perfect voice yet filled with each emotion of what the song meant. 


If you are interested then do go on the link down below.. or download the wattpad app and search for the book Raya/arika short stories, where I have posted my other Os's to. 

(Am a newbie.. so cant post hyperlink.. 😒.. well.. my previous acc got deleted.. ☹️) do search the book I mentioned or my username

My username is 


If you'd like.. you can follow me.. as there are 2 on going stories of mine on wattpad which I update regularly....

If you are reading this and got to know about wattpad now.. or my stories.. do drop a comment on the os or dm me.. if you feel like.. 

Am not here for views.. just to give a gift to raya fans.. on balh 9 years anniversary.. ☺️☺️☺️


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