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Hello hello and Welcome to 



Theme : Go crazy this week! You can include yourself as a character in Suvan's lives. Shravan's having a party at his place and everyone's invited!



1. Write a short paragraph of 5-7 lines describing a scene as a continuation of the scene above

2. If you wish to continue the plot above, hit the like button (ONLY HIT LIKE IF YOU PLAN ON CONTINUING WRITING)

3. Before Continuing writing, make sure that someone hasn't already written the next part (Do NOT write the next part if someone has already like the post)

4. Please Continue the story, within one hour of liking the previous post (If you do NOT continue within an hour, someone else can continue)

5. If the rules are still unclear, please look at our First POTW as an example.


This is a way for you to be creative and express scenes you want to see! It can be romantic, funny, dramatic, horror, etc. Do whatever your heart desires!


Please abide by all Forum rules and regulations! Don't forget to have fun!

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Shravan decides to have a party at home and decides to invite all his friends. Since Devraj and Kavita are out on a trip with Chacha and Chachi visiting Chachi's natives, Shravan has the entire place to himself. He decides on some classmates from his army school while inviting a gang of his old friends. They include Alina, Bhagu, Bucky, Isa, Lavy, Meena, Mishti, Razia, Vagee. Suman isn't aware of the party and hence Shravan thrusts the responsibility of convincing her of the same on his old gang.

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The gang bursts on Shravan saying that they don't know Suman that much, so how will they convince her to come to the party? Already Suman was angry on Shravan for his deeds, making it difficult for them to convince her. Shravan cools down all of them and tells them to think a way out. Meena gets an idea. She shouts out that she has a fantastic idea. Others get eager to know the plan. Meena explains to the whole team, except Shravan because he was out with Bunty to buy things for the party.

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Isa and Meena being the mature ones suggest asking Dadu or Vijay uncle for permission since it'll be unethical to go on having a party without elders. The rest of the gang is apprehensive about it. Alina and Lavy decide to help with party games while Vagee and Mishti help in the decoration. Bhagu and Bucky being the only cooks in the house are ordered to arrange a lip-smacking meal. Shravan and Bunty still haven't returned from their shopping haul. Razia has hard luck in trying to call them.

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Isa and Meena reached outside Suman's house. Meera was scared as she heard that Suman's dadu is strict. Kanchan saw them and she invited them in their house as soon as she heard they are Shravan's friends. She took them upstairs directly in her and Suman's room. Suman was studying and she sternly asked them what they were doing in her house. Isa directly told her about party. Suman was excited but said you guys please go, even though you will tell about party to my dadu, dad, mom and seek their permission, I will not attend it because it will be conducted in that fraud Malhotra's house and I don't want to be present there. Isa and Meena were disheartened and began thinking how to convince her. Meanwhile Bhagu and Bucky decided to prepare pizza, sandwiches, noodles, fried rice, pav bhaji, Rajma chawal, etc. Shravan and Bunty decided to bring chips, coke, etc. They were still in shopping mall as line for billing was big. 

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Shravan tells Bunty to pay through Venmo app as to hurry up with the payment. Bunty says, "Miya, my English is crap and you expect me to pay through Venmo? If I pay, Devraj uncle will make chips and cookies out of me." Shravan says, "Dude, give me the phone!" He pays the bill and gets the invoice simultaneously. On the other hand, Bhagu asks Bucky to whether we are able to make so many things from scratch so Bucky answers, "Okay, we'll order food from Tandoori Pizza Restaurant from nearby." 

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Isa and Meena emotionally black-mailed Suman telling her that she hated civilians and hence wasn't ready to join the party. Suman refused the statement saying that she didn't hate civilians but their good for nothing habits. Isa and Meena asked her to prove it by coming to the party. Suman agreed. Meanwhile Bucky and Bhagu made some delicious food items and ordered pizzas from outside. Alina and Lavy thought of bringing Shravan and Suman together and organised a game of truth and dare. Vagee and Mishti decided to give Suman a grand welcome and ask her to forgive Shravan! Razia called Bunty and he informed that they were on their way.

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Alina suggested to Lavy that they should play, Never have I ever and truth/dare by combining the concepts together. She says they'll do a "Never Have I Ever" statement, followed by a "Truth/dare" to bring Suman and Shravan closer. She suggests they tell all but Shravan and Suman. Suman says to Vagee and Mishti, "I have moved on from Shravan." Vagee and Mishti are chuckling to each other and saying to each other, "Yeah we can see that." Suman asks, "What are you guys talking about?" Vagee and Mishti say "Nothing!" and give a big grin.

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