Indifference: OS chapter 01

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Salam and hi. Enjoy my first is here. ❤️

" bondita wapis agayi hai anirudh, tumne Kia Socha hai?" Kaka asked in a calm voice.

" Kis baray main kaka?" Anirudh asked flipping his law book to find the relevant information.

" Tum har Kam ki baat par chotay Kun ban jatay ho! Bondita parhai Kar k wapis agayi hai. Pichle mahine 18 ki bhi hogyayi hai. Tum dono pati patni ho, kab Tak yh ustaad sishiya ka rishta nibhao gay. Ab Kia main besharmo ki tarhan itnay baray larkay ko pati patni k rishte ki zaroratain bhi btaon Kia!" Kaka finally burst out on him. It was enough. He had accepted all decision which anirudh made regarding bondita since childhood. He wanted her to study; he said ok. He wanted her to opt for barrister profession; he did everything to support this decision of anirudh but, now its his time to implement his culture in his house. They are now adults and high time they should move on with relationship to a next stage.

Anirudh couldn't handle his smile. It was funny that kaka was trying to make him understand husband wife relation.

" Kaka! Apko kitni bar samjhaya hai k main aur bondita kabhi aam pati patni ban hi nhi sakte. Jab bhi usko dekhta hun , kisi bachi ka khayal hi ata hai. Ab dekhiye, woh Kal ayi hai but pura din s ghayab hai. Mili bhi nahi mujh s. Ab Tak main n apki 18 saal wali bondita ko dekha hi nahi. " 

Anirudh tried to release the sensitivity of this topic. He knew that society and kaka will now want this marriage to progress but, he cannot. He can never think bondita as his wife. He has other plans for her.

" To phir Kia karogay anirudh? Zindagi bhar yeh rishta aese chalay ga. Tum dono ki zaroratain Hain, Kia inko aese hi dabao gay!" Kaka looked worried for him and his Bondi. She was dearest to him.

" Kaka! AP pareshan hon. Jo hoga bondita ki Marzi s hoga. AP bas sath Dena kaka"

Kaka just nodded and wished maybe bondita has different thoughts from him!


" Bondita uth jao! Apne Ghar jao. Anirudh Babu intezar karrhy hongay."

Sampoorna was trying to make this beast wakeup since 8 am. 

" Kia hai Didi. Kun sonay nahi derahi." Bondita was tired of the flight and wanted to sleep long. She came here after meeting all family members expect anirudh.

" Tumhain Ghar nahi Jana"

" Kia katun itni jaldi ja kar?"

" Aray Bondi! Apne pati k pas jao na"

" Kia karun ja kar,"

Sampoorna wanted to bang her head. She was trying her best to make Bondi understand this relation but, she has made anirudh sit on such high place that she forgot that he is her husband.

" Didi ap phir wohi bolo gi. Woh pati Hain Tere, is rishte ko samjh aur nibha, but Kia samjhun aur Kia nibhaon!"

Sampoorna gave up on this innocent soul to make her realize need and importance of marriage.

" Pati Babu ab bhi wohi pati Babu Hain. Meray baray honay s Kia hoga. Hum ab bhi wese hi hain" bondita got up and went to washroom .

" Ab sab pehle jesa nahi bondi!" Sampoorna smiled.


Bondita has came back to house and her antics were on.

" Sab woh nahi hai, pati Hain Tere blah blah blah" 

She was making fun of sampoorna words as walk in to the house.

" Pati Babu ko to mil lun. Ab Tak dekha hi nahi." As she was looking up towards the room, didn't bother to look down on floor where anirudh was picking his papers. She tripped down while trying to balance out and fall directly on anirudh who was not ready for this. She closed her eyes and clenched anirudh vest while he, was mesmerized by her innocence.

" Beautiful"

Bondita opened her eyes hearing something and as she looked on whom she has fallen, it was her pati Babu. She was stunned by his aura. Both were just watching each other when anirudh realized their position. 

" Woh main....main...AP..." Bondita fumbled 

" Ah... Tum AAA ..aagai.. kesi ho?" Anirudh has controlled himself.

" Woh..thek"

Anirudh passed by thinking what happened to him while bondita was still zoned out

" Yeh tasweer main to itne achay nahi dikhtay thay!"

Kaka was watching all this from upstairs and he knew what he has to do!


Posted: 6 days ago


Posted: 6 days ago

Lovely 😊

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Definitely continue

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Posted: 5 days ago

How cute ...Very beautiful story...Plz continue...Loved it...smiley20

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Awesome  start

Posted: 4 days ago

What i loved most about it was that it was something different from other grown up stories where both are unaware of the feelings of being grown up and how it will influence their relationship,that it is going to be change forever.I loved how simply you depicted that.Thanks and please continue.Will wait for it.

                                                       ~Tinki smiley27

Barrister Babu 

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