Stealing butter?

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Posted: 6 days ago

I always had this thought that why shri krishna stole butter?I hve come across various interpretations but want to know all your views on it.

Posted: 6 days ago

To me, this has always been a way Krishna was able to give the Gopis of Gokul/Vrindavan a way to spoil/love him, as even though they complained to Yashoda, secretly they loved seeing a glimpse of him, and being able to kiss him and envision him as their own son. He was fulfilling all their secret desires to shower motherly love of him. 

On a more political standpoint, perhaps this was a way that Krishna ensured Kans wasn't able to steal all of the curd/butter of Mathura's villages? After all, the village folk paid taxes to him in the form of butter, which was their biggest wealth, and Krishna never ate all the butter on his own. He shared it with all his friends and the animals which flocked to them, so perhaps this was his way of ensuring Kans wasn't able to steal everything, and the Gokulvaasis were able to feed their children through Krishna's antics.

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Shree Krishna 

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