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Hello PreRish AT fam!!smiley31

So like we were discussing on the AT, how we want all of their 'first' scenes as flashbacks of what happened in their lives over the past eight years. I wanted a scene where Prerna had her first nightmare and Rishabh rushed to her aid. Now, we don't know how long we will have to wait for the scene (milega bhi ki nahi yeh bhi sure nahi hai smiley36) isiliye maine khud hi likh diya. smiley17

I was feeling really low since the morning so I needed some distraction and hence I decided to write this OS to feel better. Hope you enjoy reading it and please ignore the typos and errors. Happy Reading!! smiley31


Rishabh sat on the couch in his room, with a glass of bourbon and his cigar as he did every night for the past one week. It was a week now to the day when he had saved Prerna, but he failed to protect Sneha in time. He was not to be blamed for it, yet he did blame himself. 

Rishabh Bajaj always made it a point to know everything. So, he should have known that Komolika would not be satisfied with just leaving Sneha at an orphanage, he should have known that Komolika had planned something more evil. Then how did he fail to see this threat that was shadowing Sneha? How did he not reach there in time with Prerna to save their child? Yes, Sneha was his daughter, not biologically but he had accepted her as his child the day he fell in love with Prerna. And that day, he saved her but she had lost her everything


Rishabh jumped on his feet as soon as the scream echoed through the house, he put off his smoke and abandoned his drink before he rushed to Prerna’s room. 

‘No….let me go, leave me…. Sneha….’ 

In less than two minutes Rishabh had reached Prerna’s room, the lights were out but he managed to reach her bed as quickly as he could and switched on the bedside lamp. Prerna’s already closed eyes flinched because of the light but she didn’t open them. 


He called her name in a soft voice 

‘Help… bachao…’ 

‘Prerna kuch nahi hua hai… you are safe, I am here..’ 

Rishabh patted her cheek and tried to wake her up, she shrieked because of his touch and gripped his hand with hers as tightly as she could. Her cheek was warm not because of the tears that rolled down her face but because of high fever

‘Sneha… aag… usse bachao …’ 

Tears of agony continued to roll down her cheeks as Prerna spoke these words.

‘Prerna… aankhen kholo…’ 

Rishabh gently shook her but Prerna didn’t open her eyes, she continued to toss in the bed. He spotted the glass of water near the lamp and struggled to reach it with one hand, however he managed to get a few drops of water on his fingers and splashed it on Prerna’s face. After a few attempts she finally opened her eyes, she almost sat with a jerk and Rishabh quickly pulled her in a hug

‘Sneha… Sneha ko bachana hai, vo aag mein phansi hai.. Usse bahar nikalna padega…’

Prerna shivered in Rishabh’s hold as she spoke and Rishabh tightened his grip around her

‘Sssshhh.. It’s okay Prerna, main hoon yahan aapke saath’

He stroked her hair with his one hand and repeated his words like a chant, a few minutes later he felt her return his hug. She held onto his shoulders tightly as reality hit her hard

‘Meri… meri…. bacchi…’ 

Prerna gripped his t-shirt in her fist and sobbed loudly, Rishabh could feel her tears soak his t-shirt. He held her as close as he could to his heart and continued to pat her head. There was silence in the room after a while when Prerna’s sobs had finally subsidized. All the time Rishabh kept whispering sweet-nothings to her and though her heart mourned, in his hold she felt a little at peace. She could sense her fear die when he promised her to by her side, no matter what happened. When Rishabh realized that Prerna was not crying or shivering anymore he finally broke the hug but didn’t let go of her completely. 

Prerna’s eyes were closed and her face looked pale, her hands slipped of his body and after a second Rishabh understood that her cries had stopped because she had fainted in his arms. He laid in the bed once again and covered her with the blanket properly. He searched his pockets to find his phone and call the doctor to her aid but in a hurry he had forgotten it in his room. He rushed to his room and grabbed his phone but luck was not in his favor right now, his phone’s battery was dead. He put the charger and the phone in his pocket and walked to the kitchen to fill a blow with cold water and placed it on a tray along with a few napkins before he walked back to Prerna’s room. 

Plugging his phone on the switch, Rishabh sat next to Prerna’s head by resting his back against the headboard and started placing the wet cloth on her forehead to reduce her fever for now. At the contact of the cold strip on her forehead Prerna shrieked once again but after a few seconds she got used to the feel of it. Rishabh kept dipping the napkin in water and changing it after every few minutes. 


When Prerna woke up in the morning she felt a slight weight on her forehead, with her eyes still close she lifted one of her hands and tried to feel what it was. As her fingers touched Rishabh’s hand he stirred in his sleep and sighed audibly, Prerna’s eyes shot open at the sound. She tilted her and found him sleeping against the headboard in a rather uncomfortable position with his head resting uneasily on his right shoulder. She tried to sit straight on the bed without waking him up, but she accidentally clutched his arm for some support to get up and that moments disturbed Rishabh’s sleep. He was momentarily confused at his surroundings but as the events of last night came in his mind he got worried again 

‘Prerna are you fine now? Aap ka fever theek hai? I must have dozed off before calling the doctor, wait I’ll just…’ 

He said everything in one breath and was about to get out of the bed when Prerna caught his hand to stop him 

‘Mr Bajaj, I am fine now. And I am sorry that you had to go through so much trouble…’

‘Please, don’t be sorry’ 

An awkward silence filled the space as they sat there on the bed, Prerna’s hand still wrapped around Rishabh’s, she was thinking about her nightmare and thus she was oblivious to his gaze as well. Rishabh’s eyes kept moving from their hands to her face, he could see some fresh tears brim in her eyes.

‘I am sorry..’

Rishabh said in a hushed tone, the guilt of not reaching in time to save Sneha suffered once again in his heart. Prerna was surprised by his words and looked at him with slight confusion 

‘Sorry for not being able to make it in time to save our... your daughter’ 

Rishabh mentally cursed himself for almost calling Sneha his daughter, but Prerna didn’t mind. In fact, she felt bad when he corrected himself and for apologizing to her when he had done nothing wrong 

‘Galti aap ki nahi hai, maine galat insaan pe bharosa kiya. Maine uske pyaar mein aakar sab kuch peeche chod diya. Apni bachi ko akela chod diya tha vo bhi tab usse meri sab se jyada zaroorat thi…’ 

Prerna tried to keep her voice in control as she spoke, she looked Rishabh and continued

‘Aur aapne toh usse dhoond liya tha, mujhe leke bhi gaye the uske paas par hum waqt se nahi pohunch paye. Maybe, maybe I never deserved being her mother and that’s why I lost her, in a way it's true because I never cared for her in the first place itself. Na jane kya kya nahi kiya maine Anurag ka pyar pane ke liye, pregnant hone ke bavajud main usse maine Komolika ke changul se chudane ki koshsi ki. Apne bache ko toh maine kabhi vo importance hi nahi di, aur isi wajah se uss masum si jaan ko janam lete hi apni zindagi ke liye ladna pada but she was not strong enough to face this world… Vo har gai… main har gai, usse bachane mein… aapni bachi ko maine sirf apni galatiyon ke wajah se khoya hai…’ 

Prerna broke down into full sobs once again and Rishabh could not stop himself from enveloping her in his arms. He let her cry against him for as long as she wanted to. He had a lot to say to her but he knew that the time was not right, no matter what he said Prerna would not stop feeling guilty for having trusted the wrong people. She would need time to recover from her betrayal and her loss. 

Rishabh silently vowed in his heart that he would be there by Prerna’s side, to gather her in his arms whenever she broke down. To make her strong enough to fight her demons and fight them with her as her guardian angel the rest of his life


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Niyati smiley27

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This is ❤️❤️❤️smiley27

I am speechless....😶


Na jane kya kya nahi kiya maine Anurag ka pyar pane ke liye, pregnant hone ke bavajud main usse maine Komolika ke changul se chudane ki koshsi ki. Apne bache ko toh maine kabhi vo importance hi nahi di, aur isi wajah se uss masum si jaan ko janam lete hi apni zindagi ke liye ladna pada but she was not strong enough to face this world

Cvs, read this smiley7

Thank you so much for this OS...

Pata nahi show mein kab milega  flashbacks smiley44😑 🤷🏻‍♀️

Your stories make me dream... Dream about such incidents in the show but meri kismat mein nahi milta 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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It is so beautiful 😍💗❤️ 😩so beautiful that it makes me cry 😭💔

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ImageImageImage Image

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Comment updatedsmiley27

Show mein Aisa kab milega 

Waaaaaaa 😭😭😭

This story is too good...


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Originally posted by WaqtZaya



Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by WaqtZaya

It is so beautiful 😍💗❤️ 😩so beautiful that it makes me cry 😭💔


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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