Dating A Man (one shot)

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Posted: 3 months ago

i was thirsty, exhausted too.sighed a lil, checked my phone, Oppa's misscall...felt happy thinking of him, gave password to my flat room,opened the door and saw his shoe..i screamed Oppaaaaaa you here?? Yess my baby..He loudly said. i rushed hurrily to my room, he was sitting on the bed. I hugged him, looked at him- You look tired,  He- yaah, had a long look pale ate dinner? He- Me too.i just came to sleep with you..i missed you whole sorry i couldnt text much. i love you more baby..I hugged him again, Should i thank you? or embraced you tightly and kiss you more.. gave him a peck, He responded it.We stayed hugging a bit, then i went to get freshen up. He was wearing night suit already, my Mr perfect and handsome boyfriend. Everytime i stay with him, i feel like i did anything super great in my past life to get a Man like him. I have been dating him from my university life, this year it would be 8th , He didnt change a bit, he is getting more generous, adorable, sweet teddy like. Our dating is officially knowned to all,in our workplace to family. He keeps nagging to live with him, i said no as i need a place to go when being fussy. though it didnt happen much, in my angrier time, he keeps hugging to me like super glue..i even cant get sick to him because of this. yes i do miss being alone sometime before, but his existence dont burden comforts me much like i feel alive around him. i brushed my teeth while i heard him saying - I bought your fav lemonade on the way..have it from freeze. I smiled again. i came out wearing my pink nightsuit, took that lemonade and sat beside him..he holded my hand. I took a sip and felt so refreshed, Love me less Mr. i feel diabetic now a days. He- Yaap i tried hard..what can i are my sugar...the sweetness of my life. lets sleep now, i have to wake early. i lied on his hand, it had been my pillow for a long time, he embraced me back, kissed me on forehead. I closed my eyes in peace,with him even if i had a worst day at work, his warm love melts me. I dont need to share everything with him, i feel him always there for me. Even if i call him middle of night and say to meet me..he would come surely. He hardly gets annoyed or pissed about it. He appreciates me,compliments me, he is like my guardian, my long leg ajussi. He asks me for any decision, any important matter, never imposed it on me. the word love became life for me.

He called me middle of a day, asking - do you need anything? Me- like? why? are you going anywhere?  He- yes,im coming to your place for sometime..i got off and im packing right now. Me - please dont will sick of me soon..just hang with your friends. go and do fishing with them. He- i can go from your place too na...why you act like typical cringy girlfriend? Me- oh really..then bring some of your used T's for me..i love wearing them in home..they are so comfy. He- hey..stop wearing such oversized T shirt..wear some girlish dress atleast. You know im the guy... She- oh Mr guy..also buy me an instant camera..interested to capture our moments. He- okay..see you later..come home earlier, Have dinner with me. Me - okay tata.. He- love you baby, stay safe,ummaaahh.. she hung it blushingly. yaah i am quite a cringy girlfriend, i love to wrapped with his fragnance, existance and all. i simply dont remember last when i bought home wearing dress. My closet is full of his things, also he is nit person, he keeps thing in place for me. Later, we had our dinner, more candle light one. we dint

 talk much, lean on others shoulder more. I took 2days off due to my period cramps. He sticked by me 24/7, comforting me. We dont have much arguments, though i have serious mood swing around this time. He kept silent for the time being, it calmed me. he gave me morning coffee, i was looking at my cell phone..suddenly a message popped up, Hey lets talk..from a stranger. he saw it and like Do you know?  She- no..disturbing a lil while..blocking him now..u wanna see?  He- no,not at all.your things,you solve..dont need to invade your privacy. I laughed. More i got relieved.He hold my hand tightly and kissed on it..whispered - lets get married please. I smiled and tried to ignore. He- still scared?  Mom is not that much possessive, also you are staying in my home, not with her. She- yaah its like i just feel burden, i am not responsible.she expects and its okay for her. He- Just trust me... n do wont be that bad. we will see  together. She- okay..after a month.i have some important things, let me finish them well. He- thank you for letting me be with you. love being the man of your life. her- yaah, my man, love you a lot.

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