Shankhachood, Varuna, some Air and a big, great Horse!

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Posted: 13 days ago

These few incidents I have never seen represented on any screen big or small, I wonder why! smiley8

First off, let's look at Varuna.

This guy wanted a glimpse of Krishna and figured that the best way to get through was to freaking kidnap his Dad! smiley39

Of course Nanda was extremely impressed to see Krishna's prowess in the court and probably that's why Krishna never again got punished by anyone anytime soon after that! smiley37

A snake.

Also, Nanda in the middle of some things also got attacked by a snake who decided the best prey was Balram the great Shesh-naga's brother's foster dad! smiley34

Finally Shankhachooda! smiley41

This genius decided to abduct Gopis from in front of BOTH Krishna and Balarama. So, Krishna went ahead, killed him and brought back his precious jewel and gifted it to Balarama! smiley42

Vyomasur: The air demon.

Vyoma decided to follow in Brahma's footsteps and abducted Krishna's friends and hid them in a cave. Krishna watied till he was done, then went and killed him and got the kids back! smiley14

Keshi: the one who got him the name of Keshava in this avatara ( at least I think so smiley36)

Krishna first played some boomerang with him and then put his own hand inside this horse-demon's mouth. The hand felt to him like a red-hot iron rod which finally choked+burnt him to death!

Incidentally, the time of this killing is mentioned by Narada as just two days prior to Kans Vadh! smiley42

I would love to discuss these in more detail!

Did I miss out on what else the shows skipped from this part? smiley9

Posted: 12 days ago

Dhenukasur  when lord krishna killed dhenukasur then  radha ask  lord krishna to do repent as he killed a cow. Lord krishna says it was not real cow. Radha says it does not matter  u hsve to repent by dipping in seven  river 

Then lord krishna  dig soil and call all river in that kund and take dip and repent 

Posted: 12 days ago

Yup that was such a sweet sequence. smiley36

They covered it in the Little Krishna cartoons though didn't they?

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Shree Krishna 

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