Prem Patra - Letter Series. *Part 2 Updated*

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Posted: 24 days ago

Hello people,

This forum does not look very active, but in case anyone's here, I've recently started one letter series on RadhaKrishn. These are letters by RK to each other, portraying them as I imagine the two to be. These are meant to be taken on a lighter note only, and are not to offend any beliefs whatsoever. I hope you'll give this a read, will post the others too if there are people reading. smiley27

Radhe Radhe! smiley27


Part 1 - To New Beginnings!

Part 2 - Illusions


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Posted: 24 days ago

Part 1 - To New Beginnings!


I know you might be surprised at this letter business, considering that we've just barely become friends. And just friends, for only Narayan knows what your twisted dictionary defines that as.

I can only imagine how long your response to this is going to be – defining friendship and defending your twisted dictionary. If possible, please give that long sermon in a verbal form when we next meet. It'll save your ink, and I have a feeling your voice is better than your handwriting.

So Vishakha was of the opinion that since we don't get to meet that often, and since you talk too much, let's use letters to get the extra talking done. And to be honest, handwritten letters are special. They're like love you can touch and keep. That's why they're only for people you know can and will treat them like a gardener treats his most cherished flower. I'm not sure why, but I think you will.

Anyways, let's come to my primary concern. Who do you think is that bansiwaala I told you about? Even as I write this, those notes are filling my room and nobody except me seems to notice. Room was still fine Krishna, but that tune fills the whole of my head until I can think of nothing else. Let me be honest to you, that music sounds like someone's message to me, in a language I can't decipher. All I can do in response to that is stand and stare, helpless. Call me crazy if you will, but that is how it is. You promised you'll find who that is, remember? Please fulfill that as soon as you can.

Not that I don't enjoy that melody. I would be lying if I said it isn't the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. If I had known who this was, in some parallel world I would've danced my heart out to that beauty. In fact, some days I do imagine myself, in those beautiful woods by the Yamuna, dressed in my favourite pink-and-blue, dancing like I've never danced before to that bewildering tune. In that moment, I know, nothing else will matter. Not the woods, not the Yamuna, not my dress, not my world, nothing. Only that flute, and the flutist if at all he exists. Before you remind me, Krishna, I'll say it myself – Yes, this is all fantasy, in some parallel universe, in a random teenager's mind.

I'm sorry about filling half your letter with some random person's stuff, but that damned flute is still playing and my hand seems to have a life of its own! But this is all from the deepest corners of my being, crazy stuff I've never tried telling anyone before. Somehow, some parts of me trust you enough to let you know how delusional I am. I've let you, officially, into that world of illusions I construct and brutally destroy every once in a while.

Before you start being your privileged proud-peacock self at the above words, let me remind you that entry into my world was given to you, solely due to one reason :

I whole-heartedly believe, and your mischievous, almost-as-if-they-contain-the-entire-universe eyes confirm that, YOU'RE EVERY BIT AS DELUSIONAL AS I AM.

Your newly-made Sakhi,



Posted: 23 days ago

How wonderful this new depiction of Radha and Krishna! smiley1

It's so captivating, the style, the expression of the meaning behind every sentence, a new experiment which deserves an applause. smiley32

Please continue, I wish every Radha Krishna lover will read this, a well written, engaging Melodious  Raga in word form. 

Posted: 22 days ago

Originally posted by Viswasruti

How wonderful this new depiction of Radha and Krishna! smiley1

It's so captivating, the style, the expression of the meaning behind every sentence, a new experiment which deserves an applause. smiley32

Please continue, I wish every Radha Krishna lover will read this, a well written, engaging Melodious  Raga in word form. 

Thank you so much for your kind words. smiley27 Made my day! smiley31

Posted: 22 days ago

Part 2 - Illusions


You were absolutely right in thinking that this 'letter business' would surprise me. But what a pleasant surprise, sakhi! If that is how you treat friends, my goodness I've been missing out on friendship all my life! Anyways, all my good deeds of past lives have finally come together to get me to your highness, and boy am I glad!

And what is this 'twisted dictionary' you've so generously spoken about? See, I'm this total abodh gvaala that knows nothing of the twisted ways of the world okay? You better not try and rob me of my innocence. Wonder what kind of company you have Radhe... be careful!

You're spot on about letters, though. They're love you can touch and keep, but they're also love you can pour out and give away. It doesn't matter if that flower is cherished by the receiver or not, the fragrance it gave to your hands would always enchant you. Love, is like that Radhe. It is meant to be given away, not with measures and security checks, but as freely as the waters of the Yamuna flow. Anyways, in my case, you need not worry at all – neither about your flowers, nor about your letters. For Kanha cherishes love, in all its forms, more than his own life-breath!

Somehow I can see the look on your face as you read this – those drawn brows and my favourite Hey-Narayan-is-this-guy-mad expression right there! As much as I understand your wish, please do not throw this until you read it fully, okay?

Coming to the man of your wildest dreams – the flutist – now. To be honest, how incredibly charming must he be to have enchanted my tough girl like that? More than you, I would like to meet this young chap, you know. Might as well warn him for what awaits him. More importantly though, sakhi ki iccha mere liye aadesh hai!  You'll have your man before the next letter comes my way. I have a feeling you'll like him.

And no, Radhe, I won't call you crazy, for that goes without saying. But to dream, to fantasize, to lose your senses about something, does not mean being crazy. To dream is to feel alive, to fantasize is to experience the subtler mellows of life, and to lose your senses every once in a while is to unwind from the world. To lose your senses doesn't always mean to lose your mind, remember that. If you know the distinction between the two, it'll never be a problem. If not, Radhe, what am I here for?

I'm here so that you never stop dreaming, never stop being yourself, and never for Lakshmi's sake stop being delusional. In time, I hope you'll see how this entire universe is nothing but a delusion itself. The only reality... is, well, yourself. The world that you live in and the worlds that you create, are all illusions, Radhe... and it is up to us how we juggle between each one of them. On that note, I sincerely hope I get to see that girl of your fantasy, dancing on the banks of Yamuna on a moonlit night. That, will be my only reality.

Lastly, thank you, for letting me into your world. It is another matter that I've always been there. No questions on that statement, please. Someday, I hope your highness will grace my world as well, for my illusions look forward to being told and visited.




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