The Him & his Masterplan

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Posted: 1 months ago

5 Episode Series...please support me by correcting any errors or misunderstandings. I am new to this...also will be converting this into a mini youtube series.





Early Morning in the mountains of Kashmir Valley. Sky is light blue, and sun is not out yet. A man with bruise on right head is laying on the floor. His shoes are muddy and leather jacket is ripped off. It seems like he has been attacked by animals.


Sound of disturbance is getting loud. It seems like police is searching for men who crossed Pak border. This man wakes up and started to run. Down the mountain crossing goats eating grass. Sun is out and he has been exhausted. He is on the main roads of Kashmir Valley. He hears the siren and get scared. His eyes are shutting down with his own sweat. He sees a bus, gets on top of it.


While he is laying down and getting dizzy and closes his eyes. He gets his flash back; his master telling him that he has a mission and his family can’t be saved without it – master kills his brother. He wakes up scared.


Camera/focus goes Inside the Bus


Her dupatta is flying out and she is trying to pull it inside. Her mom is yelling/scolding her to be perfect at least once. That’s Kawaljeet Randhawa- our protagonist. Kawaljeet is going back to Amritsar after visiting her Mausi in Kashmir.

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EPISODE- 2 "The Identified unknown"

Bus arrived in Amritsar bus top. Kawal is getting off the bus noticed a shadow of a man from top of the bus. She turns and look at the top, but no is there. 

Meanwhile, the man steal clothes from someone's bag. While he walks on the road he noticed a letter on those clothes. Someone comes from behind a holds his hand. He gets scared. 

Kawal and her mom is on rickshaw going back to her home. The man gets a visit from his past. His uncle who has been following him. Uncle warns him that he is here for a good reason- his family. He lost his brother, but his mother and sisters are still alive. "they are not for long" the man replied and walks away. He noticed a purse on the floor. he picks it up and realized it's kawal's. He makes up a plan to visit her. 

At Kawal's resident, her mom and her searching everywhere to find her purse. The man visit at their place and give them the purse. They both thank him. He asks if there is hotel or Paying guest nearby. Kawal's mom insists he stays on the top floor since the person who supposed to stay above didn't arrive. 

Flashback- the man steals the cloths and notice an address. He quickly follow the guy whom he stole the clothes. He pretends to be from that address and takes him to a place and hit him on his head. That address was kawal's. 

The man agrees to stay at kawal's, but he insists to pay today. "Do you have an ID" kawal ask. The man gets numb. 

Next Episode- The man's real identity and name reveals. Stay Tuned

Posted: 21 days ago

Hey! its a very intriguing story line would love to read more :)

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