FF : REBIRTH Is It The For Reason For An Unfulfilled Union Or Not?

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Shamli had always dreamt about certain qualities in her PRINCE CHARMING, but does not meet A MAN who possess ALL THOSE QUALITIES, finally, when she meets her PRINCE CHARMING, GOPAL, it turns out, that he is 2.5 years younger than her. However, without acknowledging that fact, she falls in love with him and later he too reciprocates her feelings. But, unforturnately their relationship is not accepted by the society. Shamli's father curses that she will never be able to unite with her love THIS BIRTH and in the next birth, she will HAVE TO FACE LIFE'S MOST DIFFICULT TASKS to unite with him.

Years later, Gopal and Shamli are re-born again as Madhav (meaning  Krishna) and Radhika (meaning Radha) with different physical features but again with the same difference in AGE, where Madhav is TWO AND A HALF YEARS YOUNGER than Radhika. However the question is if this time will their love succeed and make them united as one?

A RadhaKrishn TALE in a modern setup, taking inspirations from Malayalam movie "Chanthupottu".

Posted: 1 months ago

Character Sketches Of The Main Characters

Guys I just happened to see the first promo created for the serial RadhaKrishn of which I'm giving the link here: 


And I should say that video gave me a mesmerizing effect which gave me a inspiration to visualize Radhakrishn story in a different angle in a modernized manner. Moreover I liked the cast of that video more than the original series cast, so I'm using them to create this fancifc story of Radhakrishn

Chahat Pandey as Radhika Vatsal

A bubbly and chirpy girl and Madhav's best friend who has always been a pillar of support for him when he is being criticized by the society for his feminine graces        

A bubbly and chirpy girl and Madhav's best friend who has always been a pillar of support for him when he is being criticized by the society for his feminine graces. Even though she is two and half years older than him, she drops out two classes on purpose to stay alongside Madhav. Her closeness towards Madhav irks her Dad. She is infact the re-birth of Shamli, but when she starts realising her TRUE LOVE for Madhav, a tragedy separtes them. 

Sumedh Mudgalkar as Madhav Rane

Madhav is a son of a famous Kathak dancer and thus has INBUILT skills of KATHAK inside him        

Madhav is a son of a famous Kathak dancer and thus has INBUILT skills of KATHAK inside him. From, the moment Madhav learnt to stand on his two feet, he watched his MOTHER dance and thus built the skill of "DANCING" inside him. But, the same skills also turns out be a CURSE on the other side, when being a dancer he has certain FEMININE GRACES which leads him to mocked by the society. Madhav is infact the re-birth of Gopal who was separated from his eternal lover "Shamli". In the same way, Madhav too, gets separated from Radhika during his childhood due to a tragic incident. 

Mallika Singh as Rukmini Tendulkar

A hip-hop dancer and Madhav's rival who later falls for him

A hip-hop dancer and Madhav's rival who later falls for him. She at first misunderstands ad undestimates Madhav's dancing talents. But later realising his extraordinary skills and his friendly nature, she falls for him and joins him to perform fusion dances together.

Madirakshi Mundle as Shamli Divekar


A bold woman who believes that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE THEIR CHOOSE THEIR PRINCE CHARMING. But, unfortunately her choice leads her in getting cursed by her father that she can never unite with her LOVER in this birth and in the next BIRTH, she will have to UNDERGO A GREAT TESTIMONY if she has to unite as him. Thus, she is re-born as Radhika.

Siddharth Arora as Gopal Gaitonde

A simple and fun loving personality who falls for his senior Shamli in college, even after knowing she is two and half years older than him        

A simple and fun loving personality who falls for his senior Shamli in college, even after knowing she is two and half years older than him. However, Gopal and Shamli are unable to FULFILL THEIR WISH TO UNITE IN THEIR LOVE TOGETHER due to a CURSE befallen on them by Shamli's father. Later, he is re-born as Madhav

Meghan Jadhav as Ayaan Deshmukh

Madhav's cousin who has been having a CRUSH on Radhika since childhood        

Madhav's cousin who has been having a CRUSH on Radhika since childhood. However, Radhika unaware of his feelings always considers him a GOOD FRIEND and never reciprocated his love.

Posted: 1 months ago

Episode 1

Guys I know many of you might feel weird, that I have chosen Chahat Pandey instead of Mallika Singh as Radhika. But, as I mentioned in the previous part of Character Sketches, this ff got created in my mind only when I got to see the promo of Radhakrishn which was created with Chahat as Radha. Anyways, this is not a COMPLETE RADHAKRISHN tale, it is an INSPIRATIONAL love story from Radhakrishn and Malayalam movie "Chandupottu". So, hope the guys who read this ff, enjoy it.


1995, Purushwadi Village, Maharastra:

It's seven in the morning, Shamli gets up slowly from her bed and gazes at the soft morning sunlight and the birds chirping. She comes out of her bed covers and slowly comes towards the small balcony attached to her room. She looks at the SUN and says, "I know I am born in a village where MEN are DOMINANT over WOMEN, but shouldn't every WOMAN get her CHOICE OF MAN in her LIFE??" Shamli is twenty-five years old and gets reminded of the various proposals from her parents and their demand and dream to get their daughter married off soon. Shamli gets tensed thinking of that, she remembers how her father, Vrishpal, had told her, that his DAUGHTER IS HIS PRIDE but if she goes against his wishes, then he will never be able to forgive HER IN HIS WHOLE LIFE. Shamli closes her eyes, takes a deep long breath and murmurs, "I know dad, I'm YOUR PRIDE and YOUR DAUGHTER will never go against your WISHES!!! But at the same time, I can never go against my own SELF-WILL too!!! And my self-conscious makes me believe that EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE HER LIFE-PARTNER!!"

2015, Dehna Village, Maharastra

Fifteen-year-old, Radhika wakes on hearing the loud buzzing of her alarm. She shuts it off and tries to cuddle back into her bedcovers, but when she closes her eyes, she constantly hears the same words which had actually made her wake up other than the alarm "EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE HER LIFE PARTNER", she starts frowning her eyes closed and gets more and more tensed. Finally, she opens her eyes wide open and gets up with panting breath. She comes out of her bed and moves towards the mirror and gazes at her reflection thinking, "Who was that WOMAN??? Why did I feel a STRANGE CONNECT with her??? And why are her words ringing in mind in my sleep??? Strange???"

1995, Shamli's house

Shamli gets dressed up for college, comes downstairs and greets her parents. Her mother, Kriti, exclaims seeing the extraordinary beauty of her daughter, saying, "Let me ward off all the evil sights from my daughter!!! My girl is looking SO beautiful" Shamli smiles blushingly and says, "Oh come on Ma, for every mother, HER DAUGHTER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD, Same for you" Shamli is about to make her move saying this when her mother catches her hands saying, "You know what your name means right, Shamli??" Shamli lets out a laughter and continues, "Ma, from the time I WAS BORN, you were unceasingly explaining to me that MY NAME MEANS RADHA, RADHA, RADHA and now YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT MY KRISHNA, right???" Her mother tells her in a sad tone, "Radha never UNITED with KRISHNA, Shamli!!!" Shamli's face falls down on hearing that while Kriti continues, "They were eternal lovers, BORN FOR EACH OTHER, but NEVER TO BECOME ONE!!!" Shamli feels greatly distressed on hearing those words. Kriti noticing her face smiles and explains, "That is why I do not want a KRISHNA for my princess, SHAMLI, I want A PRINCE CHARMING who not only loves my child, but will be hers and with her all throughout her life!!!", while saying this Kriti kisses on Shamli's forehead who is still on a confused state and tells her to have breakfast while retiring to the kitchen. After Kriti leaves, Shamli gets thinking, "Strange Ma, you don't want a KRISHNA in my life, while I want to FIND MY KRISHNA who will be MY ETERNAL LOVE and ALSO MINE FOREVER, and that I assure you that I will FIND HIM SOON!!!"

2015, Radhika's house

Radhika runs downstairs in her uniform and hugs her mother who is making parathas, tightly from behind. Her mother, Kirtida, smiles joyfully on receiving the affectionate gesture from her daughter and says, "So my little doll has got dressed for school?? Go and sit at the table, I will serve hot Gobi ka parathas." Radhika sniffs at the hot parathas and says smilingly, "Wah ma, GOBI KA PARATHAS??? Can you please pack two extra with my tiffin??" Kirtida gets surprised and asks her, "But Radhika, you hardly take one FULL completely, then why do you want two extra for your school??" when all of a sudden, Banuprakash (Radhika's father), cries out, "BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO FEED THAT TRANSGENDER FRIEND OF HERS!!!" Both Radhika and Kritida are shocked to hear that, and turn backwards to see Banuprakash standing in front of them giving frowning looks on Radhika.


To be continued.

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Episode 2

The episode starts with Radhika turning around and looking fearfully at her father, Bhanuprakash, who just gave a wild remark about Madhav being a TRANGENDER. Madhav is Radhika's BEST-FRIEND since childhood. He is two and half years younger than her but still they both study in the same grade, because Radhika purposefully dropped out two grades to stay in the same grade with her best-friend, Madhav. Bhanuprakash always HELD a strong DESPISE for Madhav. Madhav came from a FAMILY of poor background and social status. Madhav's mother Mrs. Devika Rane is a widow, who lost her husband even before Madhav's Birth. She was abandoned by her family members for having chosen and married a MAN against their wishes and since the death of Madhav's father, Madhav has been the sole family for HER. However, Devika is a greatly skilled Kathak dancer, which gave her the source to run A SMALL DANCE SCHOOL, in their Dehna village, from where Madhav and Radhika's friendship began, when Bhanuprakash brought his daughter for the first time to Devika's dance school, when she was just three and Madhav a few months old baby. As they grew up, their friendship grew stronger and blossomed but Bhanuprakash detested Madhav because Madhav having taken on his mother is himself a greatly skilled dancer, but, the same skills also gave him the DRAWBACKS to have FEMININE WALKING STYLES AND CERTAIN SPEECH FORMS. He is often mocked by the boys of his own age because of these graces but every time, his BEST-FRIEND, Radhika stands with him as his STRENGTH AND SUPPORT.

Radhika gets tensed as her father walks towards her and stands in front of her with infuriated eyes. Her hands begin to tremble and she clenches tightly the sides of the skirt of her uniform into her fists. Bhanuprakash asks her in a rough tone, "Are those two parathas for that..." before Bhanuprakash could pronounce the word transgender, Radhika cuts in a loud tone saying, "MADHAV!!!", Bhanuprakash is taken aback while Radhika continues, "He has a name Pa and don't INSULT him addressing him with such abusive words!!!" Bhanuprakash gets exasperated and asks her, "I'm INSULTING HIM??? The whole VILLAGE addresses him with that word!!! And you??? You are fighting with your father for that BOY????" Radhika replies him sternly, "Madhav is MY BEST-FRIEND Pa and he is as DEAR TO ME as you and MA!!! So, I can't bear a SINGLE WORD of INSULT against him AND WILL FIGHT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LURE INSULTS ON HIM STANDING AS HIS SUPPORT ALWAYS!!!" on saying that Radhika takes her bag and leaves her home while Bhanuprakash and Kirtida keep looking at her.


Shamli reaches her college and greets her friends. One of them places her wedding greeting card on Shamli's hands and invites her for her marriage. She asks her, "Shamli, your parents too are searching for a suitable groom for you, since LONG, but there seems to be NOONE who has all the QUALITIES OF YOUR PRINCE CHARMING, Arrey, Shamli, when will you place YOUR WEDDING INVITATION IN OUR HANDS??? WHEN WILL YOU FIND THAT MAN WITH ALL YOUR DESIRED QUALITIES???" Just then, all of them get distracted by a sweet music of FLUTE. Shamli gets mesmerized by the music and asks her friends, "Wow, who is playing such a lovely tune???" Her friends inform her that the college's biggest MUSIC FEST is happening for that complete week, so maybe some participant is playing. Shamli tells her friends, "Lets go and check out!!!" They all go near the stage from where the music was heard. As they near it, they hear people cheering, "GOPAL!! GOPAL!! GOPAL!!", Shamli gets surprised to hear the name, she remembers her conversation with her mother that morning and gets thinking, "Gopal, doesn't that mean KRISHNA??? But then all of a sudden, she realises what she ha been thinking and tries to shoo away the thoughts from her mind saying, "Oh god, what am I thinking??? How can I compare someone whom I hardly know to be my......just leave it!!!" She then looks towards the stage and tries to look at the person who is playing the flute. But then, she is unable to see his face, as the crowd in front is constantly moving, but then she gets a glimpse of his eyes through the crowd!!!" unknowingly she gets captivated by the charm of his eyes along with his music. Soon, Gopal's turn comes to an end and he tuns towards the judges for his results. The judges discuss with each other and inform him that he is selected for the final round. All cheer loudly while Shamli smiles. Soon, Gopal moves out of the stage. Shamli gets disappointed as she was unable to see his face completely. She tells her friends that she will come in a moment and soon starts following Gopal, who is moving outwards. She continues to follow while watching him getting felicitated for his performance by his friends. After a while, Gopal feels doubtful that he is being followed by someone turns around to check out. But then, Shamli quickly hides herself, she catches her breath when Gopal comes near to check out. On finding no one, he continues to move forward. Shamli, having narrowly escaped from getting caught, decides not to follow Gopal anymore and turns to leave, when all of a sudden, she hears someone stopping Gopal in a nasty tone. She turns around and gets shocked to see Gopal with his back turned towards her, surrounded by a group of nasty looking men. One of the men asks him, "Arrey ho, HERO from the slums, do you think you will win this music fest by defeating us??? Let us see how you WILL DO THAT???" on saying that, he punches hard on Gopal's face, who retaliates and soon it becomes a huge brawl between them. Shamli looks around to call for help, but she finds no one, then when she turns towards them, she notices Gopal's flute falling out of his pocket. But before, he could get it back, one of the men takes it and breaks it into TWO. Gopal's eyes widen in shock and pain, while Shamli cups her mouth in astonishment. Gopal falls on her knees seeing his flute broken, unable to retaliate anymore with the men. The men take advantage of the opportunity and try to attack him, when all of a sudden, they are attacked by a stick. Shamli hits all of them hard with the stick saying "Don't you try hurting him anymore YOU SCOUNDRELS!!!", while them even after being men and many are unable to fight her thrashings. They run for their lives from there. After they leave, Shamli looks towards Gopal turned still with his back towards her, is in a heartbroken state. She catches his shoulder and tells, "Gopal, let's leave from here!!!", he remains inert still in shock. Next, Shamli raises her voice and pulls him upward, that is when he turns and their eyes meet each other for the first time. Both are mesmerized and have an intense eye lock.


Madhav is running towards the school gate as he had been late. He shouts out, "Dada, please don't close the gate, the security guard listens to him and lets him in. But as he walks in, he is tripped down by one of the naughty boys of his age. He looks up towards and frowns who shouts out, "Arrey ho HIJRA!!! Where are you off to......" But before the boy could complete his phrase, he feels a hard punch of his face. The boy falls down. All are surprised and looks towards the person who had hit him. When Radhika comes and stands in front of Madhav. Everyone is left astounded.

(Radhe Radhe radhe...Radhakrishn theme song plays)

Krishn's DIALOGUE from the first trailer mentioned in Character Sketches is heard 

"Roop badla, Log Badla, na badla toh hai prem. Prem ke bin Jeevan hai aadha. Dharthi par aaye KRISHN aur RADHA".


To be continued.

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Episode 3

The episode starts with Radhika fighting with the school bullys who were making fun of Madhav. Madhav is amazed and tries to stop her saying, "Radhika, what the heck are you doing, don't fight with those guys!" However, she doesn't pay attention to his words and continues to beat up the guys. Soon, the guys unable to tackle her anymore flee from the place to save themselves. After all of them disappear, Madhav approaches Radhika and questions her furiously, "What was the need for you to fight with those rowdy boys?" Radhika confronts asking him, "Madhav they were teasing you!" Madhav asks back, "So what? It has become a daily ritual for me!" Radhika puts a finger on his lip and shushes him saying, "No Madhav, until I'm there with you, no one can hurt YOU neither with any word nor any action and if anyone does then RADHIKA will come infront of that person to protect her MADHAV, just like RADHA protected LORD KRISHN!" Madhav gets puzzled at her words and asks, "Now why are you bringing in MYTHOLOGY and BOLLYWOOD TYPE OF DIALOGUES in the middle of everything?" Radhika frowns at him and hits on his arm lightly saying, "Those are not any Bollywood type of dialogues but yes it's mythology, as I have heard through the stories from Ma as written in Brahma-vaivarta Purana. Radha, the divine lover of Lord Krishn was cursed to separate from him by Sridama. He cursed her to be born as a human and be separated from her love for 100 years." Madhav asks, "So didn't Radha-Krishn ever unite?" Radhika replies, "As per the Puranas, Radha-Krishn were born as eternal lovers, BORN FOR EACH OTHER BUT NEVER MEANT TO BE WITH EACH OTHER!" Madhav bursts into laughter asking, "What rubbish? Born for each other but never meant to be with each other!" Radhika gets irritated seeing his laughter and shouts, "Stop laughing Madhav, do you even know how painful it is to be in LOVE with someone but MARRY SOMEONE ELSE?" Madhav looks on confused and asks, "So whom did Radha-Krishn marry?" Radhika ponders for a moment and says, "Well, Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives in total. His principal wives were Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra, and Lakshmana. He rescued 16,100 women from Narakasura who had forcibly kept them in captivity in his palace. He married them all to protect their honour." Madhav again bursts into laughter asking, "Oh my God, 16, 108 wives? In our class, Shashwadh has just one one girlfriend, Anjali and not able to manage even her, not how did Krishna manage so many women?" Radhika angrily tells him, "Stop it Madhav, stop making fun of Lord Krishn after all you too are named after him!" Madhav mockingly replies to her, "And you are named after MY LOVER Radha, right?" only after uttering it out, Madhav realises the awkwardness of what he just said and sticks his tongue out saying, "Okay, I didn't mean MY LOVER, but LORD KRISHNA'S LOVER!" Radhika nods. Madhav continues to ask, "So whom did Radha marry in the end?" Radhika catches her head in reflection and then pronounces, "Ma said, even though Radha-Krishn were eternal lovers, Krishna separated from her goes to Mathura and got married to 16, 108 women, while Radha got married to AYAAN!" Just then Ayaan, Madhav's mamu's son comes there. Ayaan is of the same age as Radhika but as she had dropped two classes for Madhav; she studied along with Madhav, while Ayaan was two years senior to Madhav-Radhika. Ayaan always crushed on Radhika since childhood, but was unable to convey his feelings. So, he frequently followed her but never got a chance with her alone as she always stayed with Madhav. At that moment, Ayaan having heard his name from them asks, "Hey, I just heard my name from Radhika's mouth, what happened Radhika? Were you missing me?" Radhika frowns confusedly at him, while Madhav answers him saying, "No Ayaan! Radhika was just explaining RadhaKrishn love story and how Radha and Krishna even having been eternal lovers never married each other!" on hearing that Ayaan curiously asks, "So who did Radha marry?" Radhika feels weird at that question, while Madhav blurts out, "To Ayaan!" Both Ayaan and Radhika blush, however for different reasons, Radhika due to embarrassment, while Ayaan out of his shyness which arose from his crush for Radhika. Madhav again realises the awkwardness of his reply and tries avoiding the topic saying, "Oh come on Ayaan, that does mean this Radhika and Ayaan will marry in the future because this Radhika like RADHA is not the LOVER of this Madhav like Krishna, because we are NO ETERNAL LOVERS BORN TO BE REUNITED! ARE WE?"

1995, Shamli and Gopal's college

Shamli has raised Gopal using all her might, after the rowdy men who attacked him leave. As he gets up, Shamli and Gopal come face to face for the first time and gets mesmerized at each other, while getting to look at each other's eyes. They share an intense eye lock and after a few seconds, come to their senses realising what had just happened. Gopal asks Shamli, "You were the one who was following me right? Are you teamed up with those men who attacked me?" Shamli furiously asks him, "What the heck are you asking? I just saved you from those scoundrel men and you are accusing me to be one of them? Really?" Gopal counter asks, "Then, why were you following me?' Shamli blushes as she reminisces of getting attracted to the music from Gopal's flute and of having unconsciously followed him to get a glimpse of his face. Gopal snaps asking, "What? Tell me, why were you following me?" Shamli hesitantly says, "The thing is that I loved your music and wanted to appreciate it personally because you got selected for the FINALS of the Music Fest!" Gopal gets saddened at those words and gets looking down onto his broken flute. He inches close to the two broken pieces, half sits in front of them and sadly pronounces with tears in his eyes, "I don't think I will be taking part in the FINALS anymore! So, you need not waste your time appreciating a LOSER!", on saying Gopal gets up and quickly leaves from there, hiding his tears. As he is leaving, Shamli gets looking at him from behind, then looks down onto the broken flute. She goes near them, picks them up, then puts them into her bag and slowly leaves from there.

Next day, Shamli and Gopal's college, Music Fest Final Round

Gopal is standing with his group of friends and cheering for the participants when one of his friends asks him, "Hey Gopal, you too were selected for the Finals, right? So, your name will be called soon! By the way, where is your flute? Gopal is grieved on his friend's enquiry while reminiscing that his flute is no more. He opens his mouth to say something, just when Shamli calls out from behind, "Here is Gopal's flute!" Gopal turns around and is astonished to find his repaired and beautified flute in Shamli's hands. He is taken aback to see his flute embedded with shiny stones, beads, ribbons and a beautiful peacock feather entwined to its end. He is left mouth agape on seeing his flute being made into a beautified and divine form.

(Radhe Radhe Radhe .....Krishn Krishn Krishn theme song plays)


To be continued.

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