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Scene 1- 

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Scene 1 - Ranes moving out / Kalyani's Agony 

Malhar was entering the house when he heard Aao Saheb's booming voice, "Acha hua Kalyani ki Tumne Malhar se apna rishta tod kiya.  Wo kabhi tumhare layak nahin tha. Ab bas ek saal ki padayi baaki hai tumhari, uske baad hum tumhareliye ek acha sa ladka doondhenge."

Kalyani did not reply but neither did she like what her grandmother was saying. She had been very angry with Malhar over the abortion, broken her relation with him and moved in with Aao Saheb. She had not listened even to Anu's words. Slowly as days had passed  she realised why he had taken the decision but her ego was not letting her go to him. She had thought he would come after her, but he had taken a back seat. 

A donor had been found for Moksh and his treatment was successful but Malhar and his family took care of him while she just watched longingly from the other side of the house. 

Jerking her back to the present, she heard Malhar's voice,  "Aao Saheb, Ab main iss ghar main nahin rehna chahta hun… in sab yaadon ke saath. Maine yeh ghar apke pothi ke naam kar diya hai. Shaam tak hum sab yahan se jaa chuke honge. Aap apne pothi ki shaadi kisi ache ladke se karva dijiye jiske saath wo khush rahegi aur jise woh trust kar sakthi ho." 

A few hours later, all the Ranes were vacating the house. Kalyani was looking on tearfully while Aao Saheb was happy. Malhar hands over AN documents to her. 

As soon as they had left, Kalyani ran to the room they had shared and her tears started flowing. The emptiness of the room was similar to that of her life. She could not bear the thought of not seeing her Malharji and Pillu. 

She shouted, "Kyun Kalyani kyun tune unhe apne zindagi se Jane diya? Ek baar sorry nahi bol sakthi thi unse? Tu unse kitna pyaar karthi hai.. Kisi Aur se shadi karne ke bare me soch bhi nahi sakthi."

She shut herself inside the room and fell on the bed, her tears not stopping. "Aap apni Kalyani ko chodke kaise jaa sakthe hain? Haan...main galath thi.. par har baar jaise samjhathe the waise samjha nahi sakthe the kya? Itni aasani se give up kar diya aapne? Please wapas aaiye na.. nahin reh sakthi aapke bina… I love you." 

She didn't know when she fell asleep. Her dreams were dominated by him. She woke up with a determination,"Main Aapko wapas laungi Aur agar aap nahin maanthe tho main aajaongi aapke paas. Aapse door nahin reh sakthi main."

Writer - Rekha 

Idea - Kalma007

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Scene 2 - New place / Kitchen scene 18 +

She had gone to his old house and found that he had sold it. She then went to Kaka's house where she found that only Mamanji and Swara had moved in with her Aai and kaka. Malhar and Moksh were not there. 

"Where had he gone?" She called Pawar who told her that Malhar had taken leave for a month. Her Aai was also tight-lipped. Nobody wanted to tell her where he was but she wouldn't give up. "Bappa please mujhe mere Malharji ka address doondne main madad kijiye na. I promise main unse phir kabhi alag nahin hoongi."

She went to the market to buy vegetables and saw Malhar and Pillu there. She followed behind him and saw that he had shifted into the police quarters.

Hearing the knock on the door, Malhar opened the door shocked to find Kalyani at the doorstep. 

"Tum yahan? Kya chahiye tumhe.. Chala tho gaya hun na tumhari life se."

"Mujhe Pillu ko dekhna hai, thodi der uske saath time spend karna hai."

"Chali jao Kalyani, Moksh ko tumhare bina rehna seekhna hoga."

"Please Malharji...bas thodi der…." 

Malhar could not refuse and he let her in. She played with Moksh and put him to sleep, while Malhar completely ignored her and was in the kitchen. 

Kalyani was dying to go into the kitchen and help him. She got a perfect opportunity when she heard the noise of vessels falling down. She rushed there, "Kya hua Malharji? Do you need any help?"

He had cut his finger while chopping vegetables and blood was oozing out. Kalyani sucked his finger to stop the blood flow. Both of them were aware of their proximity but neither moved. 

Their eyes locked, fingers intertwined. Kalyani touched his face tenderly with her free hand. Still lost in each other, Malhar moved forwards while she moved backwards and in the process knocked down a jug of water.

She slipped and fell to the floor with him on top of her. The closeness was affecting Kalyani and awoke her yearning as a woman for her man.  Her hands held his waist and she heard a sharp intake of breath from him. She took pleasure in the effect she was having on him and began caressing his back. 

Malhar lost his senses and moved in to nuzzle the nape of her neck which released a moan from her. Her moan drove him crazy and he moved on to capture her lips with his own. She kissed him back and suckled on his lips. "Malharji… ." she whispered shivering with desire. 

Malhar returned to his senses and withdrew himself from her. His face had hardened, "Kalyani iss se pehle ki main apna control lose karoon, please chali jao yahan se… I don't want you to regret later in your life." he said coldly. 

Kalyani quietly left his house with tears in her eyes. "Couldn't he sense that she too wanted him?" She was sure he still loved her but why was he distancing her? She decided that she wouldn't give up. 

The next day again she was back at his place. Malhar had let her in to see Moksh but he maintained a distance. Kalyani was disappointed and was leaving. "Bye Malharji..".

"Kalyani yahaan roz aane ki aadat mat dal lena...maine transfer apply kiya hai aur bahuth jald mil jaayega. Phirse Moksh ke liye problem ho jaayega. Isliye kal se math aana yahan." 

Kalyani was shocked but she left quietly. 

Malhar was teary eyed looking at her back "I'm sorry Kalyani, main tumse aise baath nahin karna chahtha. Bohot pyaar karta hun tumse. Par kya tumhe mujse pyaar hai? Kuch samay ke liye iss shehar se bahar rehna chahta hun. Iss baar tumhe khud faisla lena hoga, kya tum mere saath aana chahthi ho ya nahi."


On her way back Kalyani thinks, "Maine aapko bohot hurt kiya isliye aap yahan door jaana chahthe hain. Lekin ab mein woh purani Kalyani nahin hoon. Main bhi aapse bohot pyaar karthi hun. Main aapko rokungi nahi lekin aapke saath chalungi jahan bhi aapka posting hoga." 

Writer - Rekha

Idea - Kalma007

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Nice and interesting show mein bhi esa dekhaya tho boguth maza ayega I want kalyani atleast apologize to Malhar for her lie

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Scene 2 is Aww and wonderful

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Go girl . I will take the que till neera comes ..excellent .

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Aww superb works

Really well written di

Loving this competition

All writers please continue

Ghar beitke bore ho rahi he and no thr to

Abb lag rahi he ott hi sahi kuch toh tha

Please ab yehi sahara he please continue di log

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Originally posted by pyaar2012

Go girl . I will take the que till neera comes ..excellent .


Waiting to read the restsmiley27

Tujhse Hai Raabta 

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