Wise Words by Saudamini

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Posted: 4 days ago

Even though she is a and said all that in a very different context, what she said in yesterday's episode was word by word right..!!

"Ab jaanti nahi? Krantikari bana baidha hai Aniruddh. Samaj or Desh badalna chahta hai, par sach kahu toh woh khud hi nahi badal paya. Abhi bhi usme wahi raees zamindari roy chaudharyo wale aadat aur lakshan hai. use abhi bhi badboo bardasht nahi hai. Abhi bhi uski vilayati perfume ki khushboo ke bina uska kaam hi nahi chalta.Safai aur swacchata ka chalta phirta loudspeaker hai woh."

Even though Mini said all this in another context, what she said is absolutely correct. He want to change the society and nation and flip the country upside down. But he is not ready to sacrifice for it. He is not ready to change for it. Even the night he married Bondita he was repeating nothing would change in his life. Trilochan Kaka once said; You want everything without paying the price. Exactly, Aniruddh wishes to have everything in his way without even sacrificing or paying any price. That is the issue with him. He is still in his world full of riches and comfort. He doesn't even care to find what his wife does all day.He forces his decisions on his family members, he still has that rich Roy Chaudhary attitude. If we have seen all the reformers and freedom fighters, Mahatma Gandhi was a barrister and could have lived a luxury life, but it was when he sacrificed everything he could bring a change!

That's what Ani needs to learn. Just reading in his library and living off his family's money is not the drill. He needs to get out of his comfort zone, he needs to start working, he needs to get down into the real India and their real lives to know how they are so deep routed with all these superstitions and wrong ways towards women. Then only he can convince people to actually change using their ways but what he does is always yelling, shouting, ordering. Bondita actuallycauses people to think because her questions are difficult to answer or it makes it difficult to justify the wrong doings. So Aniruddh seriously needs to get a reality check.

I think it will happen, really soon! It is going to be a learning process for both Aniruddh and Bondita and at last they will emerge in all their glory.

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Posted: 4 days ago

I agree with u word by word....he has to tone down his anger not only in dealing with bindi but also with other people around...he is not realising that he can't silence who ever he wants like the way he do to his family members...for that he has to learn to sense kushboo even in the dirt that the common villagers face everyday...he has to come out of his library or ideal thoughts of changing society by coming out of his rich and comfort....so this is learning process for Rudhita together..nice postsmiley20

Posted: 4 days ago

What she said is all truth. He wants change to happen but he is not doing anything about it. Being educated is not going to be of any help if he only reacts once something happens infront of him and he is always buried under a book so he is blind to the actual problems faced by normal people. His main problem was he gives orders and expects people to follow like the way he scolded when bondita said she won't shower at home. He just gave an order and thats it. instead he should calmly explain to her so she understands. It's not going to be easy for people to go against customs they grew up with

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Posted: 4 days ago

First I read the title.. I wassmiley36 really wise words for saudimini.. smiley29

 anyway it's true what she said ...... Maybe while trying to educate boni he will realise thissmiley31

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Posted: 4 days ago

Yup right.. he will also change in the process of changing d society n supporting boni smiley36 can't wait to watch how he will handle this bed wetting issuesmiley42

Posted: 4 days ago

What mini said is right. He will learn and change his behaviour and thinking with bondita, her issues and with her questions.

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