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Posted: 16 days ago

     Hi Girls...Hope you all remember me im Preeithika .So how are you all.Now we all are in great tension because of a virus .Please stay indoors and safe girls.

   Actually i stopped writing a long back.But now in these holidays being thought to pen something .Hope you all will like it.As i have stopped writing i don know whether it will be upto he mark .Lets see .Please all give your feebacks .


                                     It is midnight 3.27 am.A guy of 6 feet height opened the door of a 2 bedroom apartment and entered the house.Though the house wasnt much posh but it was a simple yet classy one.He removed his shoes and shocks and kept it in its respective place and climbed those three steps which separates the shoe rack and the hall.Slowly he threw he bag aside and lied on the sofa.

                                    Suddenly a alarm striked in brain.He lazyly walked and took his bag and kept it in a proper.The house hall was entirely clean neat.It a had a beautiful grey purple cushion sofa.He right side of the hall had a french window which paves way to balcony.

                                    He was entirely tired .He doesnt want to change .His mind wanted lie in the sofa itself.After doing his MBA and being HR leading industry.Now to startup company his life has seen many ups and downs.He is running towards his success.So these are the hardships he has to face.Working upto midnight to achieve more.

                                      If this had happened 2 weeks back the sineario would be different.He Siddhanth Bharatwaj will have his biggest assest near him none other than Roli bharatwaj.Whenever he comes late she used to open the door of their with her beautiful smile which slowly ends his tiredness.She then takes his bag from him and asks him to sit.She presses his rough hands with her soft delicate hands.

                                    His life has always been running on his wish and plans.But Roli entering his life was entirely unexpected for him and his life.She was a beautiful addition in his life which he sense much later.Their marriage is a compromise just to stop a situation from getting worst.They just married safe his brother prem and his wife roli sister simar.She was entirely selfish woman which was known very later to them.Roli loved her dearly.But she did a drama with Khushi and throwed them out of the house to enjoy the property happily.She and khushi made roli say khushi mixed poison and Made karuna angry and throw them out of the house.Roli never knew that her sister would stoop this much low but he made her understand and this made her lost and she was broken.To Regain herself she has went to her maayka .

                                   They both confessed their love but still they were mere friends.But this 2 weeks had changed much.Siddhanth how never keeps room clean has been keeping everything perfect in her memory.He just thinks about her always.Everyday while wearing a dress he used to think of her as she always selects his dress.

                                    He has become an silhoute,as if he has walked from a photograph and black frame is left.His life was entirely dark.Always the memories of their laughter tears which bonded them together anger which made them miss each other,Love which made them passionate towards each other came to mind.He misses her frangrance in his room.The scent of her which pulls him towards and the sound of her innocent smile which moves him away from her thinking she is a child.He is really in need of her.The food she makes.The sound of her bangles which fills the entire house.He slowly went to their bed room and lied on the bed.He on the data of his phone.

                                    He had many notificatons.All were voice message from roli.A first it was like how are .Did you had your food etc.But as it goes on  he felt a shaking in her voice .He was little shocked.He heard angery and teary voice,What do you think siddhanthji she shouts and sniffs in between.You are my happiness cant you make me happy you sent me to my house.I hate you siddhanthji .I really hate you.I hate you 3000 times she shouted and sniffs .The message completes.

                                  Yes why did i send her home.I should have made her happy.I should have sood with her in diffcult .She is my responsibility thought him.I left her im wrong.Roli im coming for you thought him.

                                   Siddhanth has reached Virndhavan early morning.His mother in law was pleasently surprised.He was in a hurry.He immediatly had a quick talk and rushed to meet his life.As he entered he saw her sitting angrily.She was shouting alone you saw the message still you didnt reply how bad i hate you.Really asked him.

                                  Roli was shocked seeing him.Without wasting a second she rushed to his arms.She hugged him as tight as possible.After few minutes they broke the hug.Siddhanth slowly came to kiss her forehead but she angrliy pushed him and went down and started helping her mother though she denied.

                                 Slowly it became night roli was avoiding him.Finally sid broke the silence.Sorry na yaar stated him.Siddhanthji dont talk to me.You dont know how much i missed you said her.tears where formed in their eyes .Oii he called her.You know what i really miss you .He said your smile which i missed the most.You know roli these i have been working late .I really get much tired and your smile which treats my tiredness i couldnt get.The food you make for me i couldnt get .THe bangle sound of yours he held her hand and kissed the bangles.You roli these days my life was entirely dark you know.I searched for light thinking it is somewhere else but my light is you roli,Its you only.My life is filled with you he said.They both became much emotional that they hugged each other tightly.

                                   After few minutes the broke the hug.She was back in his arms.His asset was with.He had got everything back her smile ,her presences.Her frangrance his weakness .He felt it so strongly.He slowly caressed his face with his fingers.Roli was starled on his new act yet she was on his control.Slowly his fingers caressed her long silky hair put that aside from her shoulder and slowly went near her shoulder and inhaled her fragrance.I missed roli he whispered rubbing his stubble on her shoulder.

                                  He cupped her face and looked at her.Both of them had much desire towards them. Siddhanth doesnt wish to stop his desire today because she is roli .He slowly came near her face and moved towards her lips.Lips which is only for him .That was so soft and moisty.The both became so close .His hands were wrapped around her smooth skin.While she held his hair for her support.The were seeking union clossness desire and passion.His hands slowly went to her hip which was uncovered .He held it tightly feeling her soft skin.Heatness arose from their bodies.Her cheeks turned red.His stubbles where hitting her soft skin as he was playing with her lips.Their breath were mixing together.They battled to fullfil their desire .Finally after a long time.They looked at each others face.She blushed looking at him.Their foreheads met with each other.

Posted: 16 days ago

Why did he send her away? At least they got together now.

Posted: 16 days ago

Hey!! Welcome back! How r u? It's really good to see you writing after such a long time. It was really cute OS. Loved it. Hope we would get more to read from you. 

Posted: 16 days ago

Originally posted by manasa5124

Hey!! Welcome back! How r u? It's really good to see you writing after such a long time. It was really cute OS. Loved it. Hope we would get more to read from you. 

Thank you dr.Im fine.What about you da.Will try 

Posted: 16 days ago
awwieee welcome back my baby...this os was so cute and a well written update...beautiful description!....rosid got together cutie pies...their first liplock so cuteeee! want more honey...don't stop your writing continue and complete your stories!!!!!!
Posted: 16 days ago

Loved it ....rosid are together again so sweet..

Posted: 13 days ago

A Beautiful and Sweet , Cute too OS

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