IMPORTANT REMINDER AND WARNING: Personal Attacks and Bashing

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Posted: 2 months ago

Hello everyone,

As the story progresses, the forum is getting divided between those who support Maya and those who don't. This was inevitable. But it is also time for everyone to be reminded of the rules and regulations of the forum.

Firstly, no personal attacks. If you do not agree with someone's opinions, please counter their opinions. Do not go personal and call them insignificant or a hater or attack them for their opinions. There is bound to be disagreement, but disagree with their opinion.

Secondly, no character bashing. Explain why you don't like a character, but don't just drop a comment and especially don't drop a comment and talk about the actor in place. There have been many comments around the forum where people are talking about the character, but using the actor's name.

Finally, don't mock someone's opinion, either directly or indirectly. No laughing at the opposite comments in a topic. No mocking someone and suggesting that they cannot read or understand you. None of that.

See below for the rules and click here for the rest of the rules. Consider this a warning for the entire forum. Offenders will be punished because we want this forum to be open for everyone, so let's work together to do so.

Personal attack: Each and every one are entitled to having their own point of view, likes and dislikes. Differences in opinions are bound to exist in a forum like However, this does not permit one to attack their fellow members for not sharing the same point of view. Let us respect our fellow members and refrain from making any provocative statements, which may only lead to unnecessary quarrels.

Members come here to relax and unwind. Quoting some one's post and making a harsh comment begets displeasure. You have no right to post any abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic comments which is enough to hurt the sentiments of your fellow member. All these fictions are not worth hurting a fellow IFian. Please do remember that!

Character Bashing: Everyone has a favorite character and some people prefer unpopular characters due to the actor playing such characters. And for them its incredibly offensive to see bashing of such character to the extreme. Character bashing frequently occurs when the hated character is seen as a threat to the fan's preferred ship or main leads. The act of depicting a character in a negative light for the purposes of blatantly showing fans and viewers how bad or terrible the character is but not to restore filthy or abusive words. Filthy language and cheap words leaves a bad taste in people's mouths and creates unpleasant environment for the members and fans. Please remember the serial is a fictional story with various plots and subplots. The actors and actresses are merely professionals who are enacting their respective roles. So, the actor/actresses are different than the characters they play. If you do not like a character, criticize the character but NOT the actor. Same goes to fans too. If you see a criticism against a character, please do not jump in to defend the actor/actress, for it is only the character that is getting criticized. If anyone is at fault then it is the story plot.

There is a fine line between bashing and criticizing. It's one thing to be analyst but another to instigate and mock. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal. Also, there's a difference between real and reel. You cannot abuse the actor citing character references. Insulting real people crosses a line, so if your character bashing entails bashing the members who likes the character will not be tolerated. Additionally, while criticizing, remember to not post anything unsavory that you wouldn't like hearing about yourself spoken by others. Please do not take the liberty to stereotype any fan bases. This will not be accepted at any cost. At the same time members should also not resort to personal attacks or cyber bully other member just cause the other person have a different view then yours. Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly a NO NO here

Indirectly Mocking Opinions and Pinpointing: You all know exactly what we DT mean. It's been happening way to frequently here and will not be entertained. You are free to express your opinion and have a healthy debate with one another. However, mocking and posting instigating remarks on one's opinion will not be tolerated. If you are going to make a topic and mention "Oh, I don't get how many people think XYZ/ABC are ___" or "I have been seeing that many people are opening topics based on _____" or "WTH? How can people not understand that ___ isn't ____ and like do they not understand the show?" That means that you cannot mock/mention other member's opinions in your topics. If members want to speak they can do it themselves. You cannot be like - How mature or immature fans thinks, or how their opinion says a lot about them, how stupid and what not. All these shall not be entertained any more. You want to express your opinion, please do so in a civil way and do not bring in Freedom of Speech as Human Rights when the whole meaning are simply misinterpreted according to one's benefit. We DT respect Freedom of Speech but one should also be well enough to judge on if they have used their Rights of Freedom of Speech responsibly. Any individual and topic seen mocking opinions and pinpointing will see a direct warning level increase of 20% and the topic shall be closed. 


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