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Posted: 3 years ago

Epi 66 

Episode begins with Maya changing the name on the book author from Maya Jai Singh To  Maya Rudra Roy . Ananya gets annoyed walks out . maya apologises to Rudra saying ever since Rudra caMe I ot her life everything changed then why not book cover .

antara is leaving for Gym when Nandini is seen spying on her , Antara confronts her but she makes n excuse n leaves .

Antara co sines a few sleeping pills as usual but soon she starts coughing n starts poking , Nandini smiles as she know she had changed the bottle .

Rudra enters Maya’s room and she pretends to be his boss, they ha e romantic moments n nok jhok , Rudra points out their reception was arranged on grand scale yet no fotos of theirs were published . . Rudra plans to have book launch n make Adi the journalist n he feels Adi will make him comfortable .Rajiv is there n Adi looks at Rajiv skeptically . Rudra informs how Adi had exposed biggies n huge scams n investigated lots . He was an investigative journalist . Adi suggests they meet on a coffee date before their press launch .

Later Maya n Rajiv discuss how Adi was not suitable as he would expose her n she did not want to lose Rudra .

Antara confronts Nandini for changing her madicines . Nandini tries to dissuade her from taking drugs , but Antara insists n demands those tablets . Nandini says she had just exchanged them with vitamins , she wil be free of addiction n get good health too .

Antara snatches the sleeping tablets from Nandini.

Maya n Rudra enter to find Antara n Nandini locked in tussle .. both ladies walks away after making an excuse .

Maya confronts Nandini that she was hiding the fact Antara was misbehaving with her . Nandini denies, ridra comes n feeds Nandini some ice cream n they have moments of bonding n masti  n fun .Nandini likes Rudra. Rey much n same thought echoed by Maya . later Rudra tells Adi that maya was refusing interview with Adi .

They discuss how past hurts were not letting her move forwards . Just like Rishi’s death was hurting Rudra from inside . He suggests he take Maya to the same place where he found his peace and spend some Me time with Maya . Until Maya freed herself from past she would never move on , past would keep haunting her .Rudra likes his idea .

Rudra blindfolds Maya as Nandini smiles n looks on . he takes Blindfolded maya to a darkened room n plays Rishi’s recorded voice ..., Maya immediately identifies that voice as Rishi’s n removes her blindfold. She is shocked to see Rishi’s video playing on a big screen . Maya is shocked as Rudra shares how he loved watching Rishi’s video. This was Rudra’s sukoon , his peace , it was Adi’s idea that Rudra share this space with Maya , he missed Rishi very much . He remembered his every mood his playfulness, his songs, his games , Rudra gets emotional as he shares his feelings for Rishi .

Rudra shares his pain with Maya .

Adi joins  them and he shares the same feelings for Rishi . Maya too recollects how innocent n lovable Rishi was . Rudra notices Maya getting emotional , Rudra states maya was feeling his pain hence the tears , he hugs maya lovingly . Maya glares at Adi . 

Adi gets a phone call from MJ who inquired about his plans , Adi jokes MJ was more interested in Maya’s IV Than Adi himself . 

As Rudra gets busy Maya sneaks up on Adi n threatens to throw him off the balcony railings to the ground several floors below . Adi gets a shock at her behaviour . 

 , Precap 

Nandini gets FBs of the past tortures Maanvi had undergone at the hands of MJ n party , she gets panic attacks . Maya tries to calm Nandini . Rudra too joins Maya .

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Posted: 3 years ago

I am eagerly waiting for the Rishi death track reveal. Come on, please😎

Posted: 3 years ago

Rudy boy was literally on top of Maya.. Uff ladka kuch to Roy ka naam rakhkhesmiley44

Posted: 3 years ago

Thanx fr the update 🤗


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