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A heavily decked bride, barely 18, sat in the dark on the stairs of the Roy Chaudhary mansion—her Sasural, a sasural that hadn’t even been aware of her arrival or their son’s marriage. Thus, lacked the lights and festivities usually associated with weddings. 

The bride too lacked the  happiness of a newly married woman, she glowed under the moonlight nonetheless. Too much had happened in the last twelve hours and a lone tear slid down her cheek, which she made no movement to wipe and this was meant to be the happiest day in her life.

So lost in her thoughts, that she didn’t hear the servant call her out, or maybe she wasn’t used to being addressed as such. Only looked up, when he gently shook her shoulder and she looked at the kind face of a much older gentleman. She nodded half-dazed and gathered her heavy red choli, giving a hint of the wealth she came from and followed the man inside, her anklets the only sound in the hallway, besides the distant shouting. Stopping at the main entrance, the conversation ceased as she came into the line of vision of the room’s occupants. Disapproval was clearly etched on their face and she really couldn’t blame them.

The man she had married, had his back faced to him—she couldn’t even remember what he looked like let alone his name...the events of the night were quite a haze. The elders had learned the rules of the society and kept quite, the younger ones not so much.

The smallest member of her audience tucked her husband’s hand, “Dada...naam kya hain I ka,” he asked innocently. Her husband in answered stayed quite, he didn’t know her name—he had married her to save her, he hadn’t even known of her existence before today.

 The elders sneered at her saviour, “Haan Anirudh beta, Batuk ko naam batao uski nahi baudhi ka,” They were clearly preying on his lack of an answer and the new bride realized that her battles were far from over—she’d have to help this man—Annirudh Babu out, the one who had so self lessly saved her tonight and she’ll stand by him always.

“Bondhita,” she answered the young kid’s question, her voice hoarse yet clear. “Humara naam Bondhita hain.”

post prologue notes: I wrote this on my phone, so let me know if there were any mistakes.

I’ve been playing with the idea of Bondhita not being a kid in the show for a while (since we don’t know who is going to play the older Bondhita, I imagine her to be Alia Bhatt-esque from Kalank). The girl’s ahead of her time, always questioning and Annirudh still helps her realize her dream of becoming a barrister. You’ll find out what happened prior to the prologue in upcoming chapters—there’s still the complication with Saudamini and the story is still set on pre-partition India with it’s backwards thinking. Bondhita comes from an affluent family too—less factors against the couple. 

Do let me know how you like it, and I’ll continue it on as soon as I can—Hoping to have a chapter up by tonight. 

But please let me know your feedback

Edit: https://66.media.tumblr.com/54108cfedf02073aa692bd6fce1e1350/tumblr_pq7xp517cE1skbao9o1_250.gif (bondhita’s shaadi ka jode—because I love the costuming in Kalank)


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Hello... It's superb friend. Please do continue. Would love to read more. smiley1

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This is so good 😍

Plz plz continue soon 

I can't wait to read further smiley42smiley42

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Great start dear. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Do update soon literally freaking excited to read the next part🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Posted: 29 days ago

Good and Different concept from current serial story 

Waiting for next update

Posted: 29 days ago

Awesome startsmiley20

Liked the concept of elder bondita☺️  

Update next part soon can't wait to read !!

Posted: 28 days ago

Nice start 

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Chapter 1: Reluctant Acceptance

It wasn't that she had spoken out, but rather the confidence in her voice that caught her older audience off their guard. If they were expecting a lamb of a woman, they all had another thing coming. The cards weren't played in her favour, but she still had a mind that refused to bend to any man's whims.

The two elder men looked her over--sizing her up; or rather the jewels and clothes she adorned--trying to figure out what caste and class she came from. They wouldn't get an answer out of her--Bondhita had broken all ties with her family after their actions today. If only her parents had been alive and she wouldn't have been through hell tonight. Besides, the wedding trousseau that had been haphazardly packed for her only had her father's books, her mother's silk sarees and an idol of Krishnaji. Anything worthy had most likely been nicked by her family...if they could figure out her status from her attire, then good for them.

She stood expectantly at the entrance; briefly looking at the man who was now her husband and then at the elders who were still staring at her. Were there really no woman around in this household and did this entire household lack the very basic knowledge of their culture and post-wedding ritual. She knew, if she stepped in it would definitely come back to bite her in taunts from catty elderly ladies and men too that high society seemed to harbour. "Gruhpravesh?" she asked their questioning faces. 

Did Bondhita care for this marriage or relation? No, but she had been tied in this farce of a marriage so might as well put up an act for society's sake. Besides, her mother had tried her best instill the Indian culture in her. 

The house help had better understanding of these rituals then her husband's direct family, as he appeared from the corner of the room with an aarti, kalash full of rice and a plate filled with kumkum. The elderly man looked back at the man who had married her and then older men; of whom the one with glasses nodded, giving a small nod of approval. When the other man gave a grunt of disapproval--he spoke with authority; he was definitively older.

"Jo hua, so hua Binoy," he said. "Niti ka likha hum badal nahi sakte, par ab sab prathao and humare anusar hoga," while he was speaking to the other man, Bondhita could tell the words were directed at her and her newly wedded husband. "Anirudh, navo vadhu ke saath jaa ke khade ho," He added coaxing him towards the entrance and nodding at the househelp to carry out the ritual of welcoming the newly wedded bride into her new home.

This was such a filler chapter and maybe that's why it took me so long to write it--the excitement is coming. But Bondhita's first indirect interaction with the family. My plan was to make this a short story but now it seems like it's going to be a rather long FF. 

Let me know how you like it!

Until Next time.


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Barrister Babu 

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