Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 25 Feb 2020

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Posted: 3 years ago

Epi 62 

The episode begins with ....MJ entering Maya’s room ..she welcomes Papa ....with a taunt .... she says Rudra was her strength ..she was not scared of anyone now .... she taunts MJ for being late n keeping her waiting .

He says she was crossing her limits .. he says Rudra was her limits n he accuses her of doing wrong to Rudra ....she asks him not to dare trouble Rudra 
She challenges him to reveal all his raaz ..she warns she will destroy any one who comes between Mayra Love story 

MJ gets a call from someone n she asks him to take the call it might be matter of life n death 

MJ leaves following the call .

Diya is at hosp in a gown .. she remembers Maya telling her that MJ changed girls like weather ..she asks her to abort the child .. MJ asks Diya to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy .

Diya takes abortion medicines n remembers how she had administered the same to Maya 

Diya is jolted out of her thoughts by MJ ...he consoles her  but she did not want to get rid of something that was her own .. it was her  child .. she tells MJ it was humara bachcha . MJ says they had to get rid of this . Diya says they had rishtaa for over 10 yrs n she had supported him In all his activities ...she also helped him get rid of Maanvi’s child . Diya challenges MJ to tell Antara about their affair n reveal all about their affair .

Maya n Rajiv discuss how Maya had been in the same position Diya is presently 

At office Bayhad’s book cover release event is arranged .. Rudra  says he needed his wife to attend this event .. Ananya asks why was he involving  his  family !.Rudra says it was company’s policy that they could not hold book cover release without the writer .Ananya disapproves of his ideas .. he calls Maya ..she says she was missing him .. she wished he could come to her .. Rudra says he had lots of work n it was important .. he decides to go home meet Maya ,, 

Ananya feels hurt Rudra was least bothered about their friendship .

Maya feels bad she had to use Rudra for her plan ..

In his Study ..MJ n Amir have discussion .. how last time someone’s love became dangerous for him ..he tells Amir to remember how he had dealt with Maanvi .. he will do the same to Diya if she dared to take one wrong step   

At Roy mansion Rudra surprises Maya by coming to meet with with bunch of white lilies ..she is thrilled to see him home .. he jokes how he stole moments out of work to meet his loving wife .

Rudra then shows her another gift . she is so pleased to see a cake . she playfully puts Cream on his face ..they have playful moments .. fun masti .. 

Diya asks MJ was he ready to reveal truth to Rudra ??
antara arrives and confronts Diya ..she slaps her with full force ..   .

In their room Maya tells Rudra she heard something .she rushes to check ..Rudra appears not concerned .. Rudy joins her unwillingly ..

Antara berates Diya for betraying her own sister dare she live In her sister’s house n break up her marriage ??

She should have known MJ’s habits ?? Diya says MJ did not  love Antara .. ..Antara says she was the mother of his sons n he loved his sons ,,she was Mrs Antara MJ Roy one could take her place .. 

asks Diya to quietly abort the child or MJ would have to do it himself.

Diya pleads this was Diya MJ’s pyaar ki nishaani 

MJ says he no longer trusted her ,,she was the light of his life but she was now using that light to ignite his marriage so he will get rid of her .. he asks Diya to abort willingly or he will do it ..Antara too says the same . Diya refuses .

MJ says Diya will now have it die along with the baby .

at Roy mansion MJ threatens Diya to abort the baby or face co sequences ...Diya refuses to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy ..she asks Rudra  to help her . Maya n rudra are shocked . 


Diya pleads Maya to save her .. only she could save her at this moment ..she apologises n pleads  guilty for all the wrong doings  to Maya .. 

Rudra asks what was wrong ..Diya reveals she was pregnant with MJ’s child .. Rudra is shocked .. 

maya asks MJ to reveal his truth to Rudra .. MJ feels ashamed n cornered .

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Posted: 3 years ago

So aaj hoga Diya ke tamashe ka khulasa😎

Posted: 3 years ago

Aab Rudra meri himmat hai, 

Aur main tumse nahi darne wali.. 

Posted: 3 years ago

Maya ki koi hadd nahi hoti... Na pyaar ki, na nafrat ki...

Posted: 3 years ago

Hello people ❤️❤️

Thank you Suta🤗.

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by Armu4eva

So aaj hoga Diya ke tamashe ka khulasa😎

Aaj hoga ?? Looks like they will drag it the entire week 😒

Posted: 3 years ago

Didn't Ananya leave Rudra's company?

Posted: 3 years ago

A very good episode with full of twists and turns! 

Ananya was still there waiting for something to happen so that she will get back  Rudra! 

Maya with her masthibhari smiles started alluring Rudra!! 

Rudra is buying the entire Mall to gift it to Maya! Eager to get a return gift!!!

Antara, did she not know the relationship between MJ and Diya? The wicked trio is now wading through turbulent waters. They are trying to drown the other with their obsessive possessiveness!! 

The love between the newly married couple and the hate between the well-settled trio's lives are the main points in today's episode. 

Thank you Suta for your detailed WU.🤗

Again a lengthy post .😊 

Edited by Viswasruti - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago

Todays episode was like a dhamaka, I am loving this of Maya's avatar where she is balancing love and hatred 😊, and the real war is beginning  MJ vs Maya, 🥳 and Rudra is seriously a sweetheart 😍

Posted: 3 years ago

Spoilers says that Maya will take MJ's side. i don't know how maya will manipulate the situation against diya. When diya has already said that she is pregnant with mj's child in front of rudra. MJ and diya's affair is out now. Also, diya has said sorry to maya. This will leave a big question mark on maya's side as well. Why would diya say sorry to maya. 🤓Now i wonder how rudra will react to this? 


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