Ronakshi TS | In Aura Est Amor (Valentine’s Special)

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Hey all! As promised, I wrote the first part of this Valentine's special TS! Actually, I wanted it to be OS, but itna bada hai ki... First part is crossing 2000+ words, and plus i have written 2nd part only half way, so thought to cut it, and post oneshot in two parts!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day To All Of Ya! smiley31

And, I hope you like this, I promise, if first part is cute, second is very intimate! Hope you like it! Kaafi research ki maine languages ki! smiley36 Now hoping you enjoy it and it warms your heart too, after such depressing episodes!

Overview : Nothing of serial's plot happened. Everything is normal, happy, Sippy family loves Sona, all is good & happy situations!

Note : Thoughts, Notes In Italics!

Note 2 : I wanted to write something fairy tales type, you"ll see in this and more in next part! Well valentine's & fairy tales, are the best combination indeed, with Ronakshi in it!

Note 3 : Title meaning at end! smiley2


Ronakshi TS | In Aura Est Amor (Valentine’s Special)


And it was a new day but same routine… As alarm woke up Sonakshi, snuggling into her pillow she kept her arm on other side to get into Rohit’s arms, but felt empty. Squinting her eyes open, she didn’t saw him, she sat upon bed and called out for him but heard none… Fear gripping her, she was about to call him when saw his message on sticky note, stuck on side table, taking it, she started reading it…

“Sorry! Really Sorry Sona! I know, tum soch rahi hogi ki main kahan hoon, right, actually I have a important conference at Sippy hospital and forgot to notify you yesterday… Subah uthana nahi chahta tha kyunki tum itni pyaari lag rahi thi isilye… But I promise main jaldi aa jaunga, shaamke saat (7) baje tak, pakka! I love you lots, meet you soon!

- Your Dr. Surgeon!”

Sonakshi smiled at this cute note of his, “Pagal Dr.Surgeon! Ye aisa kyu hai!”, And slapped her forehead lightly, but then got crestfallen next second… “Magar aaj… aaj toh we were to celebrate this day together… Bhul gaya ki aaj Valentine’s hai! Humara pehla Valentine’s, magar aise jaayega!”, And looked down at note, and then smiled at his I love you, underlined, “I love you too Dr. Surgeon!”, And kissed the note, and forgetting every complain, got up to get ready…

As she got to the cupboard, another note was stuck to the closet, surprised, she smilingly took it,

“Tumhare liye ek white floral top, aur jeans rakha hai, tumbohot bohot acchi lagti ho… Please pehenlo, haan baaki joh tum andar pehnti ho woh tum apne mann ka pehnlo, though red suits you…”, While Sonakshi’s mouth dropped reading it, she said out aloud, “Besharam!”, as she read the note, she got shocked again, “Haan! Hoon main besharam, tumhare liye, muh band karo Dramaqueen aur jo kaha hai peheno na! And Ami Tomake Bhalobashi!

 – Your Besharam Rohit!”

Sonakshi smiled widely at another cute note, though embarrassed with such dirty talks by him, yet she smiled widely and saw her clothes,indeed, ready… But then pondered over the three words in some other language, Bengali, it might be, and it might mean I love you! Rushing to her phone, she googled the meaning of same and chuckled lightly, as her interpretation was true! Tapping her phone on her forehead, she shook her head and walked in the washroom…

Coming out she, started drying her hair and getting ready, took her handbag, and walked down to dining hall, when Pooja greeted her morning chirpily and she responded the same… When Pooja handed her a purple envelope, and teasingly said, “Bhai ne diya, kaha aapko dedu! Aur ye bhi kaha ki Valentine’s hai aaj, wo bhule nahi!”, and smiled at her teasingly as Sonakshi blushed a little but was amused, he knows what’s today… She grabbed the envelope, but then looked at Pooja, who nodded dramatically, “Nahi padha maine kuch, seriously! But Rohit itna romantic hai mujhe pata nahi tha Bhabhi!“ And winked.

As she walked away, Sonakshi felt to murder her husband but hug him also for such romantic notes, as she opened it, it was a white paper was there with his scribbling handwriting, Ahh Doctors! Sonakshi chuckled and read it,

“Tumhe laga mujhe yaad nahi! Sab yaad hai! But sabr karo thoda… Main tumhe sab kuch best dena chahata hoon, waise toh tumahara har din special banana chahta hoon magar ye day baaki couples ke special se zyada special dena chahta hoon main tumhe! Happy Valentine’s Day Sona! Naan Unne Kathalikkiren!  

- Your Valentine Lady!”

His small gestures that’s these cute notes already made her day special, just she hugs him once, kisses on that tip of cute nose and its special more than anything… His words always had a connection with her heart… Worked like magic… She could thank the god everyday, that he sent Rohit for her… Smiling at another language, she knew what it was conveying, but still googled it like teenager, while Veena came & patted her head lovingly, and asked Vimmi to pour juice for her while everyone started coming to dining hall for breakfast…

When she finished over, and after chit chatting with her family, got up to leave for sets, Vimmi came and handed her a blue envelope,everyone went ohhs & ahhs… “Bhai kitne romantic hai nahi Mom!”, said Ajit, while Veena smiled at Sonakshi and reprimanded Ajit, poor girl, Sona was. She got a real lot of teasing session for straight 15 minutes, when somehow she left for her car, and sitting inside, sighed loudly… 

“Ye Dr. Surgeon, mujhe heart attack dega… Aise notes, sabke saamne… Milne do batati hoon…”, but then pouted, “Magar ab maine kya karu, ye itne pyaari cheezien karega toh pyar zyada aayega aur gussa kam… Rohit Sippy!”,and shook her head furiously… Calling out Shankar, she took the envelope and opened it, a note waiting…

“Jaanta hoon, ki ho sakta hai ki tumhe woh note Vimmi ne sabke saamne diya ho… Koi baat nahi! Main toh chahta hoon puri duniya ko patachal jaaye ki main tumse kitna beyhadh pyar karta hoon… Accha woh sab chodo, Netra ji”s se baat karli maine tumhara call time same hai, bas shoot 6:30 tak wrap up ho jaayega… I know kafi jaldi hai, but tumhare husband ki demand pe hua ye. Ok ab jao shoot karo, aur haan, Je T'aime!

– Your Demanding Rohit!”

As Shankar drove the car out of Sippy mansion, Sonakshi folded the note neatly, and kept it in her purse, where all other previous notes were… And looked outside the window, thinking what was her Dr. Surgeon planning… Wondering if more notes awaited her… While she whispered under her breath, “Je T’aime!”, and smiled madly like a teenager, “Je T’aime Rohit!”,she liked the sound of it!


While her day went, good enough on sets too with 5 scenes to shoot only, 2 solo, other 3 scenes with Sumit… Though she called Rohit, but he didn’t pick it up. She muttered, “Khadoos! 6:30 bajne ko hai kuch minute main, last take aur ho gaya, call nahi uthaoge Rohit toh mujhe kaise pata chalega ki ab kya karna hai aage!”, and shook her head, tapping her phone… When Sumit came and sat beside her, on other chair… She smiled at him.

“Bas ek aur take hai!”, While Sonakshi nodded, a bit preoccupied by her husband’s thoughts! When Sumit slapped his forehead and took out a pink envelope and handed her, surprised Sona was, looked at Sumit… “Padho padho Sonakshi, tumhare pati dev ka hai ye chitthi! Waise goals ho tum dono! Meri future girlfriend ye dekhti, toh mujhe bhi karna padta…”, Sumit laughed,while she chuckled and took the envelope. When Sumit acted to peep in at what’s written in it.

“Sumit!!!”, Sonakshi said chuckling, while Sumit raised his hand in surrendered manner, and laughingly walked to Netra. Sonakshi hurriedly opened the letter, and started reading it eagerly like a excited child,

“Call karna band karo! Hume kuch der main milna hi hai Sona! Baat karunga toh phir raha nahi jaayega mujhse tumse mile bina…”,Sonakshi said aloud as if Rohit was standing there, “Toh karlo baat! Mujhe milna hai tumse Rohit!”, and cribbed cutely. As she read further, “Bas tumhe ye note mil gaya, matlab tumhara shoot khatam ho gaya hoga by now, right?”, Sonakshi nodded at his question, “Ab tum apne green room main jaana, ok! Wahan ek aur note hai, par ye tumhe khud dhoond na hai! Treasure hunt! And Sona, Ik Hou Van Jou!

- Your Crazy Lover! (Not Secret Though)”

I’m crazier, crazier, crazier in love with you! Sonakshi smiled widely, and kissed the note, leaving her lipstick stamp… Now curiosity filling her up, thinking what next note is in her green room… As she was called for last take of day, she shot it hurriedly. And the moment cut, and pack up was shouted, Sonakshi had springs in her feet as if, got in her green room less than 5 minutes!

Locking the door from inside, Sonakshi kept the previous note in her purse and began searching for the next note… Well! This was fun! When after 6 to 7 minutes, she saw a red envelope tucked in the corner of Parvati's collage photo frame, Ye mujhe kaise nahi dikha, thought Sonakshi, and sat on her chair to open and read it, surprisingly, it was a red paper too, 

“Last note Sona! Ab na, tumhare cupboard main ek gift hai, red glitter paper se wrapped, wo pehnlo jaldi se, aur apni gaadi main beth jaana, Shankar tumhe mere paas chod dega, aur mera surprise tumhara intezaar kar raha hoga… Bas ab aur der mat karana waise bhi tumse zyada, mujhe tumse milne ki jaldi hai… I cant wait to see you, have you in my arms… Ab jaldi karna! Te Quiero Sona!

- Sona ka Rohit!”

She blushed at the ending of his, Sona ka Rohit…Sounded always beautiful! Hurriedly, she walked to her cupboard to have his gift. Wrapped neatly, she took it and sat on sofa to open it… When she saw a dark red midi dress, which would end on her calves, spaghetti strapped with tight fitting till waist and then frills, down waist. Sonakshi smiled and muttered, “Wakai heart surgeon Rohit Sippy ki choice kafi acchi hogayi hai!”, remembering the first gift, saree to her, as she hugged the dress, “Waise tumhara laaya hua har cheez, har choice acchi hoti hai, main sab pehnlu, jo bhi tum lao…”, and smiled lightly, dropping her head down.


In 15 minutes, she got ready in jet speed in the excitement to meet him, crazy her! Calling Sunita, she made her hair in curls, but open,as he likes… Sunita complemented on her dress, after she left, Sonakshi clasped her hands and twirled, she just loves this dress on her, he remembered hercomforts, color, everything in the selection… As she wore wedges and hopped to  the car with her purse & mobile.

She did asked Shankar many times about where they are going, but looked like even he became Rohit ka chamcha, said, he can’t say it, or Rohit sir will scold him. Huffing, all she could do was wait, after a one & 20 minutes journey, the car stopped to its destination…

Sonakshi was actually dozing off and on, but her eyes opened at the breaks being pulled. Blinking, she saw time on her phone, it was quarter past eight… Coming out of the car, she took her purse, she looked around, and saw Rohit’s car and maybe it was most probably outskirts of Mumbai, but she couldn’t guess exactly where…

“Didi! Rohit Sir ne mujhse kaha tha ki who raasta hai na jo jungle main jaa raha hai, aap wahan jaayie, aur aap pahunch jaayengi...”, as Shankar pointed to a trail going inside the jungle… Sonakshi nodded and though the dense jungle was scaring her a bit, but still walked inside the jungle through the trail, while she heard her car zooming out, and leaving the place.

Thankfully there were small lights present, when at a turn,there was yellow small arrow board on a tree, saying, this way please, with a smiley! Sonakshi smiled at this cute gesture… And she proceeded,concentrating on the footpath, hoping she won’t fall, as the night had fallen.As she walked for good ten minutes, balancing on her heels, when she squinted her eyes as many lights gleamed in darkness.

Blinking, she saw a view, she could never forget in her life,the beauty was too much that made it unbelievable… Right some feet away, a small yet beautiful waterfall was there with a pond below it with crystal water.Where as the whole area was surrounded by trees, she realized she was inside the dense jungle… There were many fairy lights hanging the trees, lighting it enough and beautifully. A white tent house was set up, with fairy lights glistening in dark, and its big curtains flying, where as on her other side a table for two was set! As Sonakshi, in awe, her jaw dropped looking at the view, as she walked forward with her hands clasped together, noticing everything, her eyes could, she wasn’t happy but getting overjoyed, emotional with happiness… She just couldn’t believe all of it… 

When a pair of muscular hands snaked around her waist infirm grip suddenly, making her gasp at the suddenness, but she knew, smiling happily at who it was, she turned instantly, remaining in the same proximity, it was indeed, Rohit!


Meaning Of Title -

In Aura Est Amor : Love Is In The Air (Latin)


And, I hope you liked the first part, and title of course... I know its more of Sonakshi, but I promise, next part is intimately romantic, if this was cute! Well, Rohit should have been our valentine! (Or Karan) smiley37

Do like, comment & constructive criticism is welcome!

Oh and btw, I forgot actually in which all languages I wrote I love you! LOL! But hope you liked the first part! Second one coming real soon! Because I'm more excited to share it with you all!

Love, Anushka.

P.S. And Fifty Shades Of Grey parts! Part 3A out tomorrow! Part 3B will be up too soon! smiley31

P.P.S. Let me tell you something, I was very cheerful while writing this! The happy vibes it had, I enjoyed writing it most! All the way, writer of this fiction was blushing! There I said it! smiley36 Thank You Amigos!

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Posted: 11 days ago

This is so beautiful.Romantic Rohit 😍😍😍😍

Posted: 11 days ago lovely!!

Posted: 11 days ago

Anu i loved it smiley27

cant wait for the next part 

Posted: 11 days ago

Loved loved loved it Anushka smiley31smiley31 ... please continue writing on Ronakshi. We will live vicariously through your stories smiley9smiley9

Posted: 11 days ago

Anushkiiii... smiley31smiley31

You have no idea.. How badly I needed this to cheer myself up.. To actually relax.. smiley27smiley27

This was so so so beautiful and magical.. smiley42smiley43

I absolutely loved the Romantic Rohit.. Hayee.. smiley42smiley43

Yess Karan should have been our valentine.. But we got the besshhtt valentines gift from it.. So yeah the day was perfect.. smiley43smiley43smiley42smiley43

This was absolutely beautiful.. I can't express in words how I love the feeling of such magic.. 😍😍

It's not valentine and fairy tale hand in hand.. It's love and fairy tale hand in hand.. 💕💕💕💕❤❤❤

I can imagine how happy you would have been by writing this... As I was sooo happy by reading this.... 😍😍😍😍smiley9smiley9

I could literally imagine things playing out as such for both our same couples the exact way!! (Read between lines here) smiley2smiley9

Thanks you sooo much... smiley31smiley9

Nd I believe that fsog note was specifically for me.. smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37was it?? 

And and... Mu tamuku bohut bohut bohut bhale paye.. (Means the same what you wrote in all the languages) this is in oriya.. Still I translate it (I love you so so so much) Anushkii... smiley31

Hugs, and kishes.. 😘😘smiley31


Posted: 11 days ago

Loved it!!!! And love you for writing such a romantic piece....smiley27smiley27smiley27

Posted: 11 days ago

Soo romantically romanticsmiley27

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

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