What a disappointing episode!

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Posted: 14 days ago

We all know how much Rukmini's character is being butchered to prove Radha Krishna love and relationship was the only thing that was true in the world but today I really felt bad for her. 

The solution is simple but they're deliberately dragging it by not telling her the truth. And the truth can be told to her by none other than Krishna himself but instead, he chooses to show her the truth in the most harsh and bitter way possible. Krishna deliberately loses the shells game because he knew Rukmini's wish would be to invite Radha to Dwaraka and he literally turned out to be the Baazigar jo haarke bhi jeet gaye smiley36so that later nobody will blame him for Radha in Dwaraka. Instead of telling Rukmini the real truth of his relationship with Radha, he decided he will show Rukmini the same truth in the most harshest way possible so that she will realize she can't expect Krishna to love her the way she loves him and has to accept that Krishna will only love Radha and not her. 

Secondly, I found Revathy very insensitive towards Rukmini. There were many other ways too to take out the negativity in Rukmini but instead she increased the negativity and jealousy even more by telling that Radha and Krishna love each other yet Radha allowed her to marry Krishna and by doing so, she did the biggest favor to her that's why she should always be grateful to Radha and accept her fate that she'll always remain the 'other woman' in Krishna's life inspite of marrying him. smiley24

Posted: 9 days ago

I don't watch the show anymore but I watch bits from instagram sometimes when I come across it. I agree with what you said. Krishna always behaves like Baazigar in this show. smiley36 It's so annoying that everything in his life revolves around Radha.  His anant and athaah prem is nothing but an obsession smiley11 

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