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Posted: 2 months ago

Everyone including the whole Sippy family, Rastogi family, hospital members were looking at Sonakshi. And Sonakshi, well she was looking at only one person, Rohit, who was bashing her, blaming her for everything that went wrong in the past few days. Rohit wasn't alone, each and every member of Sippy family, and Rastogi family blamed her for everything. 

Rohit was saying the regular stuffs like, how he should've listened to his family, how he shouldn't have married her, everything is happening is because of her, and how she can never understand the concept of family, or love as she was a mere television actress. But this time, for Sonakshi, it hurt real bad, as Rohit was blaming her for his father's current condition too. Out of all people, he too thinks that she could do this to him, or anyone. She was just standing there, listening to each and every word that Rohit was saying. 

When Ajit asked her to save him, she knew it is going to jeopardize her marriage, and her relationship with rest of the family members. But she believed that, at least Rohit will understand at a certain point because, they love and trust each other enough. But she was wrong maybe. Marriage, love these aren't as easy as it sounds. She was tired. Tired of taking everyone's shit. She couldn't take it anymore. Everyone was so busy minding their own shits, and blaming her whenever anything was going wrong. She too is a human being. She too has feelings, she too can get hurt. 

But this wasn't it for Sonakshi, then the Police came and they wanted to investigate the matter. Veena, who once loved and adored her like her own daughter, or maybe pretended to do so, came forward, and held Sonakshi's hand. 

Then she said something to the Police which shocked Sonakshi to her core. Veena told the Police to take Sonakshi in custody because apparently for her, Naren is in this condition today. She couldn't believe her own ears. Is this real, or is she dreaming? No, this can't be happening. How could she do this to her? How could Rohit do this to her? How could her own mother do this to her? 

But the Police clarified that once Naren wakes up, and he himself admits that everything was Sonakshi's fault, untill then they cannot take her to their custody. But they'll keep an eye on her, in case she decides to run away from that place. 

This was becoming too much to handle for her. She can't handle anymore humiliation. She just can't. She needs to get out of the place as soon as possible. Maybe this is it. Maybe her and Rohit weren't meant to be together. Screw that, she herself isn't sure whether she wants to be with Rohit, with the Sippy family or her own family anymore. They don't even consider her as a human being. She is just a dustbin where everyone stops by, spits all their bitterness, hatred. She couldn't do this to herself. She didn't deserve all this. Never in her life, she hurt anyone, or even thought about that. Then why all this was happening? Why does her life has to suck so much? She wasn't being able to breathe anymore standing there, taking everyone's hatred, especially Rohit's. 

Till the time, the Police was there, everyone wasn't saying anything to her anymore. But she knew once they are gone, it'll start again. After few more minutes, the Police asked Veena to inform them as soon as Naren wakes up and stabilizes. Then they left. 

Before anyone could say anything, 

She asked to her husband, 'Rohit, can I talk to you for a minute?'

Rohit looked at her through his hatred-full eyes and replied, 'Why? What more do you want? The things you've done, aren't they enough? Aren't me, my family members enough broken and vulnerable for your satisfaction?'

Sonakshi smiled a little bit and said, 'Just a last thing.'

Within a blink of an eye, she tored her Mangalsutra from her neck, and removed her ring from her finger. Rohit's breathe got hitched halfway in his throat. He couldn't believe his eyes. What was she doing? I mean, what? Why was she doing this? 

Sonakshi then gently took Rohit's hand and handed over the things and said, 'There you go. I'll send you the Divorce papers within this month."

She looked at him for the last time, capturing everything about him as much she could. The pain, she was feeling, couldn't describe. She doesn't know how she's gonna live this life without Rohit, but maybe this is better than all the humiliation she was facing. It's going to be the toughest job she has ever done in her life, but maybe she'll live through it or die, it's not like anybody cared. But she couldn't do this to her. She is not going to her once called home, to her own mother. She has no idea how she's going to manage everything. She was basically jobless, no roof over head. But that's okay, she'll figure something out. She has to figure something out. But she cannot live in that mansion anymore, she cannot live with Rohit anymore. 

Smiling a little bit, Sonakshi turned her back towards Rohit and left from there. Rohit was too shocked to react? Did his Sona just left him? Divorce? What? Why?

Everyone was shell shocked at Sonakshi's decision too. But it was much needed. Ajit ran towards Sonakshi. 

While Sonakshi was getting into her car, Ajit finally came and begged, 'Bhabi, what did you do? Please don't leave Bhaii. He cannot live without you. I'll go and tell everyone that it was me, who told Suman Aunty about Papa. I don't care about what they're going to do to me, but Bhabhi please you don't go. I beg you. Give Bhai sometime. He'll eventually understand.'

Sonakshi hold Ajit's hand assuring him and said, 'It's okay, Ajit. It is not worth it. And please don't tell anyone that it was you, and I was just trying to save you. The problem is, even if this time, everything gets normal, just like before somehow. But in future, if again required I can lie to everyone to save you. So it's better for me to leave. Goodbye,Ajit. Take care of yourself.'

With that she got into her car, and asked Shankar to drive. Finally she was gone, from Rohit's life, everyone's life. Maybe this was meant to happen. Who knows. All she wants to do is, cry her heart out in peace for now. For rest, she can think about them later.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Everyone just blamed her without listening to her side. Hope the truth will come out.

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