Maharasankranthi…. Harvest of love…………..My Ra4gKor….

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Posted: 3 years ago

January 21, 2019

Maharasankranthi…. Harvest of love…………..My Ra4gKor….

It was green all over inspite of the chillness….

The breeze was cool…. The roads were clean… the sun was slowly rising amidst the clouds around it.

The fields on both the sides of the road was scenic to watch and enjoy…

The sprinklers were circling with mild showers among the paddy fields.

The tractors were going with the newly harvested sugarcanes jetting out towards the village 

The cubs and the roses were excited… watching all the greenery…. Downing the windows of the Rover which was driving through the fields towards Suraj Rajvanshi’s Azadgunj.

Thank you so much mumma and Daddy for this was all they were saying…………...

Aditi was hugging the Rowdy who was enjoying steering along with his birdie beside who was jetting her face out scrunching her nose while the due drops was falling on her.. She was no less to the kids who were just enjoying the ride waiting to experience the new experience of the harvesting during the Maharasankranthi in the village.


Few days back……………in the mansion during the family time

Aditi and Ananya were busy reading about harvesting, agriculture, fields came with it the description of Maharasankranthi and the famous kite flying festival.

They both ran to Arjun and asked, bhai what is agriculture, harvesting and why is that we donot have fields in Shimla.  Arjun was explaining to them about the importance of agriculture and reminded them about the paddy and sugarcane and wheat fields they would see while going to AZ but kids were small and could not remember about the harvesting etc.

He told them about how the farmers go through so much hardship in ploughing the fields to grow the food for us and how one should not waste food as its ones hard labour. Like how the soldiers protects us from external attacks, farmers protects us by growing healthy food to keep us alive and healthy while they have pathetic living conditions for survival. He hugged the two and said we must respect the Jawans and the Kisaans and every one in the family has to be part of these two in their phase of life. 

Aayansh was hearing to him and typical to him he was excited about kite flying more.   Chakor was admiring Arjun’s wisdom and the calm explanation while smiling at Aayansh thinking he still has that childishness and playfulness. 

Aditi jumped bhai you said you want to go to army fight dhushummm for the country…. And Aayansh wants to do music, so I will go do farming and also boxing when Raaghav lifted her and said throwing her up in the air which made her giggle… so my rowdy rosy wants to be a farmer and a boxer… ha ha no way I will allow my princess to work in the hot fields….. Ananya said yeah yeah it will be hot but I don’t mind ploughing if there is a shade above and all burst into laughter at the little one….

Arjun went to his mumma and said mumma, daddy why cant we celebrate Maharasankranthi this time at AZ… we can see the harvesting and also the lohri celebrations too and jumped AA yes yes then the kite flying too…. Please please we have been doing it within the mansion and sometimes at the plantation but lets go …………  

She went to the window looking out at the clouds….it is January and it was chill and misty though the sun was out but among the clouds. 

Maharasankranthi brought out nostalgic memories for Chakor ………………. The breaking of the shakles and breaking the camaflouged memory and thus  harvesting of new relationship… she kept quiet when Raghav walked to her and held her hands understanding the emotions she was going through. If you are not fine we shall not go he said… but she smiled at him looking into his eyes… saying lets go Raghav as your love have harvested my life green… He kissed her forehead and they returned holding their hands saying lets start tomorrow itself so that we can drive through the fields………….

Yayyyyy,,,, thank you mumma daddy ran the foursome to their awesome parents who would ensure that the kids wishes are always fulfilled….

Arjun lifted Aditi who was the replica of Raghav with her sharp nose and smirky smile and said you look just like daddy.. Aayansh said true bhai and kissing Ananya on her head… and you are the rubber stamp of mumma with that beautiful eyes and little nose….. Raghav hugged both the boys and said my cubs, our prince you are no less young men, smart and intelligent, but Dad no match to your handsomeness and mummas intelligence…The boys were too emotional and said we love you loads Dad and Mumma and looked at the big picture of their Rishab dadha folding their hands and thanking him for bringing them in their lives.  We love you too the couple held their boys and told the same.


The Rover was driving through and they reached AZ..

The whole village was decorated in the best and the bastiwala were excited in receiving their grandchildren along with BhuKa… The four ran to them and they were lifted by the villagers and carried to the basti……………..

The Lohri was prepared and was celebrated and boys lighted the lohri along with the village elders while the roses were watching them and they did not dare to go against their bros words and stayed far away as they were not allowed to come near the fire…

Mumma why is the Lohri asked the ever inquisitive Aditi when the boys came to them and sat beside their parents listening to mumma while they were served the famous sugarcane and ganni kheer along with food under the tree.  Raghav was admiring his birdie when she said lohri brings the closing of winter , the closing of dark days and the fire is burning of the past, burning of hatred, burning of any ill feelings that we had, burning away evil and burn them to ashes to pave way for a new start with the newly harvested crops, newly harvested thoughts, relationships and also to harvest happiness in others lives. She also said we must make ourselves sweet like the sugarcane in our words and make our hearts like the newly brewed porridge which has the goodness of the new yields of the staple crops along with the new beets and lentils which is very important and rich with its flavours and generally served in the mudpot to make us more related to mother nature.. along with the bamboo tumblers filled with the sugarcane juice.. just like bamboo one should bend for the goodness of others and which never breaks so easily.

The roses were listening to mumma with their cute mouths opened while the bros were having them on their sides and feeding listening to her.  Raghav was in all smiles and admiring of his birdie who always twined good preachings to the children in every possible manner in the most understanding way.

The children played with the basti children till their heart content while the couple were admiring them in solitude a little far away from the crowd on the straw and bamboo strewn altar looking at the moon together while she was resting herself on his chest and he was holding her around in his arms kissing her forehead.  Birdie he lifted her chin and said I am so proud of you for you never leave an opportunity to teach good to the children and so to me too…. She smiled closing her eyes in his warmth.

The kids came running to them when they all walked together to the Haveli to spend the night to get up early for the harvesting festival in the fields.


Maharasankaranthi………………the harvesting of love

The men were in their simple white Khadi cotton kurta pyjaama given by BhuKa and the girls were in their lovely yellow cotton lehenga and choli and were ready in the basti as the villagers were making the special dish made out of the first harvested paddy along with the lentils and the sugar beet.  They decorated a special platform with the new root vegetables along with the specially made porridge served in the mudpots invoking the sun god.  The Sun was high up in the sky shining bright when the villagers offered  the same…. 

Chakoriyaaa aaja they called her with respects to offer the first feed.. She looked up to the sky to the shining Suraj in the sky…. She had the blob of tears…. She fought with the evil for him to have that morsel of food during the shankaranthi, she fought for him whose memory was buried by her own evil sister the next time…. Her hands did shake but was held firm by RAghav looking along with her offering the first food to the man who rose to sky…. Suraj please accept and bless our offering...he held her with his left around her shoulders… she smiled offered the food and got ready for the next one........... the kite flying.

The kids were thrilled, all had special kites which Raghav had organized with simple threads for the little ones so that their palms do not hurt… Arjun and Aayansh were flying the kites with the roses holding their spindles….. All were wanting their Chakoriya to fly when Raghav took the spindle and held it circling her waist… she steered the kite fly high and did deal with the interfering kites…… Aditi jumped mumma mummaa is the winner and asked why do you cut the other kites which were black in colour…. Raghav took the spindle and the kite and lifted his princess on his shoulder while Arjun lifted Ananya…. Chakor said those black kites are the hurdles we face in life and we have to deal with them win them over to reach our goals and fly higher.  So we should always face the problems from front and cut them through and win over them.  

The kids were happy and were satisfied and went along with BhuKa after having their sumptuous meal to roam around the Basti which they love a lot for its nature and the innocent kids who always loved to play with the four.


Harvest love everyday....sweet cane in the bamboo........

It was noon and she was packing their bags to start by evening ….

She was still in her yellow lehenga while he came from behind and hugged her nuzzling her nape.. Birdie this yellow hmmmmm make me loose myself…. She held his hands resting her head on his chest and closed her eyes…

He turned her towards him when he lifted her chin and asked are you ok. She nodded yes…Thanks to you Rowdy for always being there....Raghav she said why is that you never have any likes of your own… never talk about any festivity… hmm tell me what do you think about shankaranthi she asked  garlanding him.   He smiled, held her close looking into her eyes and thumbing her red lips he said other than loving you I don’t have anything Chakor…. Well about festivity… with you beside me everyday is a festive for me, and about shankaranthi … kissing her forehead he said I want to harvest everyday my love for you so that it is new, fresh and pure. I want to be that bamboo which can bend itself to such an extent that it never breaks even during the vibrant storm but withstands it…. You are mad she said…..but at the same time felt proud of him…. Yes I am mad, he said, mad in your love for you are that sugarcane juice which fills this bamboo and I never get tired of holding and relishing it… He was just closing in and she was loosing herself in those mesmerizing eyes and he held her chin and took her lips… they were drenching in their passionate kiss, harvesting their love for she had come over her past only to fill him with her love for he is that strong bamboo who would stand by her guarding her bending for her to fly high ruling the world.  

They were lost in each others embrace, kisses till they heard the children running towards them… They came to their senses….turning around to see those lovelies running with their hands wide open towards them.

They were set to start back giving a teary goodbye to BhuKa and the basti promising to come back every year to celebrate and harvest new love….

The Rover drove back home with happy hearts…. The roses were sleeping on their bros who were fast asleep in each others shoulders on their drive back…

The birdie was resting her head on his strong shoulders while he was taking back his happy family safe home….

He smiled looking at the sun which was setting beautifully with the clouds red and dusky....

Its true, as he celebrate each and every day of theirs with a newly harvested love, ensuring their lives are always filled with sweetness like the syrup of the sugarcane....


I never had any idea to write but those MeeJay edits and the by gone sankaranthi made my bossy’s love for me again give me a task and lol here I am writing it not knowing how long it is. oops

Sorry girls Sumi and her essays when its my ficfam I just go off my limits….

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Posted: 3 years ago

Yipeeeeee sumiiii... love you loads😘😘😘😘

Thank you... you know na festivals don't seem to be complete without ficfam...I was really missing it this sankranti 😍😍😍

fantabulous it is indeed and you know by now that , ofcourse apart from ragkor, I loveeeee the moral value which each of your stories carry.... thanks for that and for the niceee nice description of lohri and  sankranti👏👏👏❤❤

It was very nostalgic ..... reminded us of the two sankranti's and I think during ragkor track when imli comes back from jail,  raghav has gone to get a kite only na.... must have been sankranti... which ofcourse her highness imlidevi and that idiot bhalla spoiled !!!

Forget it ...i am imaging meejay....encircling her while holding the spindle😍😍 the yellow dress, the sun in the sky and the sun setting with the clouds red and dusky( very symbolic indeed!)

And the kids are a bunch of cutie pies .... so lovable they are....😘😘😘😘😘

Posted: 3 years ago

Thanks so much Sonia for the lovely words.. You don't know how much these comments bring a smile on my face 😍😍🤗🤗


Firstly thank you so much for this surprise 😘❤ Superb story I liked these kiddos a lot they are too cute 😍😍😍  Their decision to celebrate mahasankranti in Az to RagKor moments everything is perfect It,s short update but well & beautifully written I just liked the way Raghav always stand with Chakor Imagine MeeJay in that place & I really wish Ragkor story never ended so abruptly by writers but these writers snatched our meejay from us I really sometimes missed them a lot but your stories always gave me some solace Keep writing dear


Posted: 3 years ago

First.. A very very happy birthday dear Smita.. Thanks so much for your lovely words. 


The Makarsankranti write up was so soothing & emotionally beautiful Sumi..👌👌. Loved the family moments while Ar gave Ad explanation of agriculture & ploughing.. He is so versed & intelligent 👏👏 .. Ad's wish to be a farmer,  Aa's childishness, An's cute talk..❤❤😚😚. I loved these foursome.😍😍. Ar's fantastic idea, always make all amazed.. Really he is the photo copy of Raghav & Aa is actually carbon copy  of Chakor but for me Raghav & Chakor are unique & extraordinary but yes certainly Ar is the mixture of all the quality of Ragkor. 

Loved the way you describe the surroundings & the scenery, I was fascinated, it seemed as if I was going AZ by the same route.. It's beautifully & exquisitely described.👍👍👏. 

Loved the kid's excitement & enjoyment on Lohri, Chakor's describing the features & significance of the festival, adding a mix of moral values 👌. Sankranti makes all of us go nostalgic, the never to be forgotten memories, that hard & adverse situations on both the Sankrantis, Sukor's fight against the wicked. Loved the portion when Chakor's getting emotional while serving Porridge to the Sun, her hands trembled but Raghav held her firmly & they together had offered first food to the man who rose to the sky , that was so lovely & touchy moment..💝💝 Then the kite flying, Chokor's participating, Raghav' taking the spindle & held it circling her waist, just wow...👌😍😍😍 Their moment of solitude, Raghav's described the unique way about the festive 👌, his comparison is always very interesting & extraordinary 👏😁😜😜.God bless them & their love & togetherness. Loved it so much Sumi, you always make all the festival so memorable & beautiful with your wonderful write up..❤❤ Thanks a lot & sorry for too much late reply but I have already said you the reason behind it. Today is that day, so I read it & did my comment.. 😊😊.



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