14th January 2020 :Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Amber asks the net guy about finding the person they were chatting with. He asks how much he chatted. Amber gets mad at him. He says it's a dating app, one left, many will come. Amber loses his temper on the guy and sends him off. He drops the phone and struggles hard to get the phone back but can't. 

Nia asks Upadhyay to send draft for ad. Randeep stops him and says till I say it's final, then only it will be final. Upadhyay tries to explain but Randeep ignores. Nia says check the file. Randeep is impressed to see Nia accepts his ideas and he almost hugs her but stops himself. He pulls Nia aside and says she will support him now? Nia says doing work. Randeep says we are friends also. Nia asks him to focus on work and that Amber will resume soon. Randeep says why she is sulking, she was funnier in LA. Nia ignores and walks off. 

Guneets mom asks her when she will meet Anurag? She eggs Guneet on. But Guneet excuses herself. 

Boss scolds Kabir and asks what happened? Why Nia returned so early and if she gives importance to personal issues fire her. Kabir begs for another chance. 

Guneet notices Amber struggling to get the phone and comes to help. But Amber stops her from helping. Later asks for help but Guneet says to try themselves. 

Boss announces about relaunch of app and team to handle it but he leaves Nia out. Kabir apologizes. Nia tells Kabir she is not sorry for what she did and even ready to quit. 

Ghanshyam comes and Amber makes him get the phone out. He checks the mobile. Nias colleagues ask her if she told anything to Kabir. Nia says just not to fight for me. 

Guneet is talking with Swara and her phone rings. It's Dr. Anurag Malhotra. Guneet feels irritated. Says send me details. Guneets mom asks what's going on. Guneet says will meet at my preference. She sulks about the mess of marriage pressure and sales target. 

Randeep arrived at Nias home. Guneets mom says I have to hear all society people. Randeep tries to sneak in but overhears Guneet and her moms words. Randeep says here to meet Nia but hiding from amber. 

Nia comes to Kabir and asks why fight for me? Kabir says coz believe you, trust you, and your talent. Nia says could lose your job. Kabir says you don't trust me and my talent? Nia says do. She hugs him and says let me drop you will meet Amber. Nia says ok. 

Guneet asks so you messed up Ambers life? Randeep says and he will mess up mine if he knows I was with Nia in USA. Guneet says ask her out. Randeep says Nia thinks am too serious. But am ready to be anything she wants to be. Randeep says now tell me what issue with arranged marriage? Guneet says you eavesdrop? Randeep says tell me will help deal with it. Guneet says problem about meeting new people. Randeep says not a big deal. If Nia wasn't in sight will marry you. Guneet chides him. 

Guneet says in your age can be love, for us it's hard. Randeep says just meet and try. Maybe fall in love. Randeep lost in Nias thought. Randeep asks Guneet to consider his suggestion. Guneet says follow your advice and give Nia time. Be friends first. 

Nia and Kabir arrive. Amber hides mobile. Kabir greets Amber. Amber looks at Kabir and he offers to leave but Amber stops him. Amber inquires about the app and chat history. Kabir is taken aback. 

Precap-- Guneets mom tells Guneet to meet the Doc so her BP is ok. Amber overhears and tells Guneet to consider. Guneet says you meet the women Nia wants you to meet. Both stare at each other. 


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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 

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