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Posted: 5 months ago

Episode - 83

When Vidya informs Avatar that Vivek is in love with her, Avatar becomes delighted. Later, Bablu confronts Vivek and reveals Vidya's truth.

Posted: 5 months ago

Episode - 90

Vivek is stunned when Vidya asks him to teach her so that she can teach the students. As she takes out the books, Vivek angrily tells her to get out of his house.

Episode - 91

Bablu gives his phone to Vidya for her to watch the videos and study while Parbatiya takes care of her. Next day, Vidya goes to school and is shocked to see everyone standing outside.

Episode - 92

As Vidya starts cleaning the school alone, slowly the children join her but the teachers stand aside, watching them quietly. Meanwhile, Ranjana tells Nanku about Vidya's appointment as the principal.

Posted: 4 months ago

Episode - 108

Vivek suspects that Dharma and Bablu are planning something grave. Later, chaos ensues when the village is set on fire, leaving the villagers scattered.

Episode - 109

When the village is set on fire, Vidya rushes to save Kanni, leaving the former in trouble. Later, Vivek starts worrying after realising that Vidya is in jeopardy.

Episode - 110

When Vivek unveils the truth to his mother about Vidya, she is left shocked. Meanwhile, Vidya believes that she can prepare for becoming a teacher.

Posted: 4 months ago

Episode - 114

When Avatar spots Vivek and Vidya together, he loses his temper. Later, a guilty Vivek tries to seek forgiveness from Vidya.

Episode - 115

Vidya starts recollecting Vivek's mother's words, asking her to remain distant from Vivek. Later, when Vidya and Vivek set out to visit the education department office, Nanku's men follow them.

Episode - 116

On their way to court, Vivek and Vidya find themselves in grave trouble after meeting with an accident. Meanwhile, the judge finds Nanku not guilty of the crime.

Posted: 3 months ago

Episode - 124

Vidya is attacked by a few men as she sits near the temple when Lord Shiva arrives and chases them away while blessing Vidya. As the news spreads, the sadhus and villagers flock around her.

Episode - 125

Vidya confronts Vivek about the whole Lord Shiva act and becomes sad when he says that was the last option as everyone believes Nanku. Later, the sadhus ask her about the events of the previous night.

Episode - 126

Nanku instigates the villagers against Vidya for mocking the gods and vows to make the temple. Later, he becomes instrumental in getting Vivek suspended and turning the villagers against him.

Episode - 127

Vidya informs Vivek about the villagers attacking his house and forces him and Mamta to escape. Later, Nanku's goons hit Mamta on the head and she falls unconscious.

Episode - 128

Vivek cries as the doctor informs him that Mamta has slipped into coma while Vidya blames herself. Later, Nanku comes to demolish the school but finds Vidya and her students praying there.

Posted: 3 months ago

To be frank I feel like they are dragging a lot instead of focusing on vidya education and their love story

Vivek mom condition was jus rediculos how come who don’t have any knowledge of education will pass ssc/ 10 th Kaise pass hogi? In 6 months think about math she should have some foundation right no matter how smart she is😳🙄 and now a days she is busy in exposing Nanku  Singh 

Any way the forum is dead slow nobody comes and share there opinion

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Posted: 3 months ago

Episode - 131

Nanku's goons succeed in catching Vivek and Vidya and lock them together with Kalindi. Later, Nanku exposes Vivek and Vidya's efforts to stop the demolition of the school.

Episode - 132

As Nanku stands shocked, the angry villagers attack him and prevent him from escaping. Later, he gets electrocuted and is taken to the hospital while Vidya and Vivek are happy that school is safe.

Episode - 133

As Vidya happily makes rangoli with the villagers, Vivek tells her that she can take her exams in Delhi after their wedding, making her blush. Dharma and Bala overhear them.

Episode - 134

Vidya is shocked when Mehek blatantly flirts with Vivek and introduces herself as Vivek's childhood friend. Later, Vivek is stunned when Vidya is selected for Shiksha Bharati award.

Posted: 3 months ago

Episode - 137

When Vidya fails to keep her promise, Vivek is left shattered. Later, when Vivek confronts Vidya in the school, she refuses to reveal the truth.

Episode - 138

When Mehek starts asking questions to Vivek about Vidya, he uncovers Vidya's shocking secret. Later, when a troubled Nanku spots Vidya on the road, he tries to attack her.

Episode - 139

While Mamta struggles to hide her secret, Mehek tries to reconcile the conflict between Vivek and Vidya. Later, Mamta asks Vidya not to go out on a date with Vivek.

Episode - 140

Vivek is left dumbstruck when Vidya informs him that she will stop her studies. Later, Vivek vows to find the reason behind Vidya's shocking decision.


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