Alok Nath in Jayeshbhai Jordar ? Wtf

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Posted: 3 years ago

One Ranveer Movie I will miss if true... 

Posted: 3 years ago

Where did you read it ?? 

If this is really true woke ranveer fans ka kya hoga.  Lagta hai Annual report ka koi asar nahi hua baba pe smiley36

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Posted: 3 years ago

Eww. Wtf. Are you sure? If thats true then I want him, Maneesh called out for this.This is disgusting. YRF and he has no idea what kinda questioning Ajay went through through de de pyaar de? I call bs on that. 

And what kinda tone deaf and disgusting move is that.. to cast Alok Nath in a movie about equality and feminism and women empowerment that they claimed a while ago?! I always say Bolly men don't get feminism at all. They just wanna pretend to be woke and preachy for points. And ironically these are the movies the so called men hail while women lead feminist movies are termed as men hating and 'feminazi' agenda. Eff off. 

Posted: 3 years ago

This is not even a rumour. Kuch bhi.. someone posted ss of JJ wiki page on twitter with Alok Nath as a cast member, but when I checked Wiki there is no one apart from Shaleeni and Ranveer  listed in the cast tab. Someone faked the Wiki page and posted on twitter. If he was part of  the film the rumour would have made it to the news outlets by now.

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Posted: 3 years ago

Has it been proven that he is what some folks claim to be he is? Or as usual social media justice warriors parroting bs.

Posted: 3 years ago

Such BS.. someone's messing with  fake rumours and posting junk.

 Again someone 'loves' RS  way too much and making stuff up..just in case someone believes this..


Posted: 3 years ago

YRF is supposedly making film with Luv ranjan so alok nath ko lena koi surprising nahi hai 

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by Twinklingmoon

YRF is supposedly making film with Luv ranjan so alok nath ko lena koi surprising nahi hai 

 YRF is a big banner ...didn't they make movie with Hirani (mentioning Hirani as he's another #metoo accused) also? I wouldn't be surprised to find all kinds  of directors  that make movies under YRF banner.

 But in this case:

 No one is listed in the cast besides Shaleen and Ranveer.

 So it was a made up thing.

Alok Nath

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