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.Epi 07 

Tag line .... Amir informs MJ that the former intends to find the real culprit behind the problems .. 

Episode begins with ..... Maya in her home ..pondering as she sits before Krishn .. she prays she should be firm in her gait  n not stagger .. .only then can she reach her goal .... she gets a call from Rishi asking if she was OK as her building  was on fire ....  he comes to meet her ..

Maya Rishi meet n she accuses him of leaving her to die while he ran away to safety .... Rishi refutes her claims n says he was waiting for her but she never arrived !! ...he then  starts talking about his feelings for her .. how much he loved her ,,she protests that this was wrong ,, he then pulls out a bangle/ bracelet n puts it on her wrist ,, he seeks one chance from her to prove himself he puts the bracelet she gets FBs of past memories ..when she was betrayed after offering a  bracelet  n she jerks her wrist away .. she says she feared accusations society .. she was Ten years older that Rishi !! 

..she states her inability to reciprocate his feeling .she understood the pain  of a broken heart ,, but she could not accept his love or his bracelet .

She walks away leaving heart broken Rishi ....a little further away she turns back n smirks at his tears ... 

At home Rudra n Ananya are having a face off .. .. he tries to pacify her .. but she is pissed off as he cut her phone .. he apologises n she accepts as she loved him ..he asks her not to love him as he could only give her friendship 

She says he could give her friendship n she will carry on loving him

That was her problem .

They discuss Maya ,,who was uNpredictable he fears she might kill him some day 

At the bar in his house Daadi n MJ are having a few pegs ...they watch Rishi walking in teary eyes ..n Rudra looking all excited as he walks in ... . MJ says Rudra was meeting success but Rishi was heart broken .. Daadi agrees n praises her son ,, Daadi warns Rishi might go astray after love and Rudra might end up in trouble .. asks MJ to control ,his sons lest they become like MJ .. 

In their room Rishi n Rudra discuss their lives .. Rishi jokes about dying .. but Rudra gets annoyed by this death talk ..then They get talking about Rishi’s love life .. he states the girl did not like to be touched .. Rudra becomes thoughtful .. he warns he must not touch a girl without her permission .. 

rudra dissuades Rishi from discussing his love life with Dad .. Rudra feels the least Dad knew about Rishi’s love life the best it was for Rishi ....Rishi asks bhai why did he always dissuaded him from discussing his girls with dad ?? Did Dad bhagao any of his Gfs ?? This Qs renders Rudra speechless .. he replies that Rishi should grow up n sort out his own life problems instead or running to dad for small things .. 

at Maya’s home she is baking cup cakes ,, Her mother notices the smile on her face n asks if there was blossoming of love in her life ,, Maya become alert ,,n glares at her ... maa changes the topic ,, Maya gives maa a piece of cake to taste ,, she tells maya that she was so full of vengeance out of so much heart break .. that only after everything was reduced to ashes she would get peace n happiness ...

ananya n Rudra again have face off over gifting .. Rudra calls his pet Labrador / Rottweiler   Sultan .. he instructs her to scare Ananya but not bite her ..  he opens the door n expects Ananya but he is shocked to see a delivery man holding a cake box ..he manages to stop his doggie in time .. 

Ananya then explains how she loved him.. she appreciated his selfless acts for their company ,, for getting maya to support their company ..also apologizes for maki g fun of his fish selling videos .. Rudra accepts but is shocked to get a call from Maya so late at night ..Ananya states none could ever come between RudAna..he disconnects his call with ananya ...

He talks to Maya .. he asks their next days plan .. she asks him to reach 6AM next morning ...she will brief him there ,.she will Message the location ..... n cuts the line 

He gets frustrated .. as he shares this with Ananya she states that she loved a maya as she treated arudra exactly the way Rudra treated Ananya.. she loved Maya ...she exclaims ... Rudra hates Maya .. he will show her his real colours  after she signs their deal ...

next morning Rudra mets Maya at fight club ,,he asks if she had been a fighter ..or an actress hunter waali ?? .. was she fond of winning at fights !! Or did she love the crowds cheering her name !! 
He is not interested in fighting ..he hated giving pain ..Maya states she had spl bonding with pain .. 

Maya asks him to come inside  for the next challenge has to fight for min 4.44 mins if he gave up before that he would lose .. he asks what was spl about the figure triple four!! It would be 4:30 or five mins too why 4:44 ?? 
she reveals nothing .. 

she asks him to proceed 

Rudra states that her signatures on their deal was only 4:44 mins away .. she smiles n wishes him good luck n walks away .. 


Rudra enters fight arena ..a fierce looking wrestler is waiting for him .. he beats Rudra black n blue .. Maya watches Rudra bleeding n states every drop of blood had its own value .. 

Rudra is badly battered n knocked unconscious ..he thinks he better be dead than losing to Maya ... 


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Hope it’s a nice episode today smiley42

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Posted: 2 months ago

Rajat is such a good actor. Totally natural. Jen to bhai Jen hai, from seedhi sadi to slayer mode in a flash! 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Rishi still can't comprehend love, he can easily use lies to cover up his tracks. He agrees to hide her from the world, but is that true love.

He clings onto Maya, but Ananya isnt that. She lets Rudra have his space and gives him the time to fall in love.

Jennys's cupcake scene started so well but her momsmiley24

I love how Rudra reminds him on consent! Good going elder bro!

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Posted: 2 months ago

MJ destroyed Rudra’s love life earlier 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Breaking news MJ NE Rudra ki GF ko bhaga diya ....smiley3

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Posted: 2 months ago

Mayas ex is MJ now cleared !!

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Ajgud

Mayas ex is MJ now cleared !!


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