Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE updates 05,06 Dec 2019

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Posted: 2 months ago

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 05 Dec 2019 

Shamita rescue Krishi from a trunk  placed under Mata kali .. it’s the combined efforts of Shamita’s presence of mind ..their frantic search..divine interventions 

They are informed by Nandini that Krishi has been  poisoned ..they rush to hospital 

Shamita struggle .. doctors struggle .. Nivedita prays n performs penance for her sins .. Moni joins her prayers ..Asmita n Shaan plead Lord Durga maa 

Nandini sends her goon disguised as docs to send her pics n videos of Shamita in distress .. and to deliver her letter .

With divine intervention Asmita catches that goon n but he manages an escape .. 

later Nandini blackmails Shamita to do as she wanted if they wanted the antidote for Krishi’s poisoning ...Krishi had only hour before the poison would kill her .. 

Shamita are shocked to hear this .. 

Yeh Teri Galliyan LIVE  updates 06 Dec 2019 

Shamita are pleading Nandini to give them the antidote to save Krishi’s life she was about to die of the poisoning .. After death defying stunts by Asmita n Shaan ...Krishi appears there n Baal Krishn is seen in her form .. Shamita n Nandini are shocked to see Krishi standing there .. there is a cow accompanying Krishi ..the cow charges at Nandini n gores her .. she is thrown off the cliff side into the deep lake .. Shana succeeds in grabbing the antidote from her before she falls off .. 

Shamita rush Krishi to hospital..n Docs administer the antidote n Krishi is saved ... 

Shaan hugs Asmita tightly n assures they will remain important part of his life henceforth .. 

doc declares Krishi a miracle child

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