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Dedicated to Salley who wants an Ishaan Suhana story from me.

Wedding season{Inspired by Emma}

Suhana is a self-appointed matchmaker.She is stylish and independant.She is waiting for her dream boy.

Sachi and Shravan:

They are best friends who work for the sony channel.Suhana is their common friend.

Kumkum Wadwa:She is Sachi's sister.

Sumit Wadhwa:He is Kumkum's husband.

Ishaan:He is Sumit's brother and Suhana's friend.He is a very serious pratical guy who advises Suhana and this irritates her.But it does'nt prevent him from advising her.

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CS is interesting. Waiting for the upcoming chapters.

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Wonderful CS..Looking forward to the first chaptersmiley42

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Hmm nice introduction 😄😆😝 waiting for upcoming chapters

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hi congrats on the new SS! 

amazing cs! 

update soon

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Awesome superb CS dear

Continue soon

Thanks for pm

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Wedding Season Part 1

Sumit Kumkum's wedding anniversary party..

Suhana comes on stage:Let me welcome the most beautiful lovely couple Sumit jeeju and Kumkum di.

Sumit and Kumkum appear holding their hands together with a smile.

Suh:How do you feel completing one year of successful marriage?

S:Great.Kumkum is the best wife.

K:It's because of Suhana that I got a husband like Sumit.You only found Sumit for me.I'm so grateful to you.

Kumkum hugs Suhana.Suhana smiles.

Shravan,Sachi and Ishan smile.

Sumit and Kumkum dance to the song Surag hua madham...'{KKKG}.

Everybody claps their hands.

Suh:What a rocking chemistry!

Suhana looks at Sachi.

Suh:Next year we will see another couple dancing on their wedding anniversary party.

Sachi blushes.

Ishan:Which couple?

Suh:Sachi and Kapil.


Suh:Yes.Sachi's marriage is fixed with Kapil.


Suh:Kapil is the dashing hero of the Sony serial.

I:Sachi was dating Kapil all these time?

Suh:No.I only found out that he will suit her.


Shravan:Now Sachi is deeply in love with Kapil.

Everybody laughs.

Sachi is shy.

All are having food.Suhana is having hot soup.Ishan goes near her.

I:Why did you choose Kapil for Sachi?

Suh:Sachi is beautiful.She definitely deserves a handsome guy like Kapil.

I:But looks are not enough for tying knot.Frankly speaking i don't think a guy like Kapil is a good match for Sachi.I think we need to think twice before conducting their wedding.

Suhana is irritated:Oh!This is your problem.You always find fault with my decisions.I only joined Sumit jeeju and Kumkum di together.They are happy no.

I:Ya..but that does'nt mean that your match making always works out.

Suh:Why are you not happy with this decision?

I:Kapil is a glamour boy.I doubt how far he will be sincere with Sachi.I have heard a lot of rumours about him.Sachi is nice girl.She is a bit too good for him.

Suh:Rumours are rumours.Close your ears.Don't judge anyone on the basis of rumours.

I:No,i did'nt simply judge him on the basis of rumours.I know Kapil.I don't think they will become a good couple.

Suh:Oh!Just stop it yaar.

She gets up and goes.

Shravan takes Sachi for shopping.He chooses expensive clothes for her.

Sac:What is the need of such costly clothes?I want to be simple.You know that.Right?

Sh:But you are going to be wed soon.You must be dressed in the most gaudy clothes.You will be gorgeous in these clothes.

She looks at him and smiles.

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kumkum n Sumit's dance smiley32

Suhana and Ishaan fighting over Suhana's match making

Are Ishaan's doubts true?

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