Sid conscientious was waking up , felt iota of repent

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Posted: 2 months ago

Hi guys,

I know there has been a long debate over Sid Asim fightsmiley18smiley18smiley18 but in yesterday`s episode what we saw new was although Asim was in an aggressive mood and was instigating/provoking Sidhant but after all that fiasco when Aarti lost his cool Sid tried to get the situation smiley44smiley44smiley44, when Sana told him that he has a good control he knew she is lying and went to Vishal and asked him was he wrong in today`s situationsmiley22smiley22smiley22 and then when Vishal said to him no he was right and he thinks Asim dramatized the situation by flying over the bed when Vishal thinks Sid didn`t push him that hard.smiley7smiley7smiley7....Sid corrected him by saying that he pushed Asim with a a lot of force and he was not dramatizing itsmiley42smiley42smiley42.....

Second good part we saw was even during the fight when Paras accused Sidhant that he fights with femalessmiley35 smiley35 smiley35 Asim immediately responded No every female has fought with Sid not Sid hassmiley32smiley32smiley32....Paras again rephrased the question and asked about himself that has Asim ever seen him fighting or bad mouthing with a female Asim corrected him saying yes he has seen him stooping low during fights with females and gave an example of Arti Fightsmiley2 smiley2 smiley2 .....

Even during Captaincy taskk when Sid and Asim were selected Asim immediately said that I will back our for Himanshi as he doesn't wanted to compete with Sid at that momentsmiley4smiley4.smiley4....Sid being Sid arrogantly said he needs to think and backed out himselfsmiley5.smiley5.smiley5. and then came back when the opponent team asked him to 

These two incidents show that both these Asim and Sid are trying to play as real smiley32smiley32smiley32....I hope Sid realizes that he has crossed the line a little by getting violent to another level and he is getting influenced by some wrong people in the housesmiley19smiley19.smiley19...... Asim should stay quiet for sometime as this will elevate his stature even moresmiley13smiley13smiley13......

Posted: 2 months ago

Sid realised it...but his aggression overtakes anything...he still accept his faults...that's one thing I liked abt him

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Posted: 2 months ago

Both did spend a lot of together in the house so know each other in and out but sid i feel just can't see anything beyond his temper and bossy attitude whereas asim had shown patience but now he too is going overboard with his provoking and sid ka toh kya kehna 

I've seen strong feeling .. Both will sought out their differences and will be cordial again but it will take time

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Sidharth Shukla Asim Riaz

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