12th November 2019 Written Update Mere Dad ki Dulhan

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Posted: 9 months ago

Part 1

Neha offers to help her dad in kitchen but he ignores her. She tries to explain that the trip to US is important for her career but he keeps ignoring her. She laments that she will end up stagnating while her colleagues will prosper. He says she can't bear the winter in Gaziabad, how will she tolerate winter in USA? She asks him if he can live alone? He doesn't answer her properly. She gets frustrated and says better I leave for USA. He angrily asks her to extend her stay to 4 years. She goes to her room and sulks. Her dad checks details of American crime rates. 

Next day morning Neha finds her dad on terrace drinking tea. He offers her jalebi and discusses crime rates in USA. Neha counters with details of Gaziabad. She says he forgot to delete his browsing history. He asks her if she has made up her mind? She says but not said yes till you approve. He keeps mum and 

Neha thanks her colleague Sree for helping for research on Gaziabad. Her boss Kabir comes and they celebrate about getting hits on the app. He asks of her decision to go to USA but she asks for time and he gets upset. She apologizes and asks to send Sree in her place. Kabir gives her 1 day and asks for passport. She says it's with dad, can't ask from him. Kabir fumes but explains her that she is hung up about the issue with her dad. She needs to let go and live her own life. 

A peon comes to get Nehas passport from the travels office run by Nehas dad. Her dad feels upset and refuses to give it saying his assistant isn't there so he doesn't know the location. Peon tries again but he refuses to give. Peon sulks. He relents but scolds his own office boy for lying on behalf of his assistant. 

(Shweta) comes to Nehas office and asks about creator of Hash-to-hash app. She is taken to Neha and she threatens to sue Neha for mental torture. 

Part 2

Nehas dad comes home and sulks remembering the peons words. He realies the lights are out and calls electrician. 

(Shweta) shows Neha a list of client who duped her. She blames the app. Neha defends her app. (Shweta) says I know this mess since 4 months. Neha says she can't blame the app for her stupidity. (Shweta) asks Neha to help her find the missing duper but they stay mum. Neha agrees to help. 

Electrician is checking the wiring. Nehas dad scokds him. Electrician leaves live wire and walks off. Nehas dad touches live wire and got shock. 

Precap-- Neha tells her dad that she wanted him to be proud of her. He says it's her wish to leave. She says her wish died the day her mom died. She is in office and gets message about her dad. She rushes. (Shweta) threatens to sue the company. Kabir is shocked. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Thank you so much for the updates. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

Thanks for the update. ST made an entry todaysmiley17

Liked the episode and the pace of the serial in general. 

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