Final Reminder To Everyone:IMPORTANT

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Posted: 3 months ago

Hola All..

Post Leap , KKB forum is witnessing few ups and down with fans of pre and post leap clashing and mocking each other ..So heres a few reminder for all to make sure proper decorrum and peace is maintained in the forum..

Moral Poliicing..

This forum is for all..With all I mean  both pre and post leap fans ..Noone has the right to show their dominance over other by asking the other grp to leave forum just because your grp is in majority .Any such moral policing from now onwards will result in individual warnings being given out to repeated offenders..If you disagree with any post or comment then reply your viewpoint in civilised manner instead of asking the member to leave or mock the memer's liking..

Pre Leap vs Post Leap Actors/Characters/Couple..

Now that show has taken a leap and we have new actors and couple in the picture , all need to understand that both pre and post leap fan grps will have to co-exist in this forum only..So instead of mocking or instigating each other ,better to avoid posting in each other's thread and stick to your own ones..If you still want to post in each other's thread then do it in civilised way instead of mocking or name calling any fan grp or actors ..Anyone found instigating fights deliberately will face individual warnings ..

Criticising Vs Mocking an Actor's Acting..

Theres a thin line between criticising someone's acting and mocking an actor or jodi just because u dont like the particular actor or jodi..While IF allows constructive criticism but we dont allow any form of mocking or name calling..If u find any form of mocking of any actor then report it but leave it on mods to decide whether its plain criticism or mocking instead of becoming a moral police yourself ..Mocking comments or name calling ones will b trashed without prior notice and repeated offenders will face individual warnings..

Hope above pointers r kept in mind while making any post or comment from now onwards ..

IF Dev team

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