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 Paas aao gale se laga lo

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AnuPre/PaRica AT is a home to us. It's where we laugh and cry with each other, where each smile shared, sets our heart aglow. Here everyone is bound by their love for AnuPre and PaRica.

 Whilst appreciating AnuPre, we also appreciate ourselves and others in the process. It is our paradise that saw Anurag and Prerna bloom from mere acquaintances to soulmates, as Anurag- Prerna amalgamated to AnuPre, this paradise bloomed with them, for them.


We are companions of the same journey, sat next to each other, we travelled distances together, got drenched together in rain and shared smiles under the stars. We faced hurdles together, we walked together, we ran along the rivers. Yet when time came, despite all the closeness we shared, we parted our ways, for our journeys was one and destination were same, but our paths were different. Cause when two parallel rails of train collide nothing but destruction occurs. As destiny had written we were never meant to be one despite being the halves of same soul. And they say, for the best experience is only bought at the cost of great pain. We will always been known by one name, Anurag and Prerna

If you missed it then do see the celebration from AT#50

credits: Creations by Priya(me), Sakeena, Keshi,  and StayStrong. Written by Priya, Briti and Sam

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Kitni dino baad mila 1st spot smiley36

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