Two Scenes That caught my Eye and the Analysis

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Posted: 4 months ago


Two scenes that caught my Eye.

One is

"If you see its a problem,if not then it isnt" Munni's question and Vidya's actions.


that happy young Vidya carefreely keeping the bag aside and going to her Mumma on his papa's insistence to leave school and look after house chores. 

These two gave a glimpse of the kind of issues show is gonna address but the thing caught my eye was the way its handled and said in a simple way,sometime in humour way. No were it came out preachy, they touch it and show it to us in a way such that its gracefully blended in the life of characters. Nothing was Explicit. Everything understood indirectly through characters, their display and screenplay. I liked the approach they are having to address the social issues. Well thought and written.

I am happily glad that #MeeraDeosthale choose Vidya that I am able to see all these too since I logged into the show for her.

#Vidya team and #MeeraDeosthale❤  these guys are rocking. I hope they Keep it coming. looking forward to the next epis of #Vidya

Posted: 4 months ago

Good one Uma

and to add, after seeing the epi just now i felt yes Vidya is timid but not scared, she may not be bold and dare to challenge but she in her timid way still conveys what she is not in agreement too! 

That word to her inlaws stating it is gross to fool those dreams of the parents who send their kids to school to study. 

Secondly that wrestler, he was quick in understanding about her and the way she asked him to suggest a way out... 

Thirdly, she is getting to know how an educated one gets respect from the society and ironically she is walking on the hard stoned path..... the path she is going to tread...

(my obsessive love for Chakor so a tint of that is there deep within her all she needs is just that confidence to be given to her.)

Not the least she is timid yet ready to face the life's challenge .. she did not coil around, yes she is scared, crying but still walking to the school....

Good concept after Udaan hope Mahesh Pandey carry it fine.

I remember though the tracks he wrote in Udaan was horrendous but still was fast and had logical balance of good and bad... Hope he has no pressures on him .........

All the best to team Vidya,

Posted: 4 months ago

True Sumi,

ya regarding vidya voicing out her opinion, i shared similar thoughtts on episodic review too and was about to mention the same in my second post, that ..the fear, hesitation, turmoil inside all wasnt that how she will manage being English teacher though uneducated  , its for the thought that she is spoiling students future and crushing parents dreams of the students by taking a job for which she is incompetent.

A thought that should arise in every incompetent teacher.

ya she is naive, innocent but knew right and wrong , voice it out too, though was in two minds on how  to do it and  choose it.

I am reminded of the article on vidya where Meera Said Vidya stands for V-virtuous I- Innocent D-Dedicated -Young  and A-Ambivalent

Now after seeing epis..I think this perfectly describes Vidya.

I hope the path dreaded ahead with stones make her gain that little things which would make her more confident.

ya she is timid but not the one who will vanish in fear on tough circumstances , seems the one to face the situation and overcome in her own way with  ups and downs on the approach.

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