Sep 10 : Good Episode but badly needed a monolog

Posted: 5 months ago

A positive episode, with a beautiful Shazaan scene 💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕 Razia Begum and Shaira's conversation, Shaira's Thug Mode, a happy Azaan and many Shazaan shippers 😂😂🙈

Episode starts with Noor telling Shaira that Azaan will leave her and does she know what people call a rejected woman? 

Razia comes and asks Noor, what do they call her? Razia says that Noor has lost every right to call her Badi Ammi, the way she is talking and the words she is using were not a part of her or Yasmin's upbringing, there's no difference between Noor and people whose only aim in life is to malign their image. 

Razia further adds that the day Azaan returned from London and introduced her to Shaira, she had regretted his decision thinking her son is making the biggest mistake of his lfe, but today I am happy that Azaan didn't listen to me, he listened to his heart because Azaan wasn't wrong, I was wrong, Shaira is a thousand times better than Noor in every manner, because Shaira loves her family and Noor loves herself. Noor might have taken advantage of Shaira's goodness to become daughter in law of this house but her life will be very tough, because she can say for sure that Noor's manner and thinking won't let her stay in Azaan's life for long and the day she leaves this house, Razia will be the happiest person. 

One more thing Shaira is like Razia but her kismet won't be like her because she will never be known as a rejected woman, because her husband loves her, Shaira can proudly say that her husband can die for her, can Noor say it? May God never show this day to any woman, but if anyone would be an abandoned woman, it will be Noor, it is not coming from The Bahu Begum, it is coming from a woman whose husband rejected her to a woman whose husband will reject her. 

Razia leaves and Shaira goes behind her, Razia says she doesn't want to speak about it. Mashuka brings breakfast, Shaira says that Razia should eat and anyway it is not right ti talk between the meal. Azaan would never miss his breakfast in London, he always maintained that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Razia says that she knows and remembers everything about Azaan then how can she forget that he won't fall in love with anyone else? Shaira changes the topic and asks Razia to eat, Razia says that she doesn't want to eat, shaira says how will their life be normal? 

Razia asks Shaira, what is normal in this house? Noor's zidd, Shaira's decision, Azaan's helplessness, two wives living under one roof? 

Razia says that Noor's word hurt her, she is a woman whose husband abandoned her but it was her misfortune and helplessness, Shaira is writing her misfortune herself. If one has to choose between wrong and very wrong, they pick the wrong one and this is what she did between Shaira and Noor, it doesn't mean she has forgiven her. 

They should add more Razia scenes, the woman is terrific and Simone is a very good actress, she has that royal touch in her gestures and voice.

Shaira's characterization is closer to Razia, as I have been saying from 2nd week, Razia confirmed it that Shaira is like her, the difference is that Azaan is madly in love with Shaira and Shaira though a good woman is a rookie or novice when it comes to dealing with people, she can't read them, she does not understand that not everyone is like her, looking for good in evil is not wrong but you have to make sure that situation is under control, you don't give a person key to your most important possession, hoping that she will take care of it because you would have done it for her. 

I needed Shaira's monolog here, she is not telling her thoughts or emotional state to anyone, she is putting up a strong face in front of Azaan and Razia, I wanna know what she is thinking? 

Azaan reaches his office and sees wedding gifts from his colleagues, his secretary or receptionist Sonia tells him that she was about to clean this mess. Azaan asks her why didn't she congratulate him? Sonia replies that she knows he is not happy with this marriage as he loves Shaira ma'am. Someone brings tea for Azaan, Sonia asks him to drink it, it will calm him down. Azaan takes a sip and surprised that it is a Chamomile Tea, he asks Sonia about who told them and she says who else? 

In Kitchen, Shaira is cooking Biryani for Azaan, Mashuka and Dilruba are helping her, Azaan calls her, she puts his phone on the speaker, Azaan thanks her for the tea. Shaira asks if he called to say thanks or he has some important work? Azaan asks her if he can call her only when he needs something, can't he call his wife to tell her how much he is missing her? Shaira says that she is not missing him, Azaan asks Really? Then why has she crossed her finger ❤️❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️🙈🙈💕 

Azaan says that her memories are better than her, at least they come to him without invitation, Shaira says that she doesn't have time for this, Azaan tells her to make biryani with love, Shaira asks him how does he know that she is cooking biryani, and starts looking for him in the kitchen, Azaan asks her to stop looking here and there, he is in her heart. 

Shaira says enough Azaan, Azaan asks her to bring biryani soon. 

❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕 A beautiful scene, Dilruba and Mashuka were in shipper mode 😂😂😂 apt description of my feelings 💕💕❤️

Azaan thinks that Biryani and his wife both will come to office today 💔💔 he calls Sonia to finish his work by afternoon, he has a lunch meeting. 

Noor is thinking what would have Shaira done to call Azaan home? Shaira comes and tells her that Shaira, would have allowed Azaan to work and Noor does not have to be Shaira, she has to be the old Noor, Shaira tells Noor that she can go to Azaan's office to give him biryani 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Shaira and Suraiya scene 😂😂😂😂 it was too good. 

I always thought Diana, a weakling when it comes to acting but she was too good today, expressions on point and different expressions for different people according to Shaira's bond with them. 

Razia finds out that Asgar took 30lacs from office account, she doesn't know where did he spend it. 

Azaan is done with meetings, Sonia calls him telling that his wife has arrived 💔💔💔 Happy Cheerful Azaan 💔💔💔 he sees Noor. 

Upcoming - 

Noor has filed a complaint against Razia and Azaan. 

Good episode after a long time, every character was involved, all relationships were explored, as I said I needed a monolog but not feeling bad for anyone today ❤️❤️💕

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Special Mention - 

Diana - I already mentioned it but she was really good today, especially in the kitchen scene and in front Noor and Suraiya, I like this bossy Shaira 😅😅😂

Simone - She is perfect, experienced and graceful ♥️💖

Dilruba - Expressions on point 😂😂 You have to watch him in the kitchen scene 

Posted: 5 months ago

thanks Nora for building our hopes up and so now Razia have to investigate the thirty lacs which Asgar had to pay to change the camera footage. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Seems like a very very good episode. I love Razia and simone is just fab..i love her voice modulation. Honestly, i did not find Diana weak ever. She was good for me. 

Looking forward to the episode and shazaan scene. Haye azaansmiley9

Thanks for the update are making me active on i-f againsmiley36

Posted: 5 months ago

what was the use of all Razia talks to make a sense and try to wake Shaira up if still she sends Noor with the biriyani she made for Azaan .

Posted: 5 months ago

Thank goodness that there's one voice of reason on the show. Razia says what we're all thinking. Love her. 

Posted: 5 months ago

I'm glad to see at least Dilruba and Mashuka are slowly shipping for Shazaan. Initially they both were bad mouthing about Shayra too. I was surprised during the Kitchen scene. They literally portrayed our emotionssmiley2

At least there were some Noke Joke moments shown. I hope both Dilruba and Masuka character stays with shayra like this. And let Noor have all her alone time with Suraiya forever. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by kooki07

thanks Nora for building our hopes up and so now Razia have to investigate the thirty lacs which Asgar had to pay to change the camera footage. 

Replying to both of your posts here, Kookie 

Yes, Razia will now investigate and find out that Asgar bribed officers to doctor the CCTV footage, there were some spoilers about Razia finding out the truth, we have to wait and see if it will happen and how? 

2nd post - I didn't get why Shaira went to Noor after listening to Razia, that's why I said we needed a monolog there to know why Shaira is going against Razia to support Noor? There has to be a reason

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