Azaan's Biggest Gamble...

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Posted: 5 months ago

So finally all the pieces are set in motion and Azaan married his friend with the guarantee that his love will not leave him.  We have the theme of the show and rule/s of love Azaan is breaking for a better future for ShaZaan and all concerned…

We can argue, after creating so much drama, why did he not ask Shayra to take back her promise?  I think because he aims to break Noor's zidd because he knows she will not spare Shayra.  Noor thinks she is the one in control but Azaan has his own plan; willing to gamble ShaZaan's happiness for it.  I even considered that he might have known Khalid’s truth before the nikaah...

He could easily have told Shayra that he will not marry Noor but he wants show her how wrong she is, to think Noor could ever make him happy.  To prove to Shayra that Noor only cares about possessing and not about love, it is deal for her.  He wants Shayra to see for herself how devious and selfish Noor can be.  Perhaps also to make Shayra feel his pain, to make her fight for her haq and express her love; to be less timid and be stronger... As he told Shayra, her kindness is her biggest weakness...

An extension of what Nora suggested; Azaan surrendered this battle so ShaZaan's love can win the war... Perhaps also to teach his ' best friend' some valuable life lessons too.  Tough times are ahead for ShaZaan but Azaan has taken control of the situation and his love will win against destiny ultimately...

Hoping the writers are kind to us. smiley36smiley14

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Posted: 5 months ago

Apt Write Up!! 

We placed our hope for Shazaan on Azaan, didn't we? All bets are on him and he won't let us down, he hasn't yet and after seeing him last night, I don't think he will in future. 

Yes. Shaira will see that even when married to Noor, Azaan is not with her, he is not into her. Azaan does not love Noor, his feelings for Noor are mutually exclusive to his feelings for a woman he loves, he never saw Noor as a wife or companion. 

Now he will make sure Shaira fights for him and I think Shaira stand up for him. 

Posted: 5 months ago

I really do hope Azaan does come out on top and teaches Noor a few things.  She deserves some hard life lessons. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Shyra also known that azaan  don't love noor that is why she told noor that azaan don't love u and ask her not to marry him  shyra explain  noor many times  that not to marry but noor is already full decided to snatch azaan from shrya

I would  have wish that both shyra and azaan would have said to noor to go to hell and don't care for ur fake attempt suicide 

And noor real nature is fully expose. She is evil  without any doubt 

Posted: 5 months ago

I have already stopped watching the show like quite some time back and just saw somewhere that azaan got married to noor without divorcing shayra.  So this is how they justify the concept of the show of a guy with two wives?! Seriously?? Not impressive enough. Noor gets what she wants and as she blames Shayra for her mom's death she will just marry Azaan for that, like seriously?!! It kinda makes no sense. They could have shown something much better, the only thing I found different is the guy dearly loves his first wife and his marriage with his second wife is forced. The concept itself is already quite sensitive and the way this marriage happened is not acceptable. Azaan and Shayra has a really good chemistry, but the show and its storyline is really disappointing, I thought the show could have done much better given it had a decent cast and gorgeous sets

Posted: 5 months ago

and it would have been better if they would not involved the religioun or had the proper knowlege about it . we used to listen from our elders neem hakeem khatra e jaan neem mullh khathera e imaan.

Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by kooki07

and it would have been better if they would not involved the religioun or had the proper knowlege about it . we used to listen from our elders neem hakeem khatra e jaan neem mullh khathera e imaan.

@Bold - What does that mean in English, Kooki?

Posted: 5 months ago

half knowledge is dangerous even its regarding  about about the medicine or religion.

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