*** Thread of 1st Anniversary of Tujhse Hai Raabta***

Posted: 11 months ago

Wish u all Happy First Anniversary of Tujhse Hai Raabta 

Tujhse hai raabta is about the unspoken connections and strong bonds shared by Anupriya , Kalyani ,Malhar, Moksh, Sartak .

The show beautifully portrayed the message that blood relationships are not needed all time, sometimes soul connection is enough to build a strong bond, Kalyani-Anupriya and Kalyani-Moksh love are the perfect example for it , none of them are related by blood but the love and the bond they share is strong and unbreakable one.

Anupriya once married to Atul Deshmukh who left her for Madhuri n their daughter Kalyani the Same Kalyani came back to Anurpiya's life after 18yrs almost n Slowly Slowly two different soul become one n make the purest bonding of this world ...Mother-daughter.

Kalyani once unknowingly reason for Anupriya's life but she is the one who fought for her n stand by her all-time....Same Anupriya as a mother can do for Kalyani anything n understands her more than anyone.. 


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Posted: 11 months ago

Kalyani is a happy go lucky girl who at times be childish but whenever required she act as mature person a strong pillar of the family , she is kind of person who is ready to do anything for the happiness of her loved ones.

Malhar is mature , rigid kind of person, he is completely opposite of Kalyani , but one thing is common between them he will do anything and everything to protect his family and shield them from the bad eyes of the world.

Kalyani ...Malhar two different individual yet they r one like anything..they are like Two Halves Of A Whole ..

Kalyani & Malhar different yet they connected through their pain....& Fire.....yes fire bond them first time here then the time spl Khoon Bhari mang where Malhar leashed his passion for his better half n save her n married her again....

Malhar Rane the person has started the relation for his revenge n Assumption but fall for this innocent Soul..

Kalyani Deshmukh Rane she becomes n the reason is her Mother , Step mother, but then she connects with Malhar's pain n stands by him for his pain & every thick thin....

Malhar Rane has saved Kalyani many times then Kalyani Rane Save his soul & bring happiness....

They both r Too patriot n Can do anything for their Country India....They fought against any odds selflessly....

Kalma aka Kalyani & Malhar together teach us even in odds u have to fight , even in darkness u can get light , Ray of hope 

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Posted: 11 months ago


First Page First post: -Concept ,Anuyani 

First page Sec post :-Kalyani, Malhar , Kalma 

First Page Third Post:- Index

First page Fourth post :-Kalma ,Anupriya ,Malhar 

First Page Fifth post :-Kalma, Moksh , Anupriya, Sartak, AnuSar

First Page Sixth post :-Congratulation post

Credits :- 

       Creations - KrishnaSourav

         Writeups - KrishnaSourav , kusharberry

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Posted: 11 months ago

Kalyani and Malhar are just like two pieces of a puzzle when united the puzzle get completed ,in short they are perfectly imperfect together .



Well speaking about Anupriya and Malhar relationship they share a mother-son bonding rather than a mother-in-law and son-in-law kind of relation.

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Posted: 11 months ago

Pillu is the main driving force for KalMa ,infact he is their cupid , he choose Kalyani as his mother and who turned out to be Malhars true soulmate . Pillu is the main binding force which make KalMas relation to go more deeper and stronger with the passage of time.

Anupriya , an abandoned woman , sheltered by her in laws but nurtured by her Step Daughter Kalyani Rane & Son in law aka Son Malhar Rane ..

Anupriya who struggled against all odds but never say a word .....but the same woman turns tigress when her daughter or Son in law r in danger ...or facing struggle ...

Anupriya as a mother trust her children aka Step Daughter Kalyani n Son in Law Malhar Rane most...

Sartak Rane , Uncle of Malhar Rane who raised Malhar from childhood n sacrificed his life for his nephew n make him a good human being n good ACP ...

Sartake secretly loves Anupriya for her selfless nature for her innocent attitude.......

Both r integral part of this story 

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Posted: 11 months ago

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye

Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu

Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye .......

that was exactly what kalyani was for malhar....

jisse bappa ne phursat se ussi ke iye banaya...

though the journey was tough with betrayal and misunderstandings they emerged us true soulmates cuz they are two halves of a whole after all.

to watch that journey and to feel the happiness along with cast crew as the journey completes one year is beyond special.

it seems like destiny had chose each cast and crew member to make this journey extra special for all of us.

congrats and best wishes to each and everyone no matter how big or small the contribution, who contributed in the making of such a splendid show that changed outlook of itv by kicking cliches and bringing such a beautiful visual treat to our tv screens.smiley27

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Posted: 11 months ago

Hello everyone , happy Ganesh utsav &  wishing u all, the 1st Anniversary of Tujhse Hai Raabta. 

Please do check the thread n pour Ur wishes

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Posted: 11 months ago

Happy Birthday Tujhse Hai Raabtasmiley27

Baar Baar Din Yah Aaye,

Baar Baar Dil Yah Gaaye

Tu Jiye Hazaaron Saal, 

Yah Meri Arazu Hai

Happy Birthday To You 

Happy Birthday To You, THR,

Happy Birthday To Yousmiley42smiley42smiley27

Congrats to all the cast and crew of tujhse hai raabta for bringing such a beautiful show to us . you made this one yr very special and beautiful for us.smiley27

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Sehban Azim Poorva Gokhale Reem Sheikh

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