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the feeling of wanting to be with someone till death. 

To say sarang is to mean a love that's ultimate, everlasting and unconditional. It's a promise. It’s the will to wait for forever, the driving force to break your limits, the desire to stay together lifetime after lifetime — all for that special someone.


This thread with hold my drabbles + ficlets + one shots on Prerna and Rishabh, with each presuming that they have fallen in love. I've realized that everything I have written so far revolves around the current storyline which obviously means that they are far from the word called love. While I will continue to scribble about their journey towards love, the tales in this thread will be post love tales, that might or might not be in sequence or related to each other. 



01 | Agar Aap Nahi Hoti

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01| Agar Aap Nahi Hoti

"Life has been different for good ever since you appeared in it, Prerna and it is quite insane to believe that a woman, I wasn't even aware of existence of, a couple of years ago, is now a woman, I can't think of a mere day without. Agar aap nahi hoti, to pata nahi mera kya hota." Her both hands were in his gentle hold, and eyes poured in hers as he confessed what he had been trying to, since months.

"Wahi hota jo aapki Tanvi chahti." She let out a small laugh on seeing his reaction to the comment she had just made.

"Mrs. Bajaj, wo meri kabhi nahi thi. Aap janti hai mujhe uska zikr bhi pasand nahi. If there is any woman who I want to call mine - it is you and no matter what happens - it will always be you. Until I'm alive and even after my soul leaves this body. It will be you."

She almost instantly regretted bringing up Tanvi's name for she absolutely disliked the way it affected him. Despite being years to the end of the chapter named Tanvi and Massi, he still wasn't over the betrayal of those two and she did understand him. For a very long time, they had been his family and digesting that it was a lie - their love and affection, both and all they had ever wanted was his status and money, couldn't be a cakewalk. Perhaps, he wouldn't have mind fulfilling their desires as far as they concerned money but attacking and almost murdering Prerna had been the last nail in the coffin.

Dwelling in the past does no good. She remembered the conversation she once had with him. He had helped her letting go of everything that was bringing her down, that was toxic, that was restricting her from being the best version of herself.

She caressed his knuckles with her thumb, conveying a sorry with her eyes, without uttering a word and he lingered his lips on the back of her palms, acknowledging the unsaid. Saying the unheard, hearing the unsaid and understanding the unexpressed had become a part of them. They no longer needed to hear verbally from each other to know what was up with each other.

What a beautiful relationship she had got! The corners of her lips lifted with the gratitude that filled in her heart. Past years that she had spent with him had made her realize that was a gem of a person. Who had thought that the once heartless and obnoxious Mr. Bajaj as she had thought of him to be would be the exact opposite in reality - sensitive and an absolute sweetheart!

"Okay, okay. So tell me, what have you planned for my birthday?" She raised her eyebrows, quickly shifting the attention of the conversation towards something that she knew would divert his mind within a fraction of second.

"A surprise." He got his hand on his coffee, suppressing his smile for without getting his gaze on her face, he was aware of the frown appeared there that had been caused by his answer.

She banged her hand on the table and grabbed the attention of almost everyone sitting around in the cafe. "Come on. You always have a surprise for my birthday. That's not what I want to know. Tell me what the surprise is."

He shot a quick glance at the people who were staring at her, silently warning them to mind their businesses before he looked at her. "Cookie bhi aapse jada mature hai. Surprise bata diya to surprise kaise rahega?"

He watched her stomping her feet and was glad for his fortune that it was the ground under her feet and not his feet.

She stood up, faking the annoyance. "Now, I will talk to you only when you open your mouth regarding the surprise. I am going to pick up Cookie from her school." She grabbed her bag, and made her way out of the cafe, hiding her smile knowing that he was following her and that was how, she successfully got Massi and Tanvi's doings out of his mind.

Jaanta hoon aap kya kar rahi hai, Prerna. Aap kab, kya, kyu karti hai - sab samajhta hu. Agar aap nahi hoti, to pata nahi mera kya hota

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Wonderful...Glimpses of PreRish's married life...what more can one want!!

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Wow. This is damn good. Post love tales idea is fantastic. 

Coming to this one, I love it. The pain of betrayal he felt because of MTsmiley28. I loved how they have come to this point of understanding without any words. She behaving like a kid just to make him come out of his painsmiley27. Loved it.

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smiley27 PreRish 

Posted: 3 months ago

Wow, beautiful 

Posted: 3 months ago

Fab read smiley27

Posted: 3 months ago

Engaging and pleasing! smiley27

Loved the first one.

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